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  1. I'll add that if Ocean Cay is super important to you, than that's an even bigger reason to book in the Yacht Club. They have their own private section of the island (they check your card at the entrance) with nicer lounge chairs (and free umbrellas), and the butlers from the YC bring drinks to your lounger so they already know you and what you like. Also, the restaurant in the YC area of Ocean Cay was one of our favorite parts of the trip (it's not big, so go early to get a seat). It's nicely decorated, the food was good, and the whole atmosphere just made me happy. 

    They have golf carts to take YC guests to the YC beach on OC, but I found it quicker and easier to just walk, plus you get to see what else the island has to offer that way.

    I've been in the YC on Divina and Seaside. If you can afford it, don't think twice about booking it. Good luck, and happy anniversary!

  2. 20 minutes ago, kelkel2 said:

    Does priority boarding mean you get the vip area of the terminal or just boarding first after plats/Diamonds? 

    If your terminal has a VIP area, you can sit in it. There's usually water and stuff in there, along with more comfortable seating. You also get to use the (in theory) shorter metal detector line. 

  3. This post has a photo from the Topsail Lounge extra-cost liquor price list. If you scroll up a couple of posts in that thread, I also posted a photo of the included liquors. Hopefully this helps. This is from the Seaside in January.

    I wanted to drink Hendricks, but I didn't care about it enough to pay extra for it, and they never offered to just give it to me even though in theory it was just $1 more than the $12 limit. 

  4. I loved how relaxing Ocean Cay was! We cruise for the ship, not the ports, and originally didn't even plan on getting off the ship at Ocean Cay but were glad we did. So a cruise with all sea days and one day at Ocean Cay would be absolutely perfect. I'd sign up right away!

  5. 43 minutes ago, Safe77 said:

    mnpurple - Unfortunately, there are no cabanas on the Divina. That's the Seaside. They're nice, but there isn't much reason that I could see to rent one, as there is lots of shaded space on the Seaside OnePool Deck.


    Seaside Cabana rentals are extremely subjective. If you're just looking for shade, it's definitely not worth the cost, but the privacy and service you get with a cabana rental made it well worth it for me! 

  6. On 3/3/2020 at 9:23 AM, Safe77 said:

    Is there still a Sophia Loren suite on the Divina, or are both YC3 suites simply Royal Suites? I'm asking because my upgrade offer to a YC3 Royal Suite was accepted. It has been a dream of my wife's to stay in one of these since we found MSC and the Yacht Club a few years ago. I want to surprise her with it on embarkation day next week. I'll admit that I'm beginning to wonder if I did the right thing, though, as it appears there is less clothes hanging space and fewer clothing drawers. I also wonder about nighttime noise from the One Pool deck. Are there any additional perks beyond those afforded all YC guests? I appreciate any insight anyone can provide. Thanks for helping me with this information!


    I stayed in the non-Sophia Loren suite two years ago. We heard nothing from the One Deck above us, and there is plenty of closet space. You have a big walk-in closet on the way to the bathroom. Plus you have all the drawers etc in the living room to put stuff in. You will have plenty of space. 

    The balcony is a little awkward with the railing positioned where it is, but it is big, and we enjoyed it.

    There weren't any additional perks that I could remember, with the exception of the porters taking my bags curbside who exclaimed I had the second-best room on the ship (first being the Sophia Loren room). The rooms are exactly the same, except for the decor, so even if you're not in the Sophia Loren suite, you'll still enjoy the room! 

    Here's a link I did to a review about it a couple of years ago, there's a photo of the balcony and living room etc if you wanted it for reference. Have a great trip!


  7. 18 hours ago, mexicobob said:

    Have never seen motion activated night lights in a suite or elsewhere. Something new? Maybe not on all ships? Sounds great though. We usually leave the bathroom light on and the door cracked.


    There was a motion sensor (and light) at the base of the night stand closest to the balcony, and the second one I believe was at the base of the closet in that dressing area before you go into the bathroom. I've only had these kinds of motion nightlights in certain hotels, so I was happily shocked when I got up that first night in the dark to use the bathroom! 

  8. I didn't take advantage of priority debarkation, but you do get priority embarkation, there's a shorter security line and (at least in Miami) you wait in a separate room with more comfortable chairs and water etc before you board. And you board before general boarding.


    I was in an OS on the Victory/Radiance and loved it. The bathroom space alone is worth the upgrade, but it's nice in general to have room to move around. 

    Also, I have no idea if this feature was in regular cabins too, but when you got up at night, there were motion-activated night lights on the floor so you could find your way to the bathroom without banging into things or turning the lights on. 

  9. I know this question was about the Divina, but I was shocked to find out (at least for our room) on the Seaside that you couldn't just stick any old card in the slot, it HAD to be your room card! A driver's license or credit card inserted in there would cause a flashing red light to blink and then the lights would go out. I guess the card slots now have the technology to read the chip (or magnetic strip) in your cruise card! 

  10. On 2/7/2020 at 5:25 PM, grandgeezer said:

    I might be wrong, but I’m not sure you can walk out your door and into the bar. If I remember right, there is a wide aisle way that runs from the entrance of the YC to the bar and the cabins are walled off from it, for privacy and noise. all I saw was a door about half way down the aisle way. I’m not sure as I wasn’t on deck 16.


    At the end of the hallway for the starboard cabins, there is a "secret" door that opens right into the topsail lounge. You don't have to backtrack to that set of glass doors. It doesn't get much use but it's definitely there! 

  11. 3 minutes ago, js said:


    Thank you so much!


    Love your review.


    Leaving my family and home and sailing for the third time on the Seaside YC with my mom in two weeks (she loves the YC vs. Haven).


    We, too, always get a cabana for the week and love it.  We are extremely busy during "real" life that we just love to relax, nap, read, eat and drink with our shade and, also like you, it's nice to have it all ready for you and set when you go up to the area.

    However, after reading your review, I NEVER knew we could order from the YC restaurant lunch menu. I guess thinking about it, there would not be any reason not too do so but never even thought about it.  Sometimes I couldn't find anything I wanted for lunch, and this would be a nice option.  Thank you for this information.


    Our routine is that I get up early and go to the gym and hit the sauna immediately after in the spa.  I go to the TopSail Lounge get her some breakfast items and they fill my large cup with ice so I can put in the cold pressed coffee that was in my fridge overnight, then bring to cabin. I get showered off, put on bathing suit and we hit the spa from about 9 am - 12/1 pm.  We then go up to the cabana until about 5/6 (usually eat between 7/8). The spa really wasn't too crowded that time of day, at least for our sailings.


    Our last cruise, we stayed on the ship for the full week.  Just did our above routine and hung out at night in TopSail. I like a little more action at night and sail NCL with my family that has a great nightlife but for my mom/me this is fine.  This upcoming trip in two weeks, we will be doing the same but getting off in Ocean Cay, where we rented a cabana.

    Were the cabanas being utilized in the YC area of Ocean Cay?   Were you able to see the island from the Port side or does it dock with Starboard side being able to have full view?


    Did you do any specialty? We do Butchers Cut since included in being Platinum (we were automatically made Platinum since platinum with NCL and diamond with RCCL).


    Love the pictures and review.  Thank you again.




    Hi JS,

    It's possible you didn't know you could order from the restaurant menu because you got up to the cabana too late? If you said you would arrive by 12 or 1pm, when they brought us the menus from the restaurant, I think we had said we were hoping to order around 1 or 1:30, but they said they only had the ability to put in the orders so they'd be ready by 1 (maybe the restuarant closes early for lunch?). I didn't ask why, I just ordered earlier than I normally would have. 


    The day we were on Ocean Cay, every cabana except one was rented, at least they all had the reserved signs on them. The one furthest from the YC restaurant was the only one that didn't have a reserved sign on it and was clearly being used by the staff to stash stuff during the day LOL. All the others were reserved, but they weren't all actually being used, not sure why people weren't in them after they paid for them, but they were set up to be used. The cabanas are nice! they have a ceiling fan, and cushioned couches and chairs etc. out front there are a couple of loungers and floating mats to use too, and while the butlers serve everyone on the beach, they are definitely more attentive to the cabanas.

    And Starboard cabins look out onto Ocean Cay. Port side you see the sea. My room was port side. The outside area in front of the topsail lounge I think was the best viewing spot for the lighthouse show. I guess maybe the front of the pool deck would be good too, but you don't have people serving you drinks there at that time of night!

    We didn't do specialty dining, we usually do. I'm surprised we were able to resist the SEVERAL times we were approached to book a meal in one of them! 


    Have a great trip! 

  12. 13 hours ago, deepwater said:

    EastoftheBoston, thank you for your great review.  We will be on the Seaside later this year and have room 16003 that will be next to the one that you had.  You mentioned that you expected no foot traffic.  I thought there would be an entrance to the Top Sail Lounge in that area, but apparently not.  Is the entrance on the other side and how did you go from your room to the Top Sail?  The drawing is unclear to me as to where one enters.  I ask this question as one in our room has some difficulty walking.  


    Hi Deepwater. There is no door directly to the topsail lounge at the end of the hall. There is for the hallway on the other side of the ship though. 


    From 16003 to the topsail, you walk down a few cabins, around 16015 there's a door where you can access the central hallway and then work your way back to the topsail lounge. The door isn't really indicated very well on any deck plan I've seen, but it's nothing hidden, it's an obvious big glass door, and there are bathrooms there, along with a staircase up to deck 18.


    On our cruise, coincidentally, there was a woman in 16003 who also had difficulty walking. I would see her and her husband often sitting in the lounge, and she would slow dance with him there, but used a wheelchair to get back and forth to the room. Her butler or the room steward often pushed her. They left the folded up wheelchair outside in the hallway whenever it wasn't in use, and no one ever disturbed it, and the hallway is wide enough that it never impeded our path in the slightest (the hallways in the YC feel wider than on the other passenger decks, not sure if it's the case or just my perception of it). 

    Having stayed in 16001, after hearing the noises coming from the topsail crew area, I wished I had been in 16003 instead. No noise, and almost no one walking by the cabin! 

    I hope you have a great cruise.


  13. 13 hours ago, BoundForSea said:

    Hey gang,


    Despite this being our third MSC voyage, first two on SS, this one on Meraviglia, I can't recall on the Western Caribbean 7 ni itinerary (SD,Ocho, GC, Coz,SD, OC), the first Sea Day is Gala night and second sea day is formal night, with Gala being fancier than Formal, is that right? I want to make sure we've got this down this time, they take it seriously on MSC, so we want to ensure we've got the flick! 

    The daily program just called each sea day's dinner dress code "elegant."
    You can find those newsletters here:

    Have a great trip!

  14. Hi All, 
    For your planning purposes, here are the daily programs from my recent cruise on the Seaside, Western Carib. route.
    These programs are for the YC, but the opening times of venues etc should be the same regardless.

    A couple of notes:
    The arrival and disembarkation times for Grand Cayman are modified due to anticipated weather and the need for an early departure from GC. We actually ended up skipping GC because of the weather after all, so the program for our day in Cozumel has an earlier arrival and later departure time to make up for it.

    Hopefully these will be helpful to someone!


  15. 7 hours ago, SummerSunshine2003 said:

    I sailed the Seaside on the 18th in the yacht club as well. I also know the Russian family you spoke of.  However, I completely disagree with all the posts about limiting the YC to adults.


    We are a family of 5 with 3 children, 13, 11, and 10 years of age.  We received several compliments from other YC guests about how well behaved our children were throughout the cruise.  It is not right to judge a whole class of people based on some bad actions of a few.  Furthermore, there were some other families with children In the YC who were quite well behaved.

    You can make equal arguments about excluding certain adults who don’t quite know how to conduct themselves.  Can’t make generalizations is the message here.


    I agree with your review in overall how wonderful the Seaside YC experience was.

    you are absolutely right that there were well-behaved children in the YC that week. Those kids weren’t top of mind when writing my review. It just seemed like we couldn’t get away from that one family. Hundreds of loungers at OC and they plop down right next to us LOL. 


    Anyway, I should have acknowledged there were well behaved families in my review. I apologize for lumping you in with that one group! 

  16. 4 hours ago, Amercury said:

    Great review, thank you!  We board 2/8 for our first MSC & YC experience.  Previous RCI cruiser but excited for a change 😊 

    I sailed on the Allure in a Junior Suite and really enjoyed it, but once you have the yacht club exclusivity it’s hard to go back. 

    enjoy your cruise! 

  17. 3 hours ago, babs21 said:

    I was on the same cruise and totally agree with your assessment. Putra was also our butler....exceptional. This is the first cruise ship I have been able to eat fish. The fish was perfectly prepared and appeared to be fresh, not frozen. The lamb and steaks were excellent.


    Ocean Cay was pleasant. The best private island of the cruise lines that I have been on.


    The only negative was the unruly children in the YC. Great idea to have YC 18+. 







    Thank you for backing up what I said about the kids. That one family was awful! 

    my husband LOVED the lamb and fish too! We are in agreement in a lot of areas!

  18. 6 hours ago, gmbhardy said:

    OP - how would you compare the Seaside YC with the Divina YC

    I loved both of them. Our butler on the seaside was WAY better than the divina. Putra is sensational. I felt like the divina YC has a quieter atmosphere, maybe just because the topsail isn’t as open and the restaurant and lounge noises are combined on seaside. The front open area in top sail was a big plus for me on the seaside, 


    if I HAD to choose one, I’d pick seaside, but I loved the Divina too. It’s like choosing your favorite child! 

  19. 2 hours ago, JetJock_YHZ said:

    WOW! Great review and thanks very much for all the details - very well written! My partner and I will be on Seaside, in the YC on the February 29th sailing. We have also sailed on Divina in the YC and are looking forward to experiencing another take on the same theme.

    I got a great laugh about the "2 guys and 1 king bed" line! Been there, done that! From the jist of your post, MSC still treats LGBTQ2+ couples with respect. I hope there were a few nice get-togethers listed in the daily schedule.


    I usually write a review on CC after our cruises, so keep an eye out for mine towards the middle of March.


    Thanks again and smooth sailings!


    Carl and Brett

     No problems being lgbtq on the seaside, except the welcome letter in the cabin was addressed to mr male name and mrs male name lol. 

    they have an Unhosted lgbtq gathering listed in the dailies every night at 10 in the wine bar just outside the YC next to the specialty restaurants. 

    there was at least one other gay couple in the YC with us, probably more. MSC always makes us feel welcome. 

  20. 2 hours ago, mumachaz said:

    Thank you for taking the time to share your review.  We sail on the Seaside February 15th and are getting more excited by the day!  Would you mind sharing the price they charge to rent a YC Cabana?   We have rented a YC Oceanfront Cabana for the private island day and am curious to see if anyone has rented both and/or if they prefer to have one over the other and why. 

    The cabanas at the pool are 59 on a port day, 99 on a sea day. Both were worth it for us. The YC cabanas on ocean cay are nice, but they’re set back behind the rows of sun beds, at least the ones I saw were. They had a couple loungers and pool floats and comfortable chairs and the butlers took great care of the guests in them!

  21. I forgot to add, we took a tour of the thermal area in the spa since we had access. It was beautiful on the tour. Stunning, really. Except whenever we tried to use it, it was an overflowing sea of humanity that smelled like sweat and suntan lotion. I really wish we figured out when the quiet times were, or maybe there should be a reservations process or limit to the number of people allowed in there. If it wasn't so crowded, it would be an exceptional experience. So check out the spa, and ask about the quiet times! 

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