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  1. I appreciate your great, thorough review! The only thing I wanted to say was that it may not have been the experience for you, but one CAN eat lunch inside on Ocean Cay in the YC restaurant, because when we went there the hostess apologized to us because the only open tables were inside. She was thrilled when we said we actually PREFERRED eating inside LOL. It was a win-win. I'm sorry you didn't have that option.
  2. Sunset at Ocean Cay YC Beach at Ocean Cay OC Lighthouse OC Lighthouse from the YC restaurant Ocean Cay Should have taken a photo before we messed it up, but this is the YC pool cabana
  3. Docked in Cozumel Sunset from the topsail lounge Sea Day Drinks at Sea Leaving Miami Topsail lounge (the lighting is nicer and warmer than this photo makes it appear!)
  4. Hi All! We returned from our maiden voyage on the MSC Seaside a week ago tomorrow, and finally I have a chance to sit down and write a review. Thanks for everyone for posting their tips and tricks, and for answering questions I had before we left! Apologies in advance, I write long meandering reviews, but hopefully they contain some nuggets of info you can use. In short, we LOVED the cruise, but there are always areas for improvement, and I have no trouble pointing those out either LOL. MSC Seaside January 18-25, 2020, western itinerary, YC Room 16001 Background: we sailed
  5. I individually tipped the assistant waiters in smaller bills at each meal, and gave the main waiter a lump-sum tip at the end of the cruise. The maitre'd (sp) I didn't tip because he said hi once or twice but really didn't do much for me otherwise. The bartenders/servers in topsail and on the One Deck i tipped a few dollars each time they brought me drinks, with the one or two outstanding ones getting a lump sum tip at the end of the week. Backing up what others said, they'll try to seat you in the same section each night so you'll have the same team serving you. You can definitely switch
  6. I just recently took a carnival cruise after a break of almost 11 years. Feb 2009 on the Imagination, then December 2019 on the Victory. My husband and I are also in our 40s like you. In the meantime I had been on Celebrity, Princess, Royal Carribbean, and MSC. I think since you're looking for fun, and things to do late at night, you're going to be very happy going back to Carnival. I just went back with a mindset of what I expected a Carnival cruise to be (not expecting it to be as refined (or quiet/boring) as Celebrity etc) and had a great time, despite some minor hiccups. If you search, I
  7. On the Seaside, I like the open outdoor area with the light-up benches in front of the Topsail Lounge, so score one for the Seaside there. However, on the Divina, I liked that the pool was separate from the dining area. Just as there have been comments about people walking around in speedos in view of those dining in LeMuse on Divina, on Seaside I wasn't entirely comfortable swimming right next to people trying to eat their lunch. Also, on the Divina, the YC pool seemed warmer than on the Seaside (though the seaside one was somewhat heated). I would happily sail either one agai
  8. there are a few lockers near the big bathrooms On ocean cay. Not sure if they cost anything. There’s some kind of electronic system you use to access it. Hope this helps.
  9. Happy to help! Currently enjoying drinks in the topsail so posting menu pics is easy!
  10. I’ve got some MSC internet data to burn, here’s the price list 🙂
  11. I love Hendricks. I’m not paying an extra 13 bucks for it. Glad I declined when they told me it cost extra lol
  12. Currently on board. It’s been either a violinist/pianist or just pianist every night
  13. This Photo is what spirits are included. Hendricks was listed as $13, I guess if we get everything up to $12 then it’s only $1 more?
  14. Sitting in the seaside YC topsail lounge as I type this. Most drinks are included. Not all. I know they charge extra for Hendricks 🙂 there’s a menu that has the prices of the non-included drinks butlers will go out of their way to get you almost anything you want. Inside and outside the YC is like night and day lol.
  15. No, they're included in your cruise fare.
  16. I hope the Seaside looked good, we’ll be on her in a week! Have a great cruise!
  17. You don't need an excursion. The ship docks in the Seaport, which has tons of new shops and restaurants. And you can hop on the Silver Line (underground bus) there and connect to the rest of the subway system and see the city on your own. If all else fails, just find the red line on the sidewalk and follow the Freedom Trail and it will take you to all the sights. Enjoy my city!
  18. One night for checking in to anytime dinner it wasn’t working, but other than that it worked great. I was seeing charges updated to my account almost immediately, etc. I was pleasantly surprised and used it more than I thought I would.
  19. There is a post pinned to the top of this forum that details the differences in all the experiences. That is probably your best resource!
  20. I brought a bunch of cruise critic folks to the YC on Divina to see my room as part of a CC member cabin tour. (I was able to snag one of the corner royal suites, the non-Sophia Loren one LOL) I brought them past the concierge desk and told the staff member they were just checking out my cabin and they didn’t appear to have a problem with it. After seeing my cabin they poked their head in the lounge and I walked them Up and out through the pool deck just so they could see a little bit of that. No one attempted to avail themselves of any of the YC amenities, maybe that’s why no one ever told me
  21. I MOSTLY always have a good time. That being said, I'm definitely not one of those people who say "a bad day on a cruise is better than a good day at work." I feel bad for those people that they hate their job that much LOL. I've had plenty of bad days on vacation. Also, what I think is really helpful is to manage our expectations. We knew going in that this wasn't going to be a Yacht Club or a Sanctuary experience, that's not what we signed up for or (more importantly) paid for. And yes, there were some annoyances, but overall it was a good cruise!
  22. Hi All, We recently took a 4 day cruise on the Victory, and since I’ve gained so much insight from everyone else’s reviews, I figured it’s time to pay that back! (plus, the short cruises don’t tend to get many reviews!). We sailed on the Victory December 16-20, doing the Key West/Cozumel itinerary. We were taking my sister in law on her first cruise, and decided this would be a good one to do since we took the exact same cruise almost 11 years ago on the Imagination, and it hooked us on cruising! We flew down late night the Saturday before, taking JetBlue to
  23. Hi All, Here is a PDF file of each day's Fun Times I brought back from my recent Key West/Cozumel cruise on the Victory. I will be posting a review shortly (we had a great time, there were a couple of areas for improvement), but wanted to get these posted ASAP for anyone who might benefit from them. I apologize in advance, you will have to rotate the PDF to view the pages conveniently on the screen (or I guess you could just print out the PDF). I'm also happy to answer any questions. 20191223114355764.pdf
  24. Hi All, I'll be on the Carnival Victory in a little over a week (cannot wait!), and we are considering swimming with the dolphins at Chankanaab. Putting aside the ethics of that excursion for now (we're still debating it), if the itinerary says the ship docks at noon, does that give enough time to make it to Chankanaab for a 2pm appointment? They have a 3:30 swim, but I think I would prefer the 2pm one since the park closes at 5. I've only ever docked at the pier in downtown Cozumel across from Señor Frogs, just wondering if there's any special situation at Carnival's pier that wou
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