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  1. I sailed on Divina before and loved it. I have a Victory cruise booked in December. I think I'll love that one too, but I have also set very different expectations for that ship LOL for the reasons others have mentioned already. All things being equal I would pick Divina. Good luck!
  2. They collect your credit card info once you get on board. You go to a kiosk and insert your credit card to link to your shipboard account. You can do this anytime in the first 48 hours of the cruise. And you're right, MSC doesn't care what flight we're all coming in on!
  3. I'm sailing on the Radiance in December while it's still known as the Victory, and I've sailed on Allure (Oasis-class ship), and even though I cannot wait to have a blast on Victory, I know there's no comparison between the two. There's so much to do on Oasis class ships, and everything is so spread out, you never really feel overwhelmed by crowds, EXCEPT trying to get lunch on embarkation day (the ship is overwhelming in general when you first board), and the first show in the aqua theater. Good luck in whichever you choose!
  4. I believe the requirement to bring the birth certificate is only if you choose not to use the passport option.
  5. I just call and speak to a live person. I know others haven't had great experiences talking to people on the phone, but it seems to work for me. A week or two ago I saw that you could order pre-paid gratuities online (I wasn't able to do that with my previous MSC cruise) so with final payment approaching, I decided to go and add the gratuities, laundry, and internet and pay for everything. Gratuities mysteriously vanished from the set of options, and none of the other things I added to my online cart would stay in my cart, it kept resetting. So I just called and got it all taken care of in
  6. It's not you, their web site is famously horrible.
  7. Hi All, I'm trying to decide whether to use a TA to book our upcoming cruise. The last cruise I booked on Carnival was almost 11 years ago so I'm not familiar with current practices. I understand if you want to make changes to your booking and you booked through a TA that you would need to make those changes through the TA, but I'm wondering if that's also the case when it comes to purchasing internet, bon voyage packages etc. as well. I'd like to book through a TA, but if it means I can't go in and order stuff through the online funshops myself, I may just book direct. Thanks
  8. Thank you all for the replies. I hadn’t seen a lot of posts about Victory so this helps a lot. I enjoyed the Imagination and I’m sure the Victory won’t disappoint.
  9. Hi All! I'm trying to plan a cruise involving my sister in law, who has never been on a cruise before. I was looking at the Key West/Cozumel itinerary on the Victory since that was the exact itinerary I sailed on the Imagination back in 2009 that introduced me to cruising (long enough to give you a taste of what a cruise is all about, but short enough that if you hate cruising you'll be off the boat after four days). I'm hoping this itinerary works the same magic that it worked on us and gets her hooked on cruising too! I haven't been on Carnival since that 2009 trip, and was wondering i
  10. I'm on the seaside in January and there are a few non-interior YC suites available, hop on our cruise! I previously cruised the Divina in the YC a few years ago and loved it. I think 95 percent of what people don't like about MSC is eliminated when you're staying in the YC. We had a great time. Good luck!
  11. I was in one of the YC Royal Suites on the Divina, it was all the way forward on the top deck. I didn't mind being "stuck" there! 🙂
  12. You can pay them up front, but at least in my experience, it took a phone call asking them to add it on to your bill and giving them your credit card number. The person I spoke with seemed surprised I wanted to pay for it upfront, but had no problem processing the request. Good luck!
  13. HI All, I see since booking my last cruise on the Divina the pre-cruise laundry package purchase now has the caveat that all items but be in the same batch, you can't split your laundry up with multiple orders, which is inconvenient. Others have reported that they've still been able to send out laundry multiple times without an issue, but I didn't see that experience reported specifically for the Seaside. Does anyone have experience with this on the Seaside? I will be in YC if that makes a difference. Thanks in advance for any insight!
  14. I'm thinking of booking YC Room 16001 on the seaside. I understand the hallway will be quiet since the room is at the very end, with no entrance into Topsail, but I'm curious if anyone has stayed in that room and can tell if there's any noise from the area on the other side of the wall, that looks to be a service/storage area for the lounge. Any insight would be appreicated! We previously sailed on the Divina in the Yacht Club and hope to have another great cruise on the Seaside!
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