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  1. Maybe a stupid question but how do you check to see what X is showing for your total FFC balance. We have been keeping track but would like to check the FFC balance we have for multiple cruises just to make sure after reading this post. We signed on to Celebrity and find redeemFFCs but do not find a place showing total FFCs availabe to us. Thanks for helping. Cancelled cruises were booked with multiple agents and with X so no one Ta can help us.
  2. I have a feeling that ship shore excursions will look very different when the "early" cruises begin and excursions are required. I do not think that you will be allowed to "shop" or belly up to a bar with locals. I think you will be in a distanced bus and kept in a bubble of others from the ship. There will be no free time following the tour to explore, you will be taken from the ship and returned to the ship. This does not appeal to me but in my opinion this is what "new" excursions will look like, at least on a temporary basis..
  3. We are Platinum on Princess and Elite on Celebrity and I am going to give you some opinions good and bad here. I like the loyalty perks better on Celebrity. I like the rose. I like the dry cleaning and laundry perks. The so called Princess happy hour was apps only the last time we were on Princess but that would have changed with drink packages. I do not like the cabins on Princess. One should not have to buy a premium balcony or mini suite to have a place for a second person to sit other than on the bed. On Celebrity even inside cabins have sofa seating.
  4. I am pleased to report that the Denton TX County Health Department e mail sign up has worked well at least for us. We are in the 70+ group and signed up on line. We got a number we could trace in an email response. Every week we get an update of the last number served that week. A lot of people in our community that signed up know their number and it is a hot topic of discussion. We got our first shot of Moderna at a big drive in (shot in the car) site at the appointed time. There was a wait because of course some came early for later times but in and out in an hour. We will be notifi
  5. Thanks CC friends for the quick response. After consideration, we have decided to move to a SS2 on deck eleven because we like to sleep in and DH is a light sleeper. Your replies helped us know that we would be giving up shade. I think the walk will also be a bit longer from the elevator but that is not a big problem for us.
  6. I am looking for additional information on Sky Suite 2210 on the Reflection. We have been assigned this cabin following a lift and shift. I want to know if there is a pole in the interior area, DH gets up many times through the night and we would like to know this information. I would also like feed back about noise from the Ocean view cafe outdoor seating area. This will be an April crossing not a warm weather cruise. Thanks for any other input about this location or noise issues. I have read the SS spread sheet and it does not look too bad but no mention of a pole or c
  7. The Reflection is sailing out of FLL on a Trans Atlantic to Rome on April 18th 2022 just announce today.
  8. Too late to edit sorry. I really am not sure this is a money grab. I am sure it is upsetting to lose a good cruise. I know X has to make changes. I know they would rather keep our money than have us cancel but before when they have cancelled cruises before covid there has been an opportunity to change cruises to different sailings at the rate paid. Now we are cancelled and can only rebook at the new rates. Captains Club loyalty is no longer an issue so I guess we will just take the money back.
  9. This does not feel Pandemic related. I feel these changes are being made for business reasons not because of Covid. We will hopefully all be vaccinated by October of 2022. This is a money grab for Celebrity.
  10. Just got an e mail from Celebrity. Can re book at NEW $$$$ rates only for minimum OBC compensation. Really disappointed no lift and shift or alternate sailing offered.
  11. We were able to L and S after our April 2020 Infinity cruise was cancelled. We had already taken the 125% FCC when he heard about L&S. We did this middle of May 2020 well after April cruise was cancelled. We figured it was too late but called Celebrity and asked if we could still get L & S. The first person we called said no. We called back because the program was brand new at the time and the rules were not clear. The second agent said yes and fixed us up with just a change in taxes and fees. We hope the April 2021 TA goes because the rules do clearly sa
  12. Perks I like about C class besides the MDR lunch on day one: expanded room service breakfast, love blueberry pancakes afternoon cheese and fruit plate if requested chilled bottle of bubbly for toasting the sail away usually a better room steward IMHO..and Sometimes there is a special heliport event just for C class like during sail in through the Golden Gate bridge I think C class gets faster boarding than Elite lately. I think Celebrity is trying to up grade the experience but maybe it depends on who is in charge that sa
  13. 7 day Thanks for your response. I think this year we are all aware that nothing is a "for sure" thing even in September of 2021 when we have our B2B of a 7 day Alaska tied to a 14 day Trans Pacific.
  14. No dog in this discussion just a heads up for those wanting to go forward on mid 2021 cruises. There is currently a 20% off sale on some Celebrity shore excursions. I found the discount on an excursion I had been watching on an April 2021 TA and booked it with OBC. This might give some people a back up plan for cruises they have booked. I know it is not a bubble but it might be a fact on future cruises.
  15. I wanted to verify the "no B2B" comment. I am having trouble finding the reference for that comment. I am honestly just asking because we have still been able to book B2B recently and we have been looking for the wording of the protocols about B2B since we booked. Thanks Phyllis
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