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  1. I am thinking that even with the pier embarkation test, any exposure on route, in the airport or plane would not show up as positive for a few days. Covid could still get on the ship even with negative tests at the pier. Almost the same risk as with the three day test. I have hope that Delta numbers will go down drastically here from a peak like they did in India. Fingers crossed for less concern by our October cruise.
  2. I see the point of the embarkation test, but a false positive after flying in would be very expensive and disappointing. I would be more comfortable with the 3 day test prior to travel. I think we all need to be careful with exposures after testing negative before the cruise.
  3. I would be sure to have something show your OBC/ casino credits in writing to take aboard in case there is a problem. Hopefully this will be resolved before boarding so that you do not have spend any of your time in line at the pursers desk. I speak from past experience.
  4. I think that this change will allow more flexibility and I like it. My DH sometimes likes a beer in the afternoon after returning from shore to relax. We both like good coffee in the morning. We only drink a couple of drinks each in the evening. Many forget that medical advice says women should only have one alcoholic drink a day and men no more than two. Hate to be party pooper but maybe your liver will appreciate this restriction. No need for us to buy a drink package now. Love that this is available in the MDR unlike Celebrities Happy Hour that is only good at bars. Just offering another opinion. Everyone has one.
  5. please post your remarks. No information about how things will be on river cruises, excursions, masks, buffets etc. We are considering a Sept cruise and want to know. Thanks so much.
  6. The S3 sky suites on the Magic Carpet have beds facing the wall. Sky suite S2 and S1 have the bed facing the sea.
  7. It is a real problem for us to fly into Cyprus right now. We do not want to have a layover in the UK. We looked at the Jewel in September but air from the US is very challenging.
  8. Sorry for following with a lag and hijacking. Like I said earlier, we actually took the local bus both ways. We asked the bell man how much a taxi back to the port would cost and he said $24. We had plenty of time and opted for the bus. There were a lot of stops on the bus so I am not sure the distance. Baha Mar website may have more information. Enjoyed the bus ride on the way out, talked to a friendly guy who had worked in the US and he told us where to get off and told the driver where to stop for us. One the way back the locals were not as friendly, seemed to resent us taking up space on their bus. It was very crowded with all the flip down seats taken and we had to split up. I don't know that I would recommend the bus. Found out about the casino and local bus on the "ports" forum on cruise critic. I really loved the place but I love casinos. Atlantis is easier to get to for sure.
  9. We got $25 free play each. Our friends didn't have a Drivers License with them so got none. That amount would about cover the cab fare ($25) each way. We actually took the local bus both ways but that might be too big of an adventure for some. We were on Royal out of New Orleans and did not play in ships casino because of the smoke. This was Feb 2020 so like everything else in the world, the free play may have changed by now.
  10. I was worried about you when you disappeared. Was hoping that you were not one of the tragic stories of the past year. I know that we have sailed together at least once but you don't know me and I don't know you. We are just both part of the Cruise Critic family and I knew you were gone. I am glad you are back at it and with us again. Welcome home.
  11. I am following.....and enjoying . Just wanted to drop a note to a fellow gambler. When we were in Nassau last we went to the Baha Mar resort casino. The resort is upscale and it has a very large newish casino. They were giving free play for cruise passengers who signed up for a card. We enjoyed video poker at the bar with much better pay schedules than on board the ship. Service was grea, drinks were free to players and all the machines were up to date....it felt like Las Vegas. Much nicer than the Atlantis Casino which felt old and dark to me. Just saying if you want to do a taxi ride and stay in the air con on a hot day you might enjoy this place.
  12. I am also amazed that some roll calls keep going and some just sit. My two busiest roll calls are a April 2022 TA and an Oct 2022 Boston to Miami repo cruise. My August 2022 Alaska from Seattle roll call is limping along. Most disappointing is the February 2022 Apex cruise roll call. I am excited about the new ship (for us) and sailing over Super Bowl week end but almost no interest in that cruise. Ironically, it is one of the closest embarkation dates. Maybe these short seven day Caribbean cruises are just relaxing vacations for those who do not cruise much and who are not regulars on cruise critic. DH keeps telling me that I need to join the other media groups but I resist.
  13. We are sailing on the April 2022 Reflection cruise. I remember that on our first TA crossing, a relatively short 11 day one to Lisbon, we were very worried that my hyper hubby would get bored. He is sometimes hard to keep entertained at home. He took all kinds of puzzles , projects, and a computer to do a "blog" type recap of the trip. You guessed it, we were so busy that he never got to any of the time fillers he brought from home. That cruise was during the era of cruise sports programs with prizes for participation and you would not believe the amount of "swag" he brought home. We tend to do a lot less now but for you everything will be new and you will want to try it all. One point of information, on a Spring crossing you will lose an hour with the time changes on many days. The plus of this is that there is no jet lag when you arrive in Europe and you are ready to go explore without a recovery day. The minus is that your internal clock will sometimes get out of whack and you will find breakfast becoming lunch. Be sure to bring a travel clock or use your phone alarm or you will miss some of the morning events starting about halfway through the cruise. We are more effected by this now than when we were younger. We like fall cruises where you gain that hour. I think you will enjoy the TA experience. It is something all cruisers should do at least once.
  14. We have smart phones but I like to go "bagless" on board and the little ship card is easier to "tote" than a smart phone. We use the visuals in the elevator lobby when we need to check for information. I am sure we will do the "app" but hate to carry the phone along all the time. I guess I need to get with the program.
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