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  1. In my opinion, different masking rules for different cruise lines will eventually effect this cruise lines bottom line.
  2. I was also Diamond on Royal when I came to cruise on Celebrity. I enjoy the Elite perks when on X and The D+ when on Royal. A little different but both good. I felt like I was getting something for nothing because of the shared loyalty program but now I am on the verge of earning Elite + (with earned points) on Celebrity so it was a good business decision. It is nice to experience the differences between the two cruise lines. I like the free photo and hot appetizers during happy hour on Royal and I like the Elite Breakfast and the Rose bud on Celebrity. You will have a discovery adventure.
  3. Are there wines in Vines that are covered by the drink package?
  4. Our experience is that the cards expire in a year and you have to re-up, usually with documentation of CC status. We expect our Plat to turn to gold on the next Vegas trip. Will be pleasantly surprised if we keep the Platinum since we play mostly Video Poker.
  5. The best game when we were on was 6/5 J or B. Not very exciting. We have a VP calculator on our tablet and checked the other schedules offered to make sure. 95% game with solid strategy. Many of the slot machines are much worse of course. We watch for the buy $500 get $575 slot promotion to improve the odds. You do not earn club points with the slot play promotion if that matters to you. It doesn't matter to us, we just like to play a little here and there for entertainment. Some times we re buy the $500 a couple of times and come close to breaking even over a long cruise.
  6. Looking for help from those who have sailed in the ocean view cabins facing side or front on Allure, Oasis, Harmony or Symphony. Most interested in decks nine or ten. The white spaces on the corners and across the hall from these cabins are a concern because we want a quiet area if we can find one. The cabin spreadsheet was not much help. We are looking at 9122/9522 side facing and 9108 and 8510 forward facing. Hard to determine if bed is by bath or window also. We are shopping the Symphony for February 19,2022. Thanks for any feedback
  7. I think that the Concierge lunch had to be cancelled on the embarkation day because people now have later boarding times. Boarding does not start as early as it did before C-19 and many people in C class were up set because they were "missing their lunch perk". Celebrity's only option was to offer the lunch on another day where everyone regardless of their assigned boarding time could enjoy the perk. I would definitely ask about options for your extended family that day, maybe the suite concierge can make a suggestion to solve the problem You will have a dining table in your royal suite. Maybe they would enjoy a pizza in your suite if they can't join you in Luminae. Enjoy the Royal Suite and have a great cruise.
  8. Just to add another view. I have heard that the "machine" OJ could have sanitary issues. When you think about what is on the exterior of oranges and the cleaning issues of those machines in a public setting, that sort of made sense to me. On the other hand that may be just bean counter BS. I do know that premium OJ can be had from the bar in the oceanview because we pick it up there when we are on a package along with cafe Latte.
  9. My DH has been able to get Heineken zero a few times on X but it is hidden by O'Doul's and is not on the menus. On RCCL Heineken Zero is the usual NA beer offered. Go figure. We never see Clausthaler or any of the more preferred NA beers on board. I am thinking there is not a lot of demand.
  10. We did the Pacific Coastal on X and loved it. We had the "C" class helicopter pad party for the sail into SF. We came close to Alcatraz and saw the Golden Gate bridge up close and personal. We had overnight in SF and walked up to Coit Tower and then back down to the ship on the stairs cutting through the gardens and landings of hillside homes scattered down Telegraph Hill. We stumbled on the path entrance and it was a delightful and serendipitous experience. You should go on that cruise.
  11. We only need very limited service at the turn down time. My darling husband has never re- used a towel in his life. He considers it unsanitary. I re use towels at home, he does not. He is not into roughing it at home or at sea. We show in the evening before dressing for dinner. We only need the used towels replaced, the other straightening we can handle ourselves. I hope I will be able to convey to the steward that he can just drop the fresh towels off and take the used towels away and we will call it "serviced".
  12. I always take one of these immersion thingies to Las Vegas for a first cup of tea in the room while dressing. It is a real hassle in a huge hotel to get room service drinks IMO. I am cruising out of LA in October with a long post cruise stop over in Las Vegas. I was going to take one of these along for the post trip. I would never bother on the ship because of many better options. I wonder if they will give it back post cruise so that I can take it with me.
  13. No appointments were available there at all when we checked for DFW. I don't know how often something comes up. We were very surprised by this because of the assumed size of staff at DFW with so many incoming international flights.
  14. I know this post is about renewals, but I started reading it because my DH and I had just applied for GE for the first time. I got my accepted pending interview approval within a week but his didn't come for two more weeks. This was mid August. When we went to set up appointments for interviews we found that there was very limited availability. We live close to DFW which had no slots period. We could have made a four hour one way drive to Austin for a mid September appointment. We finally decided to make appointments in Las Vegas during a mid November trip there. We will of course keep checking for availability at DFW but at least we have something this year to get our status set up before traveling a lot in 2022. I thought I would post for those thinking about the time line for initial applications for GE. Do it now if you need it for an early 2022 international trip.
  15. I can understand this posters point of view. I am not at all sure I would take unvaccinated kids on a cruise for their holiday. A vacation that involved open air outside activites might be more fun for them at this point. Most kids on cruises are not with their parents during the day and can therefore do as they wish.
  16. Thanks for all the information here. Samsung tablet did log in faster. My DH had been yelling about "time wasting kiddie graphics" (photo images I think) and talking about how this was the slowest time he had ever seen for ANY app to load. He was saying you would have to allow a half hour to use the app to order a drink on board just because it was so slow to load up. Hopefully the app will work better on board. Some of those on the current Alaska cruise said the app was better on board. Mainly we hate the being forced to use the app. We liked entering the information on line with an actual key board and big screen.
  17. Just curious if there is a second chair INSIDE these balcony cabins?
  18. Thanks for the positive feedback. Fingers crossed for my October Majestic experience.
  19. Ex smoker and addicted gambler here. With the new mask mandate, I expect to see changes in the casino smoking policy, one way or the other. It has always bugged me a little that non gamblers use the casino as a smoking lounge, sitting reading a book or screen with no credits in the machine in front of them. I sometimes gamble on Princess because they have had non smoking nights and non smoking areas but I don't gamble on RCCL because their casinos are always full of smoke. I love Celebrity Casinos of course and play every day when I am on board. Many casino areas on land no longer allow smoking, Colorado and New Orleans come to mind and I really enjoy those places. I know they are patronized by smokers who use the lounges provided. Anyway, waiting to see what happens with smoking and required masking in the Princess casino on my up coming cruise. If it is even smoker, I just won't play.
  20. I am thinking that even with the pier embarkation test, any exposure on route, in the airport or plane would not show up as positive for a few days. Covid could still get on the ship even with negative tests at the pier. Almost the same risk as with the three day test. I have hope that Delta numbers will go down drastically here from a peak like they did in India. Fingers crossed for less concern by our October cruise.
  21. I see the point of the embarkation test, but a false positive after flying in would be very expensive and disappointing. I would be more comfortable with the 3 day test prior to travel. I think we all need to be careful with exposures after testing negative before the cruise.
  22. I would be sure to have something show your OBC/ casino credits in writing to take aboard in case there is a problem. Hopefully this will be resolved before boarding so that you do not have spend any of your time in line at the pursers desk. I speak from past experience.
  23. I think that this change will allow more flexibility and I like it. My DH sometimes likes a beer in the afternoon after returning from shore to relax. We both like good coffee in the morning. We only drink a couple of drinks each in the evening. Many forget that medical advice says women should only have one alcoholic drink a day and men no more than two. Hate to be party pooper but maybe your liver will appreciate this restriction. No need for us to buy a drink package now. Love that this is available in the MDR unlike Celebrities Happy Hour that is only good at bars. Just offering another opinion. Everyone has one.
  24. please post your remarks. No information about how things will be on river cruises, excursions, masks, buffets etc. We are considering a Sept cruise and want to know. Thanks so much.
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