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  1. I have flown into/ out of MCO for Disney trips. TSA screening was one of the worst I have experienced! I remember one morning one agent was yelling at me to move while the second was yelling at me to stay still. I guess it's the price we pay to travel. 🙂 We will have plenty of time for this trip and won't need to stress or rush. There were some earlier flights but I didn't want to take chances at MCO.
  2. Thanks! If we have to be off the ship around the same we'll stick with the Carnival shuttle option. I'm sure we can find something to do at the airport. It's never been an issue in the past because we were always driving and ready to hit the road. I think we've always been off the boat by 9:00. Our last cruise was from Jacksonville and the disembarkation that day was the absolute worst I have ever experienced. We stood in a barely moving line for nearly 2 hours (self disembark so we had our luggage). I've never experienced anything like that and it's hard for me to remember what the normal process is.
  3. We have a 3:45 flight home from MCO. I currently have transportation booked through Carnival but I am considering cancelling and booking private transportation. Are there multiple Carnival shuttles back to the airport? Can we take a later shuttle? I'm sure those with early flights will need the earlier seats. What is the latest time we can get off the ship? We usually drive to the ports and disembark earlyish.
  4. Ha! You have music? I have total silence. Based on your experience I think I should just hang up.
  5. Encore - May 2, 2022 LA to Vancouver.
  6. I was shocked to receive an email yesterday that my May 2022 cruise has been cancelled. Since this cruise originated in Vancouver I knew it might happen but assumed that unless Canada extended their Feb 2022 cruise ban that I would be safe. Cancelling 15 months before the cruise when there is no ban in place for that time period seems excessive and premature. Does this indicate that NCL may be planning to avoid Canada long term even beyond their ban? I won't be rebooking anything at this point. I had $200 in deposits that I am apparently unable to have refunded (I was told that my deposit from my last 2 cruises that were cancelled had been converted to a nonrefundable credit). I am thankful it's not more money and is money that I haven't had in my pocket for 2 1/2 + years. I know there are others with larger amounts that are in limbo. I am undecided if/ when I am going to book anything else. Between itineraries, other obligations, school and work schedules, it's just too hard to find something we can get excited about. I may end up letting the credit expire and I'm mostly OK with that. If I do use it I believe it will likely be for something a trip that is more imminent once COVID restrictions ease up.
  7. My husband and I have always wanted to do this trip and assumed it would be one we did without our kids. Unfortunately it's difficult for us to leave our kids for this long (childcare) so we've decided to just make it a family trip. I booked it for June 2020...so over a year from now so that our kids will be a little older (they will be 10 and 7 1/2) at the time. We are sailing with NCL. Both have cruised before and enjoyed it but it's always been to warmer/ beachy places that are easy to find kid friendly things to do. Can someone give me some honest opinions on if this trip is something the kids will enjoy? I'd rather know now so that we have plenty of time to rebook to a trip that is more family friendly. I copied the ports below (we are sailing on the Pearl) CRUISE PORTS EMBARK New York (New York); Halifax (Nova Scotia);Saint John, Bay of Fundy (New Brunswick); Bar Harbor (Maine);Portland (Maine); Newport (Rhode Island); DISEMBARK New York (New York)
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