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  1. Today we visited the Perlan Museum. I enjoyed the Ice Cave the most. The temperature is somehow maintained at -10 degrees C which I think is 14 degrees F. The Ice Cave is made from 350 tons of real snow from the Blue Mountains of Iceland. Again the uploading is very slow. I spoke with the IT person today. He said it wouldn't make my service faster to purchase the deluxe package. He also said this area of the Atlantic is often slow. I guess I just need more patience. More tomorrow,
  2. and finally back in Djupivogur. I had heard about the eggs; it is what the town is known for. Eggs are out of various stone, shaped in the size of that particular bird's egg. They are not made to size, but interesting and quite lovely. The Zuiderdam awaits our return.
  3. These photos are during the last 30 minutes in the 2 hour drive to Hoffellsjokull Glacier. The first photo is at a bathroom break. I don't know what the monument is for but it reminded me of a narwhal. I took the picture because we could see 4 glaciers coming from an ice cap. The rest of the pictures are out of the bus window. In most of the photos you will see two or three glaciers. Hoffellsjokull Glacier, the one we visited, is the one farthest to the right, but it doesn't appear until the last two photos.
  4. We have just arrived in Reykjavik after a pleasant sail in. Now the photos seem to be uploading well so I will do a few more from yesterday on the SE coast of Iceland. First some photos of the Iceland horses. The first few were driving by; the last two are of people taking photos the horses! About 30 years ago we were in Iceland for a few days on our way to Sweden. Hearing how friendly these horses are, I had signed the family (children 6 and 13) up for horseback riding. The special trot of these horses was not easy on us - we felt the effects for many days and my knees have never been the same!
  5. some flowers growing among the lichens and rocks on the glacial moraine.
  6. Hoffellsjlkull Glacier - one of 4 in the area. It is smaller now than in the past, but still very large; it is a surreal sight to behold. We are standing on the glacial moraine for these photos. The glacier "moves" at 2 meters per day, producing some ice which is still used by the fishing industry. As the other ice melts the water stays in the lake which is smaller than in the past.
  7. We hiked on the glacial moraine. I suppose if I had been quick, I could have run down to the glacier and back. But really, not that much time. Loading photos now. Will post asap. Off to breakfast in MDR now.
  8. Today was a rainy and cold day in Djupivogur, Iceland. We were on a tour of 18 people to see the Hoffellsjokull Glacier. We drove for two hours in the rain to get there, spent about an hour at the glacier without rain, and drove two hours home with rain most of the time. So we were very lucky with the weather. Now we are cruising WSW around the southern coast of Iceland. According to the Captain, ships are required to stay away from some of the southern coast to protect the environment. Photos of glaciers and horses later.
  9. Our final stop in Belfast was at the Belfast Murals. They have appeared where the walls were in the 60's and 70's. It was raining but we spent a few minutes looking at the street where so much violence occurred back then. One sign had a message for the USA and England. (first photo) At another point Joe gave us sharpies and we signed a wall that still exists. Although there isn't any violence today, 95% of the children go to parochial school - either Catholic or Protestant. The opinion of some is by having children mix in public school, they best can learn to live with each other.
  10. I must put this photo in for all flower lovers. They were at our table in the tea room. As I recall these are called Sweet Pea Flowers. But it has been years since I've seen them so please correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. Just a few more photos from Belfast........ We stopped for a snack at the Wee Cottage Tea Room next to Dunluce Castle. DH and I ordered 2 scones. 4 large scones arrived as pictured below and they were wonderful! Afterwards we walked over to take a look at Dunluce Castle.
  12. On the other side of the causeway, we found less people and more rocks. I can't imagine how they could possibly be formed - some volcanic explosion to be sure. But I do want to read more about the Giant's Causeway - simply amazing and a sight to see!
  13. Fourth on the List of Top 5 is the Giant's Causeway! This is a series of amazing basal rock that appear as steps suitable for a giant's playground. Younger people were climbing all over the rocks, especially near the water. Joe suggested we take the shuttle down and back instead of walking the mile + down and back up. It cost just over a dollar each way; all 7 of us agreed It was money well spent.
  14. Joe then took us to the third stop of the Top 5: Baintoy Harbor. It is an old quarry and shipping point. Lovely!
  15. More from Belfast and North Ireland. It gets even better around the coast! Our second stop on our small excursion (again with Tours by Locals) was a fabulous view of Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge! No we didn't walk the bridge to the island. I would, have loved to have done that 50 years ago. Our guide had headset which, when we looked into it, had a movie which gave us a feel of flying over and around the bridge for a closer view. That was a very clever idea.
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