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  1. Steve, We are taking a 75 days cruise in Fall of 2021. Since I have pre-existing condition with my heart, our TA has helped us take out trip insurance with a third party. She told me that we should add to our travel insurance each time we add port excursions that would not be cancellable. We just purchased a Safari for 4 days that costs a bit over $5000. My husbands says we shouldn't have to add it to our travel insurance policy because we paid for it with a credit card that refund the money if we couldn't go on the Safari (ship didn't make the port, one of us was sick, etc. etc. etc.). I know that works for some products (like a vase that breaks) purchased with our Master Card or American Express card, but would those cards really reimburse us for a missed port stop? Also, I read in an earlier post on this thread where you said it is required to add everything (including wine) if it isn't refundable if trip is cancelled. I'm inclined to add this safari excursion and others to our travel insurance policy. What would you do?
  2. I should have mentioned that we both have Medicare and Blue Cross/Florida supplement. We are long term residents of Florida. Husband is in good health but takes medicine for high blood pressure. I had heart attack 8 years ago and have a pacemaker and take heart medicine now due to weak heart. I also suffer from arthritic knees, otherwise feel good.
  3. We are married couple, he is 74, and I am 73. We are about to book a short cruise in the Caribbean in January (considering not taking additional travel Insurance), hope to travel to a family reunion in Sweden next June (mostly air, maybe some cruise), and are booked on 75 day cruise around Africa Fall 2021 for which we have already purchased Travel Insurance through our TA (transferred from Fall 2020 cancelled cruise). Currently we have America Express Platinum as well as Medivac which we have paid for the last five years as we began taking longer cruises that took us to the North Atlantic and Antarctica. Now that my husband is 75, the cost of his Medivac will nearly double. And then next year, when I turn 75, our cost for Medivac insurance will soar again. America Express Platinum say they will transport us to a hospital of their choice where they think we will get the right care. Can we trust that? Or should we continue to pay for Medivac who we think will get us home if the situation is serious and that is what we want. Or is there a better option for us? Also, we are concerned about pre-existing conditions. America Express Platinum tells us pre-existing conditions is not a concern unless we were treated for that within 60 days of our trip. I normally see my cardiologist every 3-4 months and if we are going on a 75 day cruise, I will probably see him within 60 days of leaving on the cruise. I would also probably get a cortisone shot in my right knee to help with pain and walking. Does that negate coverage for a twisted knee or injury due to weak knee? What insurance is best for pre-existing conditions such as heart disease and arthritis? Thank you for any and all advice.
  4. A couple weeks ago there was a post that gave advise on travel insurance here. I recall reading they would give assistance during the month of June. Can anyone find that post for me? Here is our question: We are trying to decide whether or not to continue the Medivac which we have had for several years in case of a crisis. Now, because my husband is turning 75 next year, the price is just about doubling. The following year, when I turn 75, the cost will soar again. I think it is a good value at the current cost, but unsure if we should continue with Medivac. Perhaps there are other options - we have American Express Platinum which should fly us home in case of an emergency. Is that all we really need? Appreciate any thoughts, or post of the other insurance thread of a few weeks ago. Thanks!
  5. So glad you posted this! I've wondered and worried about some dear crew on the Koningsdam as it entered the Pacific and hovered around the coast of California for awhile. Good to hear Christine's perspective of HAL and CDE and hope all return home asap.
  6. I contacted Ramasside tours regarding a day tour next year and have not had a response. Perhaps they are closed with the Pandemic, or just not booking tours at this time. Due to the excellent comments here, I will wait longer. I hope to hear from them and book a small group to Luxor.
  7. Thanks - yes, the Great Circle Route! The Eurodam was around San Diego last I looked. I don't know where they met up with Panorama and Royal Princess. The trio are still together on cruisemapper.com Now South of Japan, the Carnival Panorama has taken the lead.
  8. Good to know. Thanks. I wish I had kept in touch with some of our favorite staff members.
  9. I assumed that was going on with the Oosterdam, Koningsdam, and maybe even the Rotterdam way back in March. But what about the Royal Princess crew and the Carnival Panorama crew? Can they exchange with them too? Otherwise, I wonder why they have made the voyage across the Pacific well within site of each other. They are nearly on top of each other on cruisemapper.com - even when you "zoom in".
  10. For the past week or so I've watched her as part of a trio crossing the Pacific, just North of Hawaii. With the Eurodam are two other ships - the Carnival Panorama and Royal Princess. Does anyone know where they are headed? It looks like Taiwan or Hong Kong. But no doubt they are headed to Manilla and Jakarta too.....and many more. Is it possible that they will exchange some of the staff so they one ship can deliver staff from all ships to a fewer number of ports? Can they move staff from one ship to another by tender while at sea? while in port? I can see where doing so could save some time and, more importantly, money. (We were on the Eurodam's last cruise so I've been keeping my eye on the Eurodam off the West Coast of Mexico. Our assistant server was supposed to go home after one more Hawaiian cruise and our waiter was looking forward to a couple cruises in Alaska before his contract was up in June. I well recall our conversations with these two excellent HAL staff during our last dinner aboard.)
  11. I have seen some people on cruises who IMO should not sail alone. However, with an attentive companion (a spouse, sibling, or child for example) it works nicely. I've also seen some people cruising alone who are on a trip they probably should not be on. So, it might be helpful to have an option for doctors to check - travel approved if with a companion.
  12. Ybor museum is worth a visit. It is small and inexpensive, but gives the Cuban history of Tampa. Time for lunch? The Columbia (the original Columbia) is in Ybor city. And do take the trolley mentioned above. It goes from Ybor City (near the cruise port) to Tampa - a convenient way to get a glimpse of the city.
  13. Yes- the ship does not move unless there is a doctor on board! In the case of the Zandam, one of the conditions of being permitted to dock in Ft. Lauderdale was that medical staff would remain on board to care for ill guests and crew. I believe the Zaandam had more than the required two doctors and three or four nurses. Normally there are two doctors on every cruise ship, one of them being a crew doctor.
  14. Yes, and I believe the Eurodam is also taking some crew home from the Maasdam and Oosterdam (those whose contracts are up). The Nordam and Koningsdam are also headed toward the Eurodam and San Diego so some of their crew might return on the Eurodam as well. We were on the last cruise of the Eurodam, ending March 18. At that time the staff was anticipating waiting a month or so off the shore of Mexico, then heading up for the Alaska cruises in May. Our wine steward's contract was up March 18 but Manilla had closed the airport so he had no choice but to stay on the ship. Our server's contract went until May so I suspect he is on his way home now on the Eurodam. It was very sad leaving these young men and women who were trying to stay positive about HAL and their future too. I do not understand why the dancer from Georgia cannot get off the ship. He is an American citizen and should be able to get off in Ft. Lauderdale. IMO he should have been able to get off with the passengers, except that the city and county raised such a fuss about receiving the cruise ships Zaandam and Rotterdam because of COVID. Well, now he has been quarantined for another 14 days so this confinement should end soon for him. Meanwhile, the doctors on board should be giving him antibiotics and something for pain. The situations are unfortunate, but I think HAL is doing the best they can.
  15. cruise mapper.com confirms that it is the Amsterdam south of Madagascar.
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