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  1. About 15 years ago, when our children were teenagers, we decided to give Carnival a try on a 7 day cruise. After two days I finally found the library on a high deck, forward. It was a small room, but there were newspapers and magazines on tables and what appeared to be a 20 foot book case filled with books from floor to ceiling. As I stepped to the wall to select a book or two, I could see that it was merely a wall of wallpaper.......no shelves, no books. Disappointing! I miss the HAL libraries; they were the best.
  2. Check out page 4 of this link: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2486586-egypt-top-rated-tips-secrets-for-luxor/ It has information about visiting Luxor, using Ramasside tours, and some wonderful photos.
  3. I have emailed them with quick and complete responses. We are organizing a small group tour to Luxor out of Safaga in November 2021! Perhaps they are working mainly via emails now with the Covid19.
  4. We are currently arranging a small group tour to Luxor with Ramses Tours in November 2021. Haitham Masoud is helpful and quick to reply to my emails. We only have one day so want to make the most of it. The information on this thread is amazing. Now we must decide whether we want to visit King Tut's tomb, or spend the time elsewhere. My husband and I were in Luxor in 1989, 30 years ago and we saw King Tut's tomb then. We have also seen King Tut's exhibition in Chicago and Tampa. So we wonder what else there is to see. Is there something new and recently discovered? Appreciate all tho
  5. I think much of the art is kept and reused at some point, but I don't know for sure. I've also enjoyed "art tours" on many of the HAL ships. Perhaps someone knows if what will happen to the art on the Maasdam, Veendam, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
  6. https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/topics/news/four-ships-to-leave-the-holland-america-line-fleet-in-2020/ Zaandam to host Grand Africa in 2021 and Grand World in 2022
  7. Steve, We are taking a 75 days cruise in Fall of 2021. Since I have pre-existing condition with my heart, our TA has helped us take out trip insurance with a third party. She told me that we should add to our travel insurance each time we add port excursions that would not be cancellable. We just purchased a Safari for 4 days that costs a bit over $5000. My husbands says we shouldn't have to add it to our travel insurance policy because we paid for it with a credit card that refund the money if we couldn't go on the Safari (ship didn't make the port, one of us was sick, etc
  8. I should have mentioned that we both have Medicare and Blue Cross/Florida supplement. We are long term residents of Florida. Husband is in good health but takes medicine for high blood pressure. I had heart attack 8 years ago and have a pacemaker and take heart medicine now due to weak heart. I also suffer from arthritic knees, otherwise feel good.
  9. We are married couple, he is 74, and I am 73. We are about to book a short cruise in the Caribbean in January (considering not taking additional travel Insurance), hope to travel to a family reunion in Sweden next June (mostly air, maybe some cruise), and are booked on 75 day cruise around Africa Fall 2021 for which we have already purchased Travel Insurance through our TA (transferred from Fall 2020 cancelled cruise). Currently we have America Express Platinum as well as Medivac which we have paid for the last five years as we began taking longer cruises that took us to the North Atlan
  10. A couple weeks ago there was a post that gave advise on travel insurance here. I recall reading they would give assistance during the month of June. Can anyone find that post for me? Here is our question: We are trying to decide whether or not to continue the Medivac which we have had for several years in case of a crisis. Now, because my husband is turning 75 next year, the price is just about doubling. The following year, when I turn 75, the cost will soar again. I think it is a good value at the current cost, but unsure if we should continue with Medivac.
  11. So glad you posted this! I've wondered and worried about some dear crew on the Koningsdam as it entered the Pacific and hovered around the coast of California for awhile. Good to hear Christine's perspective of HAL and CDE and hope all return home asap.
  12. I contacted Ramasside tours regarding a day tour next year and have not had a response. Perhaps they are closed with the Pandemic, or just not booking tours at this time. Due to the excellent comments here, I will wait longer. I hope to hear from them and book a small group to Luxor.
  13. Thanks - yes, the Great Circle Route! The Eurodam was around San Diego last I looked. I don't know where they met up with Panorama and Royal Princess. The trio are still together on cruisemapper.com Now South of Japan, the Carnival Panorama has taken the lead.
  14. Good to know. Thanks. I wish I had kept in touch with some of our favorite staff members.
  15. I assumed that was going on with the Oosterdam, Koningsdam, and maybe even the Rotterdam way back in March. But what about the Royal Princess crew and the Carnival Panorama crew? Can they exchange with them too? Otherwise, I wonder why they have made the voyage across the Pacific well within site of each other. They are nearly on top of each other on cruisemapper.com - even when you "zoom in".
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