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  1. I would prefer to not have my name ever on the outside of my cabin.
  2. No, ours were $549 each for the day in Labadee. One was split by 4 people and the other was split by 8 so the cost really wasn't much. We were able to originally book the Chill Island cabanas for $499 each but wasn't meant to be. I would definitely not ever pay $800 or more for a cabana.
  3. He most definitely got a mention on the survey from the people in our group. The situation could have been handled much better and was rectified as soon as the Loyalty desk got involved. We ended up having a "Perfect Day" in Labadee. 😀 The rest of the staff on Allure couldn't have been more amazing! It was an excellent week!
  4. We were on the same cruise and had a very similar response from the clerk at the Excursion Desk. Our party went up to the desk to switch our cabanas to Labadee and started off explaining to him that we had two cabanas originally booked at Cococay and his response was "not anymore". He was very rude and extremely unhelpful. He then quoted us one price which we booked but then the excursion desk called back and said they were going to charge us $250 more than we paid. Our group ended up having to go to the Loyalty desk to get everything sorted out. Our group was disappointed that we couldn't go to Cococay but completely understood it was for safety reasons but even more disappointing was the way the excursion desk handled the situation.
  5. Glad you were able to come to a resolution!
  6. Sunset Bar and Martini Bar are our favorites! We tried to get a drink at World Class but after 15 minutes of no service we got up and went back to the Martini Bar instead.
  7. Thank you for the excellent information! It just disappeared from their website a couple weeks ago so I guess we still have some time. I hope it is sooner rather than later as as have a group going and finding alternative dates will be easier the further out it is. We have already talked about some dates that may work so hopefully it won’t be an issue. Thanks again!
  8. We booked with a TA. The TA so far has had no communication from Celebrity about our options. Just wondering about how long it usually takes Celebrity to contact guests in this sort of situation.
  9. How long does it typically take Celebrity to notify their passengers when a ship has been chartered? I found out about this one on CC about two weeks ago but still no communication from Celebrity.
  10. I am interested in the answer to this as well. We have been all sizes of ships and have loved them all. We love Oasis class and have been on smaller ships as well that we have loved. Loved our first Celebrity cruise on the Equinox so much that we have another booked for next year. Was looking to try Edge/Apex but am hesitant with the negative reviews.
  11. Thanks for your review! We are on Allure in a few weeks, can't wait!
  12. We are on this same cruise and heard about the change as well. Nothing official yet from Celebrity though. Really bummed as we were looking forward to this cruise. The itinerary isn't the same for any other week that month so we will have to see what Celebrity says.
  13. We ate lunch there on the Equinox and it was hands down the best lunch we have ever had. We were able to get the $30 per person for all you can eat. They were going around at dinner advertising the special otherwise we would have not known about it. I would recommend going to the restaurant and asking if they have the special running. Most likely they will if they restaurant isn't packed. With the special we were able to order a ton of variety and try just about anything on the menu. When it came to dessert we were all too full but the server said she was bringing one of everything for us to try anyway! So of course we had to eat more... LOL
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