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  1. pbenjamin

    3 pesos trick

    The 3 CUP note features a portrait of Che and makes a nice souvenir.
  2. pbenjamin


    The terminology is apparently different in Canada, but Canadian Club, Crown Royal and Seagrams 7 are considered blended whiskeys in the US. To be considered rye whiskey in the US, they must be made of a mash of at least 51% rye. There are several products sold as "rye whiskey" here. Rye has become more popular in recent years and there are many on the market, such as Bulleitt Rye, Templeton Rye, George Dickel Rye, etc. There are none of these on the NCL list.
  3. pbenjamin


    Rye? I don't see any rye on the list.
  4. pbenjamin

    Is there Pizza on the NCL Bliss?

    I will have to try the pizza to see if you are right. For now the pizza on Fathom was the worst pizza I have had on or off a ship. The ship's crew was inherited/borrowed from P&O. Up until experiencing the food on Fathom I thought that the old adage "Hell is where the chefs are English; the police are German" was just a joke.
  5. pbenjamin


    I think this one is newer: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2520129-here-are-the-dailies-amp-drink-menus-from-spirit-in-europe-2018/?tab=comments#comment-54293049 No Canadian Club. Crown Royal is there though.
  6. pbenjamin

    NCL Shareholder Benefit

    I bought 100 shares and then applied for the OBC on a cruise already booked. I got the automated message saying that I would get a response within 24 hours. Never heard from them again but checking myncl I see that the $140 OBC that came with the promotion now says $240. I guess it worked.
  7. pbenjamin

    Good rum to bring back from Cuba?

    http://yulcigars.blogspot.com/ Government issued prices for Havana Club in link above (rum near the end). Havana Club is available in Canada and the price in Cuba will be a little better, but I would suggest getting something that would be harder to find outside of Cuba, such as Ron Cubay, Sancti Spiritus, Santiago de Cuba or Ron Varadero. Realize that most brands of rum will have several varieties. In general, the older the better (and more expensive).
  8. pbenjamin

    Recommendation for Alaska Land Tour Company

    We got a recommendation from our Travel Agent for ShoreTrips (http://www.shoretrips.com/). Any experience with them?
  9. pbenjamin

    Cannot Change Display Name

    How about changing one's email address? Does that require an email as well?
  10. pbenjamin

    Jewel mid ships mini suite MA

    Finding a cabin that doesn't connect should be pretty easy. We needed to book two cabins together and had a hard time finding a pair, had to book two aft facing mini-suites. There are something like 74 MA mini-suites on the Jewel and only 28 have connecting doors.
  11. pbenjamin

    Miami Hotel Recommendation

    We stayed there because they offered the shuttle as well as airport pickup. When we inquired about the shuttle they told us it was full and that our package did not include the shuttle. Not sure whether it was their fault or ours but it turned out that Lyft was so cheap that we let it drop. We had been traveling around Florida for a few days and decided to just veg out in the room that night. There is a shopping center across the street with a Publix and a liquor store which supplied us with dinner and drinks. I would go back there again, but would pay more attention to whether or not the reservation included the shuttle.
  12. pbenjamin

    Best port from which to sail to Cuba?

    I can't imagine it making much difference. Miami is the closest, although Fort Lauderdale and Tampa aren't that much further. We went out of Miami, which worked well for us because we were catching a flight to Key West after disembarkation. We arrived in Miami the night before and were able to visit Little Havana before getting on the ship. I would think that the choice would be more about what itinerary you like, what ship and cruise line you prefer and the availability of flights.
  13. pbenjamin

    Seat belts in classic cars?

  14. pbenjamin

    Seat belts in classic cars?

    Can you supply a source for that? I've never heard it before and from what I have read the rules changed in 2014 and the only thing that restricts the average Cuban from buying a new car is the cost.
  15. pbenjamin

    Money changing

    Yes, I agree that it is possible to lose money if you are charged a flat fee by your bank and you are only changing $100, My bank didn't do that and I was exchanging considerably more. In your example, as I said earlier, the cost of exchanging exceeded 10% and you lose. I guess our only disagreement is how common the situation is. My assumption was that most people would be exchanging more than $100 and I was not aware that some banks will charge you a fee on top of the exchange.