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  1. I doubt it, he and his ilk are more interested in culture wars than any sort of governance.
  2. Yes it did. Read the article, it references today's NCL letter.
  3. We have had 11012 on the Jewel which is a 2 BR Suite under the library and there was no noise from above. There are adjacent mini-suites -- or whatever they are calling them now -- that would be under the library or card room and similarly quiet.
  4. We don't cruise often enough to make comparisons, but service in the MDRs on the Jewel was less than stellar. On a couple of different nights I bought a bottle of San Pellegrino and they managed to "refresh" my glass with tap water from a pitcher. I think that the service on cruise lines that don't have free style dining is a bit better. Another issue on the Jewel was the bartenders seemed clueless. The menu clearly displayed Bulleit Rye as one of the choices but when I would order it the bartender would reach for the Bulleit Bourbon bottle. After a bit of frustration I determi
  5. Yes, that was our experience in a non-Haven suite on the Jewel.
  6. Thanks. No longer relevant since the cruise will be cancelled due to Canada's announcement of not allowing cruise ships in port through February of next year.
  7. Thanks, I will look into it, but the last time I tried to catch a train from Nanuet station (operated by NJ Transit for some reason) I was in a crowd of people who were disappointed to learn that the train was cancelled and replaced by a bus that the station had no directions to. Google Maps claims that the drive is 3 hours 22 minutes.
  8. Near NYC but the train connections are more than I want to deal with on the day of the cruise and we will already have a rental car.
  9. Yes, we have that problem here. Made some progress in the last year when a Fry’s (Kroger affiliate) opened in a downtown high rise.
  10. Not everyone in the US lives like that. We live near downtown in a relatively urban area where the nearest supermarket is, per Google Maps, a 17 minute walk, or a light rail train stop is a 13 minute walk. Having said that, it only works in the cooler months as it is often 46 degrees Celsius here in the summer. Then driving is the only sane option.
  11. Dropping off. Renting at EWR and visiting family in NY, then driving to Boston the day of the cruise. Have not selected a rental company as yet.
  12. Assuming the cruise happens, we would be dropping off a rental car on Friday October 1st near the Boston port. Are there convenient rental car locations nearby? With shuttle to port?
  13. Sadly our annual Thanksgiving stay in Newport Beach contradicts that. The "boardwalk" on the Balboa Peninsula was busy as usual and I would estimate about 20% of the people walking, skating, cycling were wearing masks. We would sit on our (narrow) patio facing the boardwalk and have hordes of maskless individuals within a couple of feet of us. Major retailers like Ralph's, Von's, etc. had uniform mask wearing but anything smaller did not. We went into the surf shop that we have been frequenting for years and found both the cashier and the customers without masks. We asked why and the resp
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