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  1. I am on a 1/22 sailing. That health and safety thing has been there for a long time.
  2. How do you figure that? It's NCL's policy. They can extend it if they so choose.
  3. FWIW My sister as 4 children, Kim, Karen, Kevin and Ken.
  4. I see the confusion. If your EMBARKATION is 1/1 then payment is due 11/2. Just calculating 60 days. We are on a 1/22 cruise where final payment is due 11/23.
  5. The Sail Safe requirement for passengers to be fully vaccinated is in place through December 31st. Per the NCL website "Guest vaccination requirements are currently for all sailings embarking through December 31, 2021– we will follow the science to make determinations on requirements for all other future sailings." Final payment for sailings beginning January 1st is due on November 2nd. I would expect that an announcement of whether not the vaccination requirement will be extended should be made by November 2nd as there are people who will decide to cancel if it is not. Do you think it will be extended or have you heard rumors, etc.?
  6. If by "sister ship" you mean they are the same class, then the Star is not a sister ship to the Jewel. The Star is a Dawn Class ship. The Jewel Class ships are Jewel, Gem, Pearl and Jade. The 2 BR suites appear to be quite similar though.
  7. The iconic Versailles Restaurant is a don't-miss option for Cuban food.
  8. The second bedroom is OK for 1 adult or two children. The sofa bed is not the most comfortable thing on the planet but you can improve it by asking the concierge desk in advance to put on an egg crate pad. As stated above there are 2 bedroom suites in the Haven and non-Haven versions on deck 11. IMHO the Haven version is way too expensive given that there is no Haven restaurant or bar and you get butler, concierge, priority this and that, etc. with the non-Haven version. On deck 11 the best suites are in the 11006 to 11018 range which are under the card room, the library and the hair salon. Avoid 11512 through 11524 as they are under the fitness center.
  9. If cruise deck plans dot com is accurate, the 2br on the Jewel is 492 sq ft with a 54 sq ft balcony and the 2br on the Escape is 516 and 43.
  10. The one time we disembarked in Miami we walked out the door and directly into a cab. No line.
  11. You might want a column for who it is you are asking to do some of these things. Emptying the fridge of for sale items, the pillow menu, etc. can or should be dealt with in a letter to the concierge desk prior to the cruise. We asked for the bed in the second bedroom to be made up with an egg crate pad on our one cruise with a butler/concierge and put that in the letter. The idea of pre-printing your breakfast request on a card and stapling it to the door hanger is kind of odd. It would only make sense if you wanted the same breakfast every day. Who travels with a stapler anyway? Writing on the back of the card works fine.
  12. Thanks, that's what I figured. I'm assuming that taxi or Lyft will be easy to come by. (FYI I recognize you from the Tripadvisor Newport Beach page. I post as ratinthekitchen there.)
  13. Does anyone here know if Holiday Inn Club Vacations Cape Canaveral Beach Resort has a shuttle? There is no mention on its website.
  14. Not exactly. The large cup is a "lungo", simply a larger amount of coffee (3.7 oz.) produced by the machine. An Americano is made by adding hot water to one or two shots of espresso. Similar result but not the same.
  15. We liked the Nespresso machine so well that we bought one when we got back. I can recommend the Breville Creatista Plus.
  16. I don't remember the machine as having the optional milk frother, otherwise you could make latte, latte macchiato, cappuccino, etc. You can use the machine to make hot water for tea (run it a couple of times and discard the water to rid it of coffee taste). The concierge letter asks for your tea preferences as tea is provided in the suite.
  17. Prices are all over the map. We looked at Canada/New England in late September 2022. Two people in Two Bedroom Suite, all the Free at Sea stuff. H6 (large balcony) on the Breakaway, RT from NYC 9/25 $8679 H6 (large balcony) on the Joy RT from NYC 9/16 $12067 S4 (non Haven) on the Pearl Quebec City to Boston 9/23 $9349 H6 (Haven) on the Pearl Quebec City to Boston 9/23 $12166 The difference between the Joy and the Breakaway makes little sense. The H6 on the Pearl is obscene given the paltry Haven on Jewel Class ships. FWIW the S4 on the Pearl is $1000 more than it was on this year's cancelled itinerary.
  18. I'm not a frequent cruiser. To date I have been on four cruises in the last 25 years. That's something like once every 6 years. I do hope to pick up the pace a bit but going on multiple cruises a year is never going to happen. The limiting factor is not money. It's more about other vacation choices, family, civic responsibilities, pet motels and other issues. We've never been in the Haven. On our last cruise we did have a suite with butler concierge, priority tendering, etc. We didn't do Haven as we had family members in mini-suites. We will be in the Haven for the first time in January. Without having been there yet, I would answer yes it is worth it. We enjoyed the suite amenities on the last cruise and look forward to the private restaurant, bar, pool and sundeck. As rarely as we cruise we may as well go first class.
  19. And are you going to divulge the name of this very very good alternative?
  20. So is there anybody here who can tell me if the servers at Grills are masked? How about Vargas Café?
  21. FWIW I read a Y*lp review of Fishlips (after deciding against Grills after the above) and saw that the servers were no longer wearing masks. It was dated August. Is that the current state of affairs thereabouts?
  22. That's the same as the card we got with an S4 suite on the Jewel in 2019.
  23. If you look into it, there are versions of the device that have no heating element. You need to add boiling water to it. In the case above the ship-supplied coffee maker is used to heat the water.
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