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  1. Hi i have booked a few cruises with them and found them to be excellent. Far superior to Australian agents. Their customer service is great and they are available to speak to 7 days a week for long hours. There was no trouble and no charge for repricing when fares dropped.
  2. Thanks I have booked an inside cabin thru the 1st online site.
  3. Hi, has anyone done the Alaska railway day trip from Anchorage going to Whittier and Grandview by train and returning to Anchorage by bus. The return trip by rail gets us back too late for our ships departure. We are on the Amsterdam arriving in Anchorage at 8.00am departing at 9.00pm. Is it worthwhile trying to do this trip?
  4. Thanks for the fantastic really helpful information. We are staying at the one at Lake Union. We will probably get a taxi from the airport as we are in out seventies and will have been in airports and planes for 24 hours so will be tired.
  5. Thanks tetleytea. Did you by any chance book thru iCruise Shore Excursions?
  6. Hi Has anyone used Alaska Galore for whale watching in Juneau? Are they a reliable company?
  7. Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback about Staybridge I was a bit worried it was not close enough to things. We got it on Hotwire and don’t know what kind of room we have yet. Does anyone know how much taxi fare is likely to be to Staybridge from the international airport at about 10.30am on a Friday?
  8. Thanks Langley cruiser. We only finalized our cruise a few days ago so that is why we are so late booking a hotel . We weren’t able to book the Mediterranean We are three adults so that made booking more of a challenge too but I have managed to book the Staybridge Suites for the 3 nights before our cruise. It is further out than I would have liked but apparently they have a free shuttle into the city center.
  9. Could you tell me the name of it please and what site it was listed on. Thanks muchly.
  10. Thanks for all the great information, extremeltpy helpful.
  11. Hi we have 3 days in Seattle before our cruise in July. What is the best area to look for hotels in close to attractions and public transport? Thanks in advance for your recommendations.
  12. Thank you all so much for your helpful and detailed information. I thought it would be too tight but the Australian travel agent insisted Air Canada would not have it on the itinerary if it wasn’t ok. It’s so helpful to have information from people who really know what is likely to happen. I have booked the flight with 2 hours in Vancouver direct with the airline.
  13. Hi, we are flying Air Canada from Australia to Vancouver then getting a connecting flight to Seattle. Is one hour between flights long enough or would we be better with the two hour option? Thanks for your help.
  14. Thank you all very much for the rea,lily helpful and detailed information. I haven’t booked anything yet just looking at possibilities. I will give this option a miss because it’s much too stressful. I didn’t know the border crossing can be so time consuming. We are from Australia and not game enough to hire a car and drive on “your” side of the road. I didn’t realise 3rd of July was a long weekend either so will take that into account too when I am looking at other cruises. Thanks again.
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