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  1. Hi ...have a few days in LA shortly before our cruise out of San Pedro. Staying in Hollywood and looking to use the hop on hop off buses to get around ... there are 2 that I can see ..Big Bus and City Sightseeing ... anybody have any experience on these ..is one better than the other to see more of the sights ?? Not sure which one to go with .Thank you
  2. Yes there is ..$25 at any bar or MDR ...but you can open it in your room and take a glass with you to dining room etc EDIT ...just read above post and if it is now $35 then I apologise ...Last I heard it was still $25
  3. thank you for the quick reply ...looks like I might just risk it then ...we don't use either Uber or Lyft here in the UK ...(unless maybe in some big cities) so it is all new to me. I presume you can't pre book them from what I have read previously so it just makes me a bit nervous.
  4. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before, I have only managed to read the last 3 pages so far. We are staying in Hollywood in October for 3 days prior to our cruise to Hawaii ...my question is, how easy is it to get an Uber (UberX) or Lyft on a Sunday morning to take us to the pier.?? Should I risk it being ok and not book anything, or shell out double the cost and book a limo transfer to be on the safe side ? Thank you
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