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  1. thank you for the quick reply ...looks like I might just risk it then ...we don't use either Uber or Lyft here in the UK ...(unless maybe in some big cities) so it is all new to me. I presume you can't pre book them from what I have read previously so it just makes me a bit nervous.
  2. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before, I have only managed to read the last 3 pages so far. We are staying in Hollywood in October for 3 days prior to our cruise to Hawaii ...my question is, how easy is it to get an Uber (UberX) or Lyft on a Sunday morning to take us to the pier.?? Should I risk it being ok and not book anything, or shell out double the cost and book a limo transfer to be on the safe side ? Thank you
  3. sorry ... meant a car service ...can Uber be booked in advance or just on the day ?? I've never used it before
  4. Hi ..we are staying in Hollywood for 3 days prior to cruising from San Pedro in October. What is the best way to get there ?? I've researched car options but they are all coming in at over $100 ...is this normal ??
  5. just checked cruise planner ....was charged £69.03 to upgrade for a 15 night cruise ....that to me works out at £4.60 per day not £6.90 as was quoted ...even better value
  6. Just phoned X in the UK and got put through to USA ...as others have stated she said she had to add it to planner but I have just upgraded our package to premium for £6.90 per day ...which is very good value. She also offered me the option to use our onboard credit to do it .
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