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  1. Enterprise provides a shuttle to/from the port. Look for the Tampa/Kennedy Blvd location. We take it all the time and it is very convenient.
  2. Since I will be taking my first Ponant cruise April 29 on L'Austral I appreciate your comments. Any information you share would be helpful.
  3. Thank you so much for your info, very helpful. Just one more question. I will be sailing L'Austral to the British Isles (Celtic Shores) in April for 7 nights. How may formal nights? I do like to dress up for dinner but don't want to over pack with formal clothes I may not need. Thanks for any comments
  4. VMax Thanks for your help, I will book the Hilton Garden Inn. Even though I will be there for a short time the reviews sound very nice and if I feel like getting out the location seems good.
  5. VMax, I just checked and the Hilton Garden Inn has a day rate of 89 Euro, this sounds pretty reasonable. Would this location work?
  6. Thanks for your response VMax. My date of arrival is April 29, 2019 about 9am at Dublin airport. I just priced the Hilton Garden Inn and the rate is about 220 Euro for an overnight stay. I have not tried to find out if they have a day rate. I don't need to sightsee , just rest and refresh. Do you know if there are any hotels on the airport property?
  7. I booked a day rate of 100 Euro at the Hilton Dublin Airport. I am open to suggestions if this is too inconvenient to go from the Airport to hotel to cruiseport.
  8. Thank you all for your suggestions. It is just what I was looking for. The Gibson was booked but I got a good day rate at the Hilton.
  9. Unlike the larger cruise ships, PONANT was very clear about the late boarding time. I made 2 phone calls to confirm this. I am a solo older lady so it is easier for me to find a comfy hotel and just relax until embarkation.
  10. I will be arriving around 9am after an overnight international flight and cannot board the ship until 4pm. I am looking for a hotel near the Dublin cruiseport for the day to rest, refresh and maybe a little sightseeing until I can board the ship. A day rate would be great but I don't mind paying for 1 night. Any suggestions are welcome.
  11. I took a Ponant cruise last year mid June and did not need rain pants or waterproof boots. It did rain some time every day and was chilly so a rainproof windbreaker with a hood would be great. Just layer for the sunshine and cold rainy days. Tennis shoes worked well.
  12. I would also like to add my big THANK YOU. I usually travel twice a year internationally, always to new places because I am working on my bucket list. Since I am a solo senior lady my concerns relate to comfort and safety. The information I have received regarding flights, airline lounges and travel tips have been invaluable. FlyerTalker gets my special thanks, without your help I may not have had the confidence to take on world travel alone.
  13. I will be in a Grand Suite on the Rhapsody in November. Will Luggage Valet service be available to Venice airport at disembarkation? If available, what would the cost be/ Thanks for any replies.
  14. Looking forward to your continuing review. I will be there in November and your review is helpful and entertaining. Thanks
  15. I am a women traveling solo and just want to enjoy the day and see town and the countryside. How long is the train ride round trip? Just thinking enjoy the scenery and maybe a stop at the winery. I will be there mid-November so the beach will be too cool. Thanks for any response
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