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  1. This helped me (a little) when considering our September cruise out of NYC on the Radiance. A member of our FB group for the cruise emailed John Heald. Here is her question and his response: We have a group scheduled to sail on the Radiance Sept 27th out of NYC. The cruise has been taken down from the website but we still have access to our cruise planner. ANY information you could give us would be greatly appreciated. From John Heald: Hello, at the moment we hope this cruise will go ahead as scheduled and once work starts again in Spain we will of course be able to let
  2. Carnival just announced that their announcement is delayed until Monday, March 30th.
  3. The email I received last Friday indicating that Carnival would be sending an update today was emailed at 11:00 p.m. (central time) I suspect the announcement today will be sent out similarly late.
  4. That makes me sad - not just for me, but for NYC. One of the biggest draws to me for this itinerary was leaving from NYC. I was really wanting to see a little bit of the Big Apple. We were coming in the day before the cruise left, staying near Times Square, and were going to catch a Broadway show.
  5. I have a feeling it's more of a porting out of NYC issue than a Radiance issue, but it could be a combination of both. I have a feeling my September cruise will be cancelled, and I'm (almost) resigned to that - even though I'm broken-hearted. I will likely request a refund, because I was really looking forward to the Canada/New England itinerary. (We're not big fans of the heat & sun. ) I'm not sure I can start another countdown for a 2021 cruise - I've already been counting down for a year and a half.
  6. Probably wishful thinking on my part, but I'm able to "fake-book" for my September 27th cruise out of NYC on the Radiance. I'm crossing my fingers so hard I'm getting cramps!
  7. We've only been on one cruise so far - years ago - out of Galveston. Enjoyed that one, but DH is not a fan of the heat, so this time we're booked out of NYC for the Canada/New England itinerary in September.
  8. I haven't received an email yet, but this is on Carnival's website (under Travel Advisory).
  9. Hey LHARTWICK, we're in Benton, AR also!!! Which cruise are you on?
  10. Me too. I have a suspicion that September cruises (MAYBE August) will be the first ones to actually set sail. I hope I'm wrong, but that's my gut feeling right now. We're currently booked and paid in full (including flights), so I'm crossing every finger I have that all goes well.
  11. We're booked on the Radiance out of NYC for the Canada/New England itinerary in September. I have not canceled. I have also not received an email from Carnival offering that option. I have, however, seen the offer on Carnival's website and have decided - like others - to hold in place. Like so many others, we're in a holding pattern - still working (for now) and keeping as low a profile as we can.
  12. I hear you. We're cruising (maybe?) late September. Like you said, if there's still problems by then, there's bigger fish to fry.
  13. I can answer this part. I upgraded from balcony to an Ocean Suite (no "deals", just decided to go for it). The water, etc. that I had already ordered didn't change - it all stayed as before with the room change.
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