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  1. October 24th would be better of the two.... because the only other ship at the pier will be the Grand Princess which is just in for the day from LA. The pier will be far less crowded than on the following Sunday. On the 30th, the Disney Wonder will be in port with 2600 people getting off and on. David
  2. The political climate in San Diego has not favored the cruise industry. The B Street pier is many years old and the Broadway Complex was so downsized by the NIMBYs and the CBP that it is nearly useless. I've cruised out of New York, Galveston, Los Angeles (San Pedro and Long Beach), and Seattle and their docks aren't any better. If you want a really nice experience at a pier, stick with Miami, Orlando, San Francisco, or Vancouver. David
  3. The newly completed structure replacing Anthony's Fish House/Grotto has opened steps from the B Street Pier. The main attraction is the Brigantine Restaurant; however, Ketch Bar&Grill, Miguels Cantina, and Seaside Coffee/Gelato, as well. Seaport Village renovation is now complete with many new shops. The Midway Museum has reopened, too. David
  4. Click on "Explore" then choose the red rectangle "Search Cruises"....then "Pricing" David
  5. The airport in Cabo San Lucas is many miles from the cruise ship. If the weather is not cooperating, tenders cannot ferry from the dock to the ship and vice versa. More likely, Puerto Vallarta.....where the airport is close and hotels are plentiful. David
  6. The cruise lines have done planning. I received an e-mail mid-October 2020 which outlined many of the challenges....and what we might expect when cruises resume from the US as employees. The problem that I see is doubling staff needed to disembark and embark on the same day. Either we would work from 8-noon or from 10-4. David
  7. The regular gangways lead into wide open spaces with a multitude of elevators and stairways. The Deck 1 or Deck 0 gangways usually lead to very small areas with only a few lifts and one staircase. I can't imagine 3 - 4,000 people with luggage trying to get off or on using only the lower deck gangways. David
  8. In San Diego as well as many other ports, there is just one gangway per terminal. David
  9. If a ship were to disembark at one terminal and embark at another....has me thinking. The security staff and ground services employees at Pier 1 could not work Pier 2. Longshoremen could not handle luggage at both. In the meantime, who is to check on taxis, shuttles, ride shares? The prospect of cross contamination has not been resolved....and at the same time the cost of servicing one ship has doubled. David
  10. I was just about to comment on the same ridiculous requirements. Port employees must have a TWIC card ($125/3 years). We cannot work overtime under our current contracts. So CDC will require the cruise lines to hire three times as many employees and pay for 3x TWIC cards? Will the ILWU (porters) be limited to just one ship? As far as I know those who tie up lines and release them can work multiple piers.....but not any more? David PS Tell airlines that they can't use the same gate and ramp for 12 hours.
  11. To get back on the original topic .....sailing from Ensenada, MX round trip. It has been tried many times but not recently, with buses from San Diego. Imagine trying to load 2,000 people on 53-54 buses.... first-come first-to-board, or most exclusive type of cabin, or reward status level? Nobody is ever happy! It takes hours! On one occasion, everyone was checked in at the Hilton Hotel instead of the pier....in order to make it more comfortable and seat 1,400 or more. It rained all day, and some coaches got stuck in the mud in the staging area and had to
  12. They will offer transfers for purchase from FLL airport to the Port of Miami. David
  13. I'm going to bet a breakout of Norovirus sooner than Covid on cruises....when they resume. The mentality is that I have my vaccination, and I'm immune.....not so fast. Masks, social distancing.....nothing matters more than washing your hands and using sanitizers with Noro. David
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