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  1. Thanks for the photo of the chartered flights lined up. The Alaska plane was a last minute addition having been added due to an issue with one of the Swift Air planes. It hasn't been an easy job getting 300-500 crew from the Millennium and Eclipse to Barbados every few days lately. Most of the transfers have resulted in a minimum of 14 hours in transit.....and a few in almost 24 hours. The aircraft fly to Miami to refuel and then the pilots and flight attendants change out. The crew do not get meals onboard. Next time you sail, just remember how dedicated these crew are, and what they have to endure whether it be 5 weeks stuck on board or many hours transit to another ship or to get home. No thanks to CDC.....but props to our local CBP and Harbor Police who make it happen.....often until 3 am when the flights were scheduled before 9 pm. David
  2. As to the OP, I sailed on the Victory in January. Much had already been done, especially to my balcony room. The large screen TV had been installed as well as a motion detector activated nightlight by the restroom.....very helpful at night. The cabin door had been altered with a louvered screen at the bottom......not great for sounds in the hallway, but new. Other than stuff you wouldn't notice like scrubbers or a new hull scraping....I would sail again any time on her. The showroom put on fantastic shows....the newer Breeze, Dream, Vista, Horizon, and Panorama do not have this venue. David
  3. I was supposed to be boarding the Carnival Panorama today. David
  4. My refund just posted. My cruise was to leave tomorrow May 16th. It was canceled in early April. David
  5. I have a comment regarding production shows on the main stage. My latest cruise on the Carnival Victory a few months ago had two very well choreographed shows with full bands.....yes, in the rising pit and circling center stage, too! The dancers and singers were truly top notch....laser show was unbelievable.....how do they make large virtual "smoke rings" circle above your head? And pyrotechnics were also blended in with CO2 misters as well. The shows were fabulous and a highlight of my trip. On both nights, attendance was minimal.......15% of the seats occupied. The CD announced that both shows were being discontinued. So, I question.....who wants them back besides me? David P.S. Other than shoreside staff, air-sea department, office space (which they already share), I don't see any advantage to do more between Seabourn and HAL. Ship sizes are too diverse in my opinion.
  6. TRAIN 796 passed by me at 12:28 am...... on time. So were 11 of the 12 Surfliners yesterday. David
  7. That is not on the line between San Diego and LA. David
  8. 2018.... that's the best you can come up with? And your citing was by a reporter and not your personal experience? David
  9. According to you? I live 300 feet from the tracks, and I can hear every train, every day. The first northbound at 4:30 am weekdays (5:15 am weekends) and the last at 12:25 pm southbound. Rarely are there delays. You can check for yourself at www.amtrak.com which provides real time train information. David
  10. It's the "new math". I have yet to figure out my fare changes. First cruise cancelled in April was for this month, I re-booked in August which was scrubbeed, and now third time around. I've given up trying to subtract this and add that. The only positive is that it shows OBC of $622 and my pre-paid gratuities are shown as paid. Lots of things supposedly to be refunded in awhile, paid specialty dinners, Wi-Fi, port fees, and Cruise Cash. David
  11. I had a similar situation, but it cleared up all by itself in about 4-5 days. Be patient. Also, the Panorama is on the west coast, not the Horizon. David
  12. I note that this article is 2 years old. David
  13. I'm looking forward to a new adventure on August 8th. I was going on the Panorama, now the Horizon. You can get sick from others whether it be a cold, the flu, Norovirus, or Covid-19. Enhanced sanitation will be a welcome addition. I recall that on a few recent voyages, there were now sinks with running water and soap in addition of the Purell dispensers. Maybe that would be a good idea; however, it might lead to more waste of paper towels. David
  14. The bread is fabulous.... I had the pork chop. Next cruise I have 2 nights set aside for Cucina del Capitano. It is a very small venue (as is JiJi) and the service is impeccable at both. A small bottle of Chianti is reasonably priced, too. David
  15. "Junk bonds"......I've heard that before. A failure....which led to a previous collapse of the US economy. David
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