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  1. We sailed at 19.8 kph......instead of 20.7 kph (listed as maximum). David
  2. I had breakfast 3 days (of 7) and lunch 4 days in the buffet. It is what it is....the sandwiches at the Deli are very good, and the cake station (if you can find it) is excellent. Bacon was every other day, but they gave you enough for 2. What was the point of that? David
  3. Room service offers most items for free; however, there are others that are at a cost if you choose them. David
  4. Disney Wonder is doing simulated cruises in Sept. The dates are not firm yet, although she did return from Ensenada today with some Disney employees and their adult families who sailed on Friday. The Zuiderdam is undergoing some maintenance, as is the Koningsdam in Ensenada and the Westerdam in Puerto Vallarta. I was in Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas the week before last and the temperatures were not more than 86-87 degrees. It was nearly perfect. David
  5. Panorama has men's dry sauna. I presume there is a similar women''s one. David
  6. Yes, a free dry sauna adjacent to the Men's Locker room. The first day it took 20 minutes to head up, as I guess I was the first to get there in a while. By the third day it was up to max temp most mornings. Very seldom anyone was there but me 9:30 - 10 am. The lockers have a combination that you can choose, or opt not to. David
  7. I agree, very special cruise with such limited capacity. All week long, I never rode an elevator with more than 2 others. The dining room staff nearly outnumbered the guests after 9 pm (I had anytime). David
  8. 1 pm Saturday 8/28 thru 10 am Saturday 9/4 at the pier. David
  9. I wonder how this will take place. It would have to be prior to security. David
  10. New system......same old result. Me first. David P.S. And after 3 or 4 announcements by the CD, to wait for your luggage tag to be called...... 75 people at the front of the line who were waiting to get checked luggage and I was in the third group to be called off by Muster Station. Yes it slowed down the entrance to CBP for everyone.
  11. Cruise Director has asked those outside to please come in due to a Coast Guard helicopter approaching in 30 minutes to remove a seriously ill guest. Last night we had two emergency alarms....one at about midnight and another early this morning. Apparently one of the guests is seriously ill. Luckily we are having very good weather, with clear visibility and minimal winds. Prayers for whomever has to me flown off and their family would be appreciated. David
  12. I'll start by saying that the idea is welcome; however, without any enforcement I have my doubts. Cruise Director Lee has made a PA announcement (audio in every stateroom), and paperwork has been delivered. Self debarkation will be called by Lifeboat Station and not by deck. Cruise cards must be shown before approaching the gangway.....and they clearly show your station as you know. My prior cruises on the Victory (now Radiance) and Horizon were a madhouse. Perhaps this will work to keep the stairways and atrium clear of those who want to be off early regardless. I'll let you know. David P.S. This has been one of the best cruises I've been on (out of 43 total......11 Carnival)
  13. I can live with a "Bacation" in the Lido Buffet....tomorrow maybe. I didn't know that at the Omelet Station you could request fresh eggs. Guys Burgers has bacon out of sight, just ask. David
  14. Just announced by the Captain, we will stop in Cabo San Lucas tomorrow from 7 am to 4 pm and then proceed to Puerto Vallarta on Wednesday 10 am - 7 pm. Due to this change, the ship is now expecting to return to Long Beach at 8 am on Saturday. David
  15. It is set up so you can drop off your luggage as you enter the parking structure. The difficulty seemed that cars exiting were slow to pay on the way out. David
  16. If you are driving to Long Beach, there are 4 lanes of traffic approaching the terminal. The left lane sign says "PARKING".....however, that leads into the Queen Mary parking lot which is closed. Lots of cars went to the end and then either cut into the next line or had to circle back around. The far right lane is for picking up or dropping off, yet cars managed to cut in at the front, too. Once past the ticket dispensing machines THE 2 MIDDLE LANES ONLY, make an immediate left into the parking structure. There were plenty of open spaces; however, exiting traffic was backed up to level 2 with very slow movement. David
  17. The basic 5 bottle package was $134.52 for my trip tomorrow. David
  18. One hour before sailing......my Boarding Pass for tomorrow says "FINAL BOARDING 4:30 pm" Porter service is terminated 2 hours prior. David
  19. There are plenty of signs along the way, but expect Terminal D David
  20. Michigan offers EDLs for an additional fee. Not all Michiganders have EDLs. David
  21. I've been lucky to have 3 cruises paid for completely onboard. Not exactly "big" by any means; but huge at the time to me: Carnival Elation $600 jackpot with 4 Aces single line video poker (3 night cruise) Veendam $2,000 cover all Bingo (4 night cruise) Vision of the Seas $1,000 on Ultimate Poker 5 cents. (4 night cruise) David P.S. I did see a grand celebration on where the guest was presented a check over $300,000 but I suppose that was one of the lottery type wins
  22. 5 States issue EDLs......and they have the US Flag on the front in various locations. A US Passport is preferred; however, a State issued Birth Certificate is an alternative for closed loop cruises. David
  23. The following 16 destinations moved to the CDC's "Level 4: Covid-19 Very High" category on August 2: -- Andorra -- Curaçao -- Gibraltar -- Greece -- Guadeloupe -- Iran -- Ireland -- Isle of Man -- Kazakhstan -- Lesotho -- Libya -- Malta -- Martinique -- Saint Barthelemy -- Saint Martin -- US Virgin Islands. David
  24. So your luggage is delayed for hours. Do you want to take that risk for $4 worth of Dr. Pepper is my point? David
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