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  1. I've emailed a form provided by Thomson at the port - signed for by them no less with photos of the damage. The damaged luggage company wouldn't touch it as they only deal with stuff damaged in-flight and it's that's a different form. That company referred my to Thomson's customer service team. Ditto re insurance excess won't cover the cost of it by a country mile. I've since found a UK MD - David Burling who will find a nice snotogram in his inbox tomorrow. He may well pass it on but it'll, very likely, be dealt by an executive complaints team. I'm more annoyed it's taken a month to get this far and all the time and effort involved. Then add in that the blooming thing is taking up valuable space (not putting it in the loft while this is going on) and really should've be thrown out by now.
  2. Hello So after a month the TUI customer services team can't determine when and where my suitcase was damaged, they are refusing to replace it. And it wasn't cheap and it was only it's second holiday. The whole frame was twisted and cover ripped between me putting outside the cabin and the suitcase being collected by me before getting in the coach to the airport. Anyone have the CEOs name please? He's going to get both barrels. Thank you
  3. If you can prebook your cabin, I recommend 367 - it's huge. See my post on the cabin review thread. Other numbers suggested too.
  4. Cabin Number:367 - outside plus Cruise Ship: Majesty Date of Cruise:20/9 & 27/9 2016 Bed Formation: 2 singles plus 2 bunks Bath/Shower?: Shower ( shower head had a funny angle to it ) Adjoining Cabin?: no Balcony?: no Comment on the Size of the Cabin: The biggest cabin we’ve ever had – between the two beds was two chest of drawers whereas most outside pluses had one and a half chests and ordinary outsides just one. Comment on any Noise Issues: we only once felt any movement in the cabin and it was quiet from an engine point of view Comment on Storage Space: Loads! There was three wardrobes, the usual vanity unit and another cupboard/surface housing the fridge and another cupboard. Comment on the Bathroom: slightly larger than a standard outside Any Other Comments?: Nerico kept it spotless and we’ve never enjoyed so many different towel animals. Two big windows. Make a note of the number if you want to prebook your cabin – also 373 and I think 377 (forgot the number) were as big as were the equivalent located cabin on the port side. Would You Recommend this Cabin?: Oh yes! Best ever. Score out of 10:8
  5. Gelbel

    Rome Express

    Hi - how much walking is involved on this trip? The DH is no longer a spring chicken and can't stand around for ages. How easy is DIY Rome? It looks OK but there seems to be a lot of hanging around for travelling. The Ho-Hos don't get great reviews. What to do? :confused: The thought of a 10 hr excursion is quite daunting even to me. We're there on a Saturday if that makes any difference. Any advice would be welcomed.
  6. I do agree with the dropping of the port Tring. And one Canary Island is the same as another cept Fuerteventura is windier. Ah well, more Primor shops to get the make up I can't get in the UK that I swear by....
  7. Gelbel

    Porto Novo, Cape Verde

    You're right Tring - I have the email with the details now. Not had a chance to look at the tours as we had break in Penzance (it's quicker to fly to Tenerife and transfer to the ship than drive down there from Yorkshire) so will take a look this weekend. Less than 5 weeks now.:p
  8. Gelbel

    Porto Novo, Cape Verde

    Yeah! Flight details arrived. Condor as you mentioned, 25kg allowance (says in total with hand luggage but I travel light in the cabin) and nice times too. :D
  9. Gelbel

    Porto Novo, Cape Verde

    No I didn't get that. I feel a phone call coming on....
  10. Gelbel

    Porto Novo, Cape Verde

    When I called my TA a couple of weeks ago to see if they had any news they said, they'd expect an am flight to get us on board mid pm. While the TA took no responsibility for that 'suggestion', I've booked the hotel and parking as it reinforced what I was thinking/expecting. I'd heard the flights are with Jet2 - which I'd be happy with as the standard seats have plenty of leg room. I hope Condor aren't as bad as Monarch - I can't even sit straight their standard leg room is that bad. We'll wait and see.
  11. Gelbel

    Porto Novo, Cape Verde

    Not done a Fred for a few years and that was on Braemar - looking forward to being back on her. Cape Verde Islands will be new to us - but always fancied going. We love cruises for the chance to get an idea if we want to go back to places for a holiday. It's not the trips I am interested in - it's the flight times. Still no news. We're flying from Manchester.
  12. Gelbel

    Porto Novo, Cape Verde

    Hi Tring I can't give any advice as we've not been...yet. What cruise are you on? We're on the one that departs Tenerife on 12 November. And I can't wait....well I can as we're late on hols this year as I am about to dive right into the Rugby World Cup. :D So it's something to look forward to after that.:cool:
  13. Gelbel

    Sun Cream

    I've been using Calypso Once A Day for a few years now and will not change back to anything else. It's a liquidy gel and very easy (and cheap) to slip, slap slop. No smell either - used to use Piz Brin all day stuff but the scent was too strong and I'd spend an hour sneezing my head off. And as it'a so expensive I'd probably did not use enough. I use Bio Oil as aftersun and with that combo I keep my tan for ages.
  14. Gelbel

    First timers

    I always, always take a small 3 or 4 plug extension plug - what with phones and cameras to charge and hairdryers etc one plug is never enough and cabin plugs are usually tucked away in silly places. It also means both of you have 'juice' when you need it. Actually one now lives permanently in my suitcase. I also take 2 little greeting cards that I use as thank you cards for our cabin person and waiters and write something personal in it with a tip on our last night/as we depart. Fab choice of first cruise - expect to become hooked!
  15. Gelbel

    Flight info

    I did and they said about 12 weeks before we cruise. So still a couple of months to find out. But if anyone's done a fly/cruise out of Tenerife frim Manchester an idea of the outbound flight time would be welcomed....can't see them changing that much.