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  1. We flew with Randy last year. He is an excellent pilot and was very proud of his plane. Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and past riders. RIP Randy.
  2. Was just on Facebook. It appears that Randy has passed. I don't know any other details. My heart is heavy right now.
  3. We flew with Randy of Mountain Air last year. He is an excellent pilot who owns his plane. He has put much love into that plane. I would fly with him anytime.
  4. 💛 Praying for all involved. We flew with Randy at Mountain Air last year. He is an excellent pilot who flies his own plane.
  5. Sourdough is no longer in business. We got to Avis around 1/2 hour after opening and there was 2 couples ahead of us.
  6. Look at the reviews for the Airport Honolulu Hotel by Outrigger. If you like this one, book direct with the hotel. I looked into this property 2 years ago for myself, but booked the Ala Moana Hotel next to the mall. I took super shuttle. Go over to Trip Advisor under Oahu.
  7. I am not familiar with this ship and don't have time to look at your itinerary. I will advise you to fly in the day before. I know it is not a long flight, but if something goes sideways you "could" miss the ship. We are flying in from Boise on our next cruise, and arriving in Anchorage the day before.
  8. My condolences to his family and friends.
  9. Pick your itinerary first and then find the ship that sails it. Alaska is way different. Very port intensive. Celebrity does not visit Glacier Bay. It does go to Hubbard. If you do a R/T, leave from Vancouver rather than Seattle. You are in an inner passage and not out in the open ocean as you head out. I like Frommer's book on Alaska Cruises & Ports Of Call. I enjoy sitting down and reading sometimes instead of being on the computer. lol
  10. You may want the hook on the door to hang a towel. We did. I just take a couple of make up bags, different sizes. I also use my bedside drawer for all of my stuff, that way I know where everything is.
  11. What time of the year are you going? This can help with recommendations. Which bay are you visiting, Glacier, Hubbard, or both?
  12. I did this on my last cruise. People were in line for ice cream. The cookies were next to this. I only wanted a darn cookie. I said excuse me, and I just want a cookie. If people are moving slow from the egg station to where the bacon/sausage is and there is a gap, I don't see a problem with going in fast for a few slices of bacon. I doubt that Don is actually cutting in on people waiting for the omelette guy.
  13. Ah, no. Are you planning on bringing the filter and cone for a pour over? Just buy the coffee.
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