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  1. I am seeing fairly credible reference to 11 people on book of faces US site. I wonder if someone simply pressed the 7 key rather than the 1 key? Still a real shame for the 11. I think the longevity and uncertainty were the key drivers of distress.
  2. Trptkr, I am also a little disturbed about this on behalf of uk passengers. We set sail mid Aug, and although many of us are self isolating beforehand, we are likely to be within a certain proximity of other guests during excursions if nothing else.
  3. Hi Kiwi, yes, it’s just nice to hear what is going on with our fellow US passengers whilst the rules are stopping us all joining up on cruises.
  4. Hi - just checking those people who have booked UK Star voyages or those who are interested know about the book of faces We love Viking UK, the US site is also really good.
  5. Hi Osprey, I am sure the letter will be fine, we will have them with us in case Verify fails.
  6. Wish we were with you. We booked for that cruise but had to move to UK ones because of the FCDO insurance issue- hoping this is resolved soon?
  7. I’m due on it on 7Aug, so hope so!
  8. Intriguing? The fact Star is returning to Iceland at speed is interesting. Do we know when the other two ships are next in Rejkavik? Did we ever find out what the deliveries were as that might provide a clue? Could it just be engine testing in certain sea conditions?
  9. Downsmead, we were the last on in June, once we had provided the PCR sample we were at liberty to go for lunch and wander round the ship, not sure if it were the same for those arriving earlier? If it’s the same when you arrive, you could go and make the reservations in person. Can someone else help on this?
  10. Hi, I’m looking at Silversea cruises as an alternative to Viking. Many Viking passengers have been having the same issue with European cruises and Staysure giving inconsistent messages, sometimes in the same call? The complaints handler called last week and unequivocally said we would not be insured whilst the FCDO advice was in place.
  11. Alsun, we also asked for a kettle which arrived with no fuss.Every room has robes, but there was also a handy place to change just near the Infinity Pool.
  12. Hi royal london, it is certainly possible they will extend the sailings, maybe doing a circular cruise now Scotland has opened up. Also if Americans can travel over here without quarantining. Hi Neil, I am watching out for any hint that FCDO will lift the advisory, but not even a hint from them yet aside from what Saga Chief Exec said. They are advised by PHE who are being ultra cautious at the moment, and I wonder if some brexit legacy issues might be at play as well? The plan had been to allow foreign cruises out of the UK before air cruises, but who knows? hi Tom. I
  13. Jammybun, it sounds like Viking will be just right for you once you feel ok to travel because everywhere you go and eat or watch entertainment only has other people who are also double vaccinated, do not have Covid symptoms, and have had a PCR test that day that was negative. I think if you were to share your concerns with Viking they may also be able to help allocate quiet spaces for you. So that is all much more reassuring than visiting a High Street or a restaurant. I note you also live in the North West, and wondered whether at some point they would offer Liverpool as am embarkation poi
  14. Taunton, Amelia and Ansun, I think you have all said you are new to Viking, is there anything else you would like to check with one of us who were on the Venus sailing? Jammybun, it must be really tough knowing how good Viking is but assessing the timing isn’t right for you just yet.
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