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  1. I've been here since July. We've been rotating staff as much as possible, and my ship (the OV) has been functioning as a "Mother Ship", picking up and quarantining crew for other APAC ships parked with us off the coast of Singapore/Malaysia. It actually hasn't been all that "tough" on us lately. Morale is really high right now, because everyone here is absolutely essential, and we're all one big family, all with important jobs to do. We have all learned a lot about each other's jobs, and the crews that are on right now will be invaluable once service returns. I'm the only Cruise/Entertain
  2. No pool deck screen? Are they making the SeaPlex screen bigger instead, or moving it somewhere else? It's usually on the PS of the Pool Deck on all the other QN-Class ships.
  3. They're all really busy right now over there. I am reaching out to some of the team (internally), trying to get tech questions answered, and they're all really busy and don't have much time for anything outside of work.
  4. I am essential crew currently on a Royal Caribbean ship. The new strain of the virus is creating havoc for schedulers and ships right now, as countries are constantly shifting the goalposts, and making it very difficult to get even essential crews on and off ships right now. Many feeder countries are currently blacklisted, and ships are unsure if even scheduled sign-on/off dates can go ahead as planned. This new strain has really changed the game, for the time being. It's hard enough getting 100 crew to a ship right now. 2500 for the big ships is damn near impossible at the moment.
  5. Sorry, not sure what they're doing. We expect to see them back out in OPL on the 22nd.
  6. I work for Royal Caribbean, on the sister-ship Ovation, and I used to work on Quantum. When I was there, in China, the whole second level of the Music Hall was pretty much exclusively reserved for people playing Mahjong. Not there now, but I assume they probably made it available. Interesting fact about Quantum...when the ship was being built, the Music Hall was originally named "Rock Rebellion" and there was an adults-only show, like "Dream Boys" planned for the venue. But, they nixed it and went in a more live-music direction for the space. But, on all the plans and electrica
  7. I'm working onboard the OV, and we're currently parked in the OPL anchorage off the east coast. The Malacca Straight is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, and I'm assuming that they'd want to stay out of the lane if possible. Also, there are a lot of ships parked in OPL, and it's actually interesting to look at. They may want to actually show the guests all the other parked ships...it's quite the spectacle. That being said, I don't know the exact reason why...but the ships in the OPL anchorage are probably the most interesting thing around here to look at right now
  8. We're at anchor in Manila Bay right now, for the next 3 days. We're functioning as the APAC region "Mother Ship" and we're picking up returning crew for other ships in the region. We sign on crew here in Manila, quarantine them for 14 days, and then deliver them to their ships in Singapore OPL. We're all very excited about the Quantum's return...but we're not quaranting crew for them, as they're doing that on their own while docked in Singapore.
  9. Big LED walls like this are very simple, and you've got it right. Each light is a pixel and all the lights are connected in strips into a processor/scaler that synchs up the whole screen. That processor is connected to a source that plays video content. It's likely that the resolution of the whole side of the ship isn't even the resolution of a TV.
  10. I'm willing to bet that had nothing to do with it. He knows the ship, knows the shows and knows the crew. The QN Class ships all tend to have their go-to crews. I was called back to OV because i know the ship.
  11. I know someone there now and asked her, but she hasn't gone up to the front yet. She said she'd go look though amd get back to me.
  12. Interesting...I'm crew on a QN-class ship and the front (crew) deck on Odyssey is looking a bit different. The stairs from Deck 7 down to Deck 6 are further forward on the Odyssey than on the other QN class ships, and are also uncovered. Also, the front wall of Deck 7 is solid all the way across, except for one door on the port side. On the other QN class ships, that wall is mostly open and there is an overhang you can hang out under. There are crew cabins right on the other side of that wall, so I wonder if the extra space inside will lead to more cabins being up there. Everyth
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