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  1. Yup, beautiful pictures, am itchin to go. A few months ago, had thought about makin reservations to go the last of April, but guess I didn't make it. Thinkin about goin in Sept.
  2. Yup, kinda agree with you, was wanta to cruise in Sept, but now not so sure!!
  3. Oh gosh adstz, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you get your money back!!!
  4. Yeah, how bout the Hong Kong flu?
  5. My sister doesn't want me to make reservations at the moment, for any cruise. As for me, was home for three days this week, just feelin rotten, no fever, but just yuck. Will be goin back to work on Monday.
  6. Yup, agree with glaciers, its usually rainin, so go prepared, I've seen rain an sunny days in Sept.
  7. Usually, I go in Sept, I don't mind the rain at all!!!😃
  8. Well, we saw them in town, the bus driver pointed them out, then after the ship left Haines, everybody was out on deck. Was a good show!!
  9. Hi, it was in Haines.
  10. Hi guys, thanks for the info. Will be lookin into it!!
  11. Hi guys, am wonderin if any of you guys have been to the Fortress of the bears in Sitka an wonderin what there is to see? Am plannin to go in Sept, an jest might go there, but need to know a few things. Thanks in advance. Virginia
  12. When going to Alaska, bring them. The ones I have, my dad brought home from WW2, they were made in 1942.
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