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  1. OP said from Canada mid-morning. That sounds like Rouge from YUL, YYZ is a couple of hours later. So arrival at the hotel would be not much before noon. My experience in Barcelona, the room is often ready by noon or shortly after. It's probably not worthwhile planning much sightseeing if you can only arrive the day before. There is no one-size-fits-all answer for adjusting to the time change. Barcelona has a very bad reputation for pickpockets, sightseeing is for wide awake and alert people.
  2. I did the transfer to Nice gare this spring. There were a half-dozen buses to Nice gare and several to NCE airport. First come first served, they checked off your name on a list, the bus left when full. Pretty straight-forward once you figured out the system.
  3. Mystery solved, I recalled that P&O UK also had sequence dancing.
  4. (gam888): Thank you everyone for replying my post. I am searching up all these sequence dances that are mentioned on YouTube! Is there someone who "regulates" how many dances are going to be sequence dances and how many are regular ballroom or Latin dances. When a new song starts, how do people know if they are supposed to do a sequence dance or a regular dance? gam888 posted this reply on the Costa board. I'll add some comments from my Oriana experience. I wouldn't call sequences easy to learn. You need to memorise long routines with figures at the bronze and silver level. I don't know of anywhere in Ontario that has sequence dancing you can practise. Figuring out foot positions, amount of turn and alignment from videos is very difficult. I've heard a couple of comments “we're from the South of England, it's different in the North”. I don't know if they were specific to the dances shown in the videos. I recall that Oriana handled scheduling differently from Cunard. Unfortunately, I found the sequence dancing on Oriana to be of much lower standard than Cunard.
  5. Do you have an unlimited budget, or do you have to watch costs? Does everyone already have a passport? Are there any citizenship/visa issues, with anyone in the group?
  6. My last stops in Israel (Eilat) the entire ship, crew included, had to zero-out on arrival (like US CBP, except with far more reason). I don't know if anyone left the ship there, but I assume Customs clearance wouldn't be hard to arrange. But the time before (Haifa, I think), the Middle East got sniffles, the insurers got pneumonia, and the stop was cancelled, so that needs to be part of your plan. But what I would really worry about, can you get medical insurance with your condition?
  7. It depends on satelite coverage wherever you are. Since they changed to Mb packages from time, I've never had a problem checking email, etc, you get the Mb you paid for regardless how long it takes.
  8. I can't find the Youtube video that gam888 mentions, but I cannot recall seeing sequence dancing anywhere except on Cunard. The music is pretty much the same as you find in dance places around Toronto. A Singapore to Rome will be much different from most cruises. My experience on repositionings is a much older demographic than normal, but even then, far more nightlife than HAL or Celebrity. Meal times are often adjusted, usually lots of seafood but menus may depend on what's available in the various ports.
  9. Checkin opens around 2 PM. Muster drill is usually around 8.30 PM, between MDR sittings. They do late drills for people with delayed flights, but US CBP requires a manifest be submitted before sailing, expect checkin cutoff no later then 9.30 PM.
  10. I like coffee to go too, but I vote for the thermos, because of all the cups that go into the trash.
  11. They didn't mention beaches because there aren't any. They're an expensive taxi ride away. Really nothing to do except sit in bars. The WiFi they mention is too slow to be useable. There may still be a coffee shop with useable WiFI, otherwise, stay on the ship. Much different from Mahogany Bay in Roatan.
  12. QM2 is much superior to any American ship I've ever seen, but the worst of any ship that really offers dancing. The floor is maybe 1/3 the size of the Westway in Toronto, often packed with people pretending they're 30 years younger and 30 kg lighter, or doing nothing that needs a dance floor or dance music. Read the daily program carefully. The Queens Room is often pre-empted for mucky-muck gatherings. Unlike QE and QV this cuts off access to the nightclub G32, so no dancing alternative. QR music tends to be dull and dreary, sometimes good tempos, sometimes not. A huge number of Quicksteps, do not expect the quality and variety you find around here. Bob Brandst I believe is an American style dancer, I defer to him regarding those figures. G32 tends to be 30-minute Caribbean mish-mash, although the bands often can do decent latin/rhythm. Sometimes the sound technicians put on good dance music during the breaks, introduce yourselves to the Social Hostess, she might be able to help. TA's tend to attract more gays than dancers, that may work in your favour. The Cunard experience varies wildly. My last trip on QE, the musicians were playing to a half-dozen passengers, all night, every night, but a few months later, someone reported the exact opposite.
  13. On the Dubai-Savona repositioning last year, checkin opened around 1800 (evening before sailing). There's immigration exit, if I recall correctly you surrender your passport and get a temporary card. I did the seven-day local cruise a couple of years ago, can't remember checkin exactly, but wasn't impressed with the itinerary, compared with the Caribbean.
  14. "just found this info"- this has been in the Costa USA Terms and Conditions for a long time. You need to have a very serious discussion with your travel agent, about hiding things like this in their quotes. If it's an Ontario agent, I hope TICO starts cracking down on guys like this. In some markets, Costa Gernany for sure, the HSC is required to be included in the quote. I'm told Costa France will be as of December, and it's expected to be rolled out in most other markets. The USA seems to be the home of Wild West pricing for cruises. Costa will not be sailing out of Florida as of 2021, I'm not sure if they're closing their USA office.
  15. There's a main terminal plus a secondary across the road via walkway. Costa only boards a couple of hundred people in Marseille, I can recall a couple of times using the secondary terminal, but mostly the main building, which is not an unusually long walk. Biggest complaint- no WiFi in the terminal while waiting.
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