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  1. Thank you so much for the information on the taxi's at the port. I already have the hotel address printed out so that should help then to be translated. Appreciate the information. Helps a lot! Susam
  2. I was hoping to find information about the Tianjin port also concerning transportation into the city. Was happy to see this post. BruceMuzz: Can you tell me if I can expect a line of taxi's waiting at the port/pier? I'm presuming there will be but not 100% certain on this. Also if there is, do you know if someone is there directing the taxi's to tell the driver where the passenger wants to go? Hope that makes sense. I have a print out of the hotel we are going to and hopefully have the name typed in Chinese to help. Any information you can give me would be extremely helpful. Thank you
  3. Karen (Chamima) I had to laugh at what you wrote. When I booked that cabin I picked it so it wouldn't be under the grill area. Honestly thinking I had done good with my choice. Sounds like we both messed up on that. Hopefully we will cruise together one day again and meet. Those front 2 suite cabins were wonderful cabins it is just the motion in them can be very bad. Holomuku: The Celebrity Mercury is the only Celebrity ship we have been on. Will be on the Millinium next month. At least we have a cabin that has passenger cabin above and below. I agree, the cabin location is important. It can certainly be frustrating when you think you have done good with your pick to realize once on board you haven't and are under a ping pong table!!! LOL Live and learn. Susan
  4. We were in cabin 8040. They may put those tables away in the evening, but I can tell you it was beyond annoying when they were out, and it must be pretty late evening when put away. We weren't even on a warm weather cruise where you would think they would be used much. I honestly will never book one of those cabins again. It was the worst pounding above our head when we were in the cabin. You will be fine in the cabin you have, 8008. Susan
  5. We have sailed in both 6002 and 6003 on the Pacific Princess. I really don't remember hearing much noise from the stage area below. Like was said above, you may hear some noise for a while, but it wasn't awful and it does stop sort of early. The worst part for me was the motion we felt in the cabin. I took a good amount of Bonine on the cruises we were in those 2 cabins. I've since said it isn't worth it to me to have either of them again, just for the motion. Truly the worst cabin we had on this ship was on deck 8 under the ping pong table. I mentioned it to the Future Cruise consultant and he told me he always tells people not to book that cabin we were in. Live and learn on that one. We really like the Pacific and have sailed now on Azamara several times sine we do like this size of ship. It certainly isn't for everyone, but for us they are a good fit. I just tend now to pick cabins more in the center of the ship. Have a great cruise. Susan
  6. Totally legit!!! Have been getting these survey's from Princess for a few years now. By posting the total e-mail you have negated the statement of keeping it private.
  7. I wish I would have seen this site before we booked 8040 on Pacific last year. It just shows a blank floor above but knowing the ping pong table(s) are there makes that such an undesirable location. I'm going to bookmark that site. Thanks for posting this.
  8. I will tell you we were in cabin 8040 last fall on the Pacific and the ping pong table is right above this cabin area. I would truly stay away from this spot. Was talking to the future cruise host and mentioned the noise above us and he said he always tells people to not book that cabin. Thankfully it wasn't used that often, but when it was the banging from above was loud. Just my thought for your question. Susan
  9. Karin Luppes, Hotel General Manager is a riot. We were at her table both times at the Most Traveled Party. She is a lot of fun to talk to and just a very nice person. Love the Pacific P. Have a great time. Susan
  10. Be sure and check out the Cruisetones in the Casino Lounge. Dan (guitar) and Elliott (piano) are the nicest people and we enjoyed listening to them every evening last Aug-Sept on the Pacific P. Dan is married to Deborah who is the Destination lecturer on the cruise with you. Was always a fun evening with them. Dan learned Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot to play for me on the cruise. Hopefully he kept playing it as he did a wonderful job. Have a great cruise. Susan
  11. Thank you for the reply's. Would have to talk to the bank about Canadian currency, but I'm sure we would still have to pay the exchange rate and really not get a better rate. But will definitely find out. Euros would cost to buy from the bank and not a great rate right now. Better than in the past though. Presuming we exchange US funds at least we know that $100 bills are accepted. That was my biggest concern was the size of bills and what they would take or want. Sounds like there are things to buy. The wooden crafts caught my eye with what you wrote. Appreciate that information. Looking forward to the cruise. We lost one day in Havana and will be going to Key West. Was disappointed in this, but at least we kept the rest of the cruise days in Cuba. Thank you!!! Susan
  12. Thank you for this information. We leave next month for our cruise on the Journey and will also need to exchange money for a private excursion. I can get brand new bills at my bank right now and didn't know which was the best denomination to have. So you do recommend $100 bills to exchange? Was afraid that would be too large and they wouldn't want them. Usually take a mix of bills but this would be easier. I will get $100's and $50's then per your recommendation. Susan
  13. We were on the Ruby last week. Only option I had for the internet was 2 options for more minutes, but that is it as of now. No unlimited packages yet were offered so no "Princessconnect" internet. I had one of those packages on the Pacific Princess in Aug/Sept and I could Skype on my phone which was quite nice at times. Was able to stayed easily connected with my daughter. They are working on the Medallion services on the ship. Main thing was the screen by the cabin door that we needed to tap our cruise card on to unlock the door. Other than that, nothing else as of now. Hopefully by the time of your cruise they will have those packages to buy.
  14. Yes we did rescue the 3 men yesterday evening. Captain announced around 6:30 that they had seen a flare go off and that we were going to go towards them. At first they started to launch a tender out, but the seas were choppy and the Capt. said we would wait for the Coast Guard helicopter to get there, but that would be another hour. They finally were able to get the men on the ship. It wasn't for quite a while later that we learned there were 5 men on the fishing vessel. The Coast Guard cleared us to leave the area around 9:10 and we headed on to Dover. We could see the helicopters out searching the waters for the other 2 men. It was very sad when we learned about the 2 men that were missing. This was something to witness that I will say I'll never forget.
  15. Thank you for the information on the shuttle to Dublin. We are doing b2b sailings and we go to Dublin twice (only repeat stop) for our cruises. Have a tour on one cruise, so the shuttle will be perfect for the second cruise. Appreciate the information. Internet sounds frustrating. Last time on the Pacific in the Caribbean the connection was also horrible and frustrating. On our second cruise, August 26 they are offering the packages you can purchase with unlimited internet. Sounds pretty pointless if they have done nothing for connecting. Again I appreciate your information. Susan
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