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  1. Just looked at my credit card and I see our deposit for the S. America Discovery Princess cruise was refunded on Feb. 25. I hadn't gotten a notice from my CC company about this was surprised to see it. Glad that has been taken care of now. I would say yours will be soon now also. Susan
  2. Caribill: Have no idea on that either. There are still 111 passengers on the ship and she had posted the day before they were still waiting to hear from the CDC. You are correct, they have absolutely nobody ill on the ship. She has been reporting for the last few weeks as to how well everyone has been. Just thought I would pass on what was posted by a Princess employee that has first hand information as to what is happening.
  3. Deborah Fraioli, who is the Destination Specialist on the Pacific Princess, just posted this in another place that she and I are friends. They had been waiting for the CDC to approve them she had written yesterday: "This good news just in...Pacific Princess is approved to dock tomorrow having met all the state and federal requirements. Residents of California, Nevada, and Arizona will be driven home and the first to leave. Arrangements are being made for charter flights for other guests. Half packed, we’ll see what news tomorrow brings....could take sometime to leave (or n
  4. Yes, sailed on the Pacific Princess in 1983. This is when it was doing the LA to Acapulco run. The ship seemed so big then and beautiful. Somewhere I have a picture of me on formal night standing on the curved staircase that is always so prominent on the show. Remember when we left Puerto Vallarta having a sail a way out at the center pool area they use for most scenes. That was back when they had gentlemen sailing that danced with ladies that were single. Of course there was no buffets then or specialty restaurants and the cabins were pretty tiny. Had a fantast
  5. It is looking like we will have to cancel our September cruises as well as our 2022 cruise now with Azamara. I'm so sorry to read this is going to become a requirement. As stated above by Lottie, this is ridiculous. I doubt our GP would sign off on this letter for my husband. He has diabetes and it is totally under control, but the letter would determine he could not go it sounds. I'm very disappointed as Azamara has become our favorite line, but right now not so much. Susan
  6. I think we need to look at Oceania also. I get their brochures weekly. We have been happy with Azamara so far, but always nice to try another line. As far as the OP with her question. I do think you will like the Pacific Princess for Alaska. Your kids sound like family time is much preferred which is very nice. Great memories for all of you. Susan
  7. CFlutist your pictures of the ship are excellent. We love these ships and now love sailing on Azamara since they have these ships also. We were on the Pacific a year and half ago and have it booked for next year again also. Granted this size of ship isn't for everyone, but we love it. Yes on the Grand Class ships the full suites do have the wetbars. They are small but useful along with the desk in the cabin by them. Thanks for posting the link to your photos. Susan
  8. Sandy, There was no wetbar in the full suites that I remember on the Pacific Princess or the Ocean/Tahitian Princess. We have been in full suites on both ships. Of course the Ocean is long gone to Oceania now. We used the dining table for pretty much everything. Where the TV is they have the refrigerator in one of the doors below. If you look at CFlutist's pictures you will see the bar setup on the dining table. We used that table quite a bit which is where you will mix your drinks. Loved the 2 bathrooms. Susan
  9. The last time we took Super Shuttle it was truly disgusting. I said never again, and it was a never again. Did not realize until the article came out a few weeks ago concerning them closing their business, that each driver basically owned their own van. Makes me wonder now what type of insurance the driver would have had for carrying passengers. Sounds like they had a lot of problems.
  10. Erber: Your pictures are amazing! I'm so incredibly impressed and can't wait to go now on our cruise in a couple years. Wish it wasn't so far off. Thank you for taking your time posting.
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