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  1. That is because there were other Carnival ships to pick from...if they went totally smoke free, bet there would filled boats


    I will admit that the additions to this thread has steered a little bit off track, BUT the interjections by most posting do include issues regarding smoking concerns, therefore NOT REALLY "off topic" as you felt compelled to let others know !





    They have NOTHING to do with ventilation....

  2. I really hope I'm smoke-free in 10 years. It's difficult though.


    I think a smoke-free ship from a California port might work, lots of folks now drive to their closest port and the percent of smokers in California is alot lower than most other states. It just didn't work out of Miami.


    We are just home from our first cruise. We sailed on the Inspiration and LOVED it...all 6 of us!!


    This was one of my 2 complaints for the week. I am a non smoker and was awakened on several nites by the smell of smoke in my room from my neighbor. I am very sensitive to smells and spent these nites very sleepless. :(


    The smoke on the other decks did not bother me.


    I wonder why they allow smoking in cabins but no irons...


    Just my 2 cents!!


    p.s. My other complaint was the internet charges that I had to pay to contact my excursions at 2 ports due to our delayed arrival due to "propulsion problems" with the ship which we were notified about upon arrival on the ship.


    We will definitely sail again!!





  3. Where do I start?


    I don't want a "fun" ship.


    I do want a ship where people expect to dress for dinner.


    I don't want a ship that looks like a block of flats.


    I do want an ocean liner.


    I don't want to be on a ship where idiots treat the lifeboat drill as a game.


    I do want to go on a ship where adult converstation is the main entertainment.



    And that's just for starters.



  4. You can't get a Fascination Pin or Juliblee pin by emailing Carnival. I tried that and this is the email I got.


    Good Morning.


    Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding your prior cruise vacations.


    In regards to your inquiry, past guest pins are only available on cruises that are five days or longer, as they have the past guest parties. Regrettably, the FASCINATION does not have past guest parties, therefore, we do not have a ship pin for the FASCINATION. Additionally, we do not have a ship pin for the JUBILEE, as it is no longer a part of our fleet. We apologize for any disappointment this causes.


    Thank you for allowing us to be of service.







    Internet Specialist


    Carnival Cruise Lines

  5. We are cruising this October to Mexico...I went and applied for my passport yesterday. It was fast and easy, I don't care if I need it or not to go on the cruise, it is THE best form of ID so why not apply and get one. My goodness they are good for ten years. Like the Nike ad says "Just do it"

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