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  1. thanx for the info. we've never been to Hawaii or cruised the pacific. hopefully we'll have fairly calm seas. did you see any whales? did you see much ship traffic during the crossings ? Mike in CT
  2. We're boarding Star on the 12th also. They might be scanning foreheads for temperatures , bring out health questionnaires and maybe travel history questionnaires. We might even see a separate check in line for people traveling with foreign passports. We're bringing more sprays and wipes than usual, and packing an additional weeks worth of meds, , but looking forward to a great cruise. Aloha. Mike in CT
  3. Has anyone scanned patters from this season's Star 15 day Hawaii trips that they might be willing to post and share. Boarding the Star on 2/12. Thanks.
  4. starting to pack for next month's cruise, and found a brown Cafe Selects card with 6 punches left to use. Ship and trip date were never filled in. Any chance that the i can get 6 special coffees with it ? the card has no expiration date on it. thanx
  5. the Arizona memorial re-opened on september 1, 2019.. we've got tickets for next month.
  6. Haven't had issues getting airline miles posted. When you check in for your flight be sure they have your frequent flyer info posted. We booked our upcoming Hawaii cruise and ezair using future cruise credits,didn't have to pay any deposits, had AA seats booked 9 months befor flying, paid in full 91 days before and we each got $100 OBC. Can't beat that.
  7. does anyone have a set of PATTERS that they might be willing to scan and post. taking this cruise in february. What was the weather and seas like during the crossings. thanx
  8. thanks for mentioning the mic, didn't know it was possible, i'll request one for our M&G on the Star next month. Did you request it once you were onboard, or in advance ?
  9. flying into LAX next month for a princess Hawaii cruise, i'm trying to find info on "UBER-X" service which has curbside terminal pick-up, more expensive but probably worth it to make the trip to san pedro hotel easier.
  10. As others have said, they have access to all the food and drink they want. They are onboard for your enjoyment, if you enjoy their performances Re-read Tiki Dave's comments above. Imagine being on a cruise without them !! Looking forward to sailing with Tiki Dave & ELUA on 2/12. Mike in CT
  11. thanx , i couldn't find the schedule. enjoy your trip, leave me a few bottles of bourbon .
  12. Has anyone seen Tiki Dave & ELUA's 2020 cruising schedule? we're on Star 2/12, hoping that they will be also.
  13. A favorite New Years Eve movie, "THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE" probably will NOT be on MUTS tonite. 😱
  14. Would a $/day increase, $14/cabin make you cancel a one week cruise?? Would you want your family members do those jobs - long hours, long tours away from home, living in cramped quarters with little free time, to be able to send most of what you earn and receive in tips home to support a family that you don't get to see for months at a time ??? They are expected to do those jobs with a smile and cater to so many strangers every week, so that we all enjoy a week or more expecting to be pampered by all the crew, and then get stiffed !! Be happy that tgey sign on to serve us, pay the au
  15. We're cruising out of LA in February. Booked flights using EZair in june, AA cancelled both of our non-stop flights in october, we weren't notified that we were re-booked. had to spend hours trying to get flights that worked for us. Looked at air prices two days ago, and discovered that our new return flight was cancelled . flight still appeared on our booking summary unchanged. Went on AA.com and checked our trip - there was a notice that a flight had changed- again no notice from princess or AA. Star Princess is due to dock at 6:15am, AA had rebooked us on a flight departing LAX at
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