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  1. Thank you for a great review. We will be on the Victory/Radiance 6/20 B2B. Can't wait.
  2. April 2021 cruise dropped by $50 August 2021 cruise dropped by $500 It was worth the 8 minute call. And... Both cruises used 2 Cruise Next Cert. 😊
  3. Pick the Fun Times daily paper, check dining reservations and table and head up to lido for lunch.
  4. Wow! ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐ Thanks so much. I'm printing this out and taking it with me. Super helpful!
  5. I posted the same thing on JH FB page:
  6. Amazing photo's! Thanks so much for sharing. We'll be on the Radiance next year, this gives us an idea of what to expect.
  7. So, so funny. Second day of the cruise hubby and I were on the elevator, a few people got on and the lady/mother says to the younger lady "Do you have your access key? Do you have your access key?", young lady looked at her like "What???" Hubby and I just looked at each other and laughed when they got off. We don't envy haven cruisers, enjoy! Totally agree.
  8. Just did B2B on Dawn, got off 6/22/19. They had a large group of us meet at the end of the first cruise at Gatsby's at 6:30 am where a crew member gave us our new key cards and an Customs Agent eventually came and reviewed our passports and that was it. Off we went. Enjoy your B2B!
  9. We always leave them. Saw someone giving two bottles away during karaoke one night. Another thing taken away from Latitude members. Have you seen the 16 oz. bottle of water instead of the 2 ltr. yet? SMH
  10. Just did a B2B on Dawn. Cruised her 3x when she first came to NYC, got off today. Huge delay in ship clearance this morning but we finally got through. Likes Beautiful ship and friendly and work hard to please service crew. Hey Cheng! Thank you! Dawn's secret atrium third deck (we call the crow's nest, officially The Lounge, deck 9) Agree: "not too big and manageable." Best handmade ice cream/sorbet/sherbet for dessert in Cagney's, O'Sheehans, etc. Pulse Fitness Gym La Cucina: Great pizza and you can order out (as told by wait staff). Bliss Ultra Lounge so much great entertainment and fun games. Food and bar at O'Sheehans was great, staff super friendly, ate lunch there most days. Agree: "dont go without trying O'Sheehans Brownie Smores Cheesecake" (hubby had it everyday, one of the reasons we went to the gym, lol) Agree: "NCL Dawn the almost perfect ship without the floating amusement park stuff." Agree: "did the Gem last year and loved it - perfect size and just right combo of activities for us." (8x for us. We miss her in NYC, saw she's making a brief comeback though) Entertainers "Jose and Patti" were always great with lots of variety and knew how to draw a crowd. Elements production show was amazing! Cruiser "Sarah" among others made karaoke on the Canada/New England cruise worth waiting for. Jason (comedian) and Po (magician) were great. Dislikes No Spinnakers Agree: "the strong smell of smoke from adjacent Cigar Bar and Casino." Agree: "the wine bar was a waste on the Dawn" Agree: "We're not huge fans of Moderno" Agree: "miss having two methods to get out of the back end of the Garden Cafe" JMHO: We did not enjoy the inside buffet at all. Ate there once, didn't enjoy it at all. Not enough loungers on deck 7 to just sit, watch the sea go by, read, etc. Agree: "the ship takes some getting used to its layout, especially deck 8. It can be like a maze." No official announcement of Latitudes Loyalty party. (Most NCL ships now) If you don't visit Cruise Next Desk when you board you won't be informed. Platinum members now get 16 oz. instead of 2 liter bottles of water even though the water comes from NCL's own taps. I may write a review on other changes that have been increasingly noticeable with NCL. Been cruising with them since 2007 and some changes seem small and unnecessary. Writing my PVP today. With all that said, a cruise is always what you make it and we always do it the way we want. Happy cruising all!
  11. This was such an amazing deal! A few of our cruises came close to being free.
  12. We remember when dining in Le Bistro they would make your caesar salad right at your table. Real romano cheese, anchovies, etc. Chocolate fondue with fruit, delicious. (NCL Spirit) We too remember: Chocolate buffet Hot chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies Mint on your pillow All the extra's in the cabin bathroom NCL has the best croissants very small now but they use to be huge What I really miss is having the cabin steward on the first day coming to introduce themselves and ask and answer any questions the guest my have or want. That's a service I wish was put back in place again. Sometimes I don't meet the cabin steward until three days in. I just leave notes in the cabin now. Sad thing is you can't get tipped if I can't find or see you.
  13. " Pretzel Rolls " First item I grab with soup of the day and salad. Yum! Baked/Roasted chicken and potatoes. Pasta Bar Anything Cagney's!
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