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  1. cruisincorgi

    Upgrade Advantage Program

    I am booked with a travel agent, so I’ll have to check with them. Thank you.
  2. cruisincorgi

    Upgrade Advantage Program

    How does the upgrade bidding process work? I’m sailing in March on Escape. Thank you.
  3. cruisincorgi

    Guarantee Inside Upgrade

    Has anyone ever lucked out and received a really good upgrade on a sailaway inside? I did 2 years ago-upgraded to a mini suite- and was hoping for a repeat on my upcoming cruise on Escape. LOL
  4. cruisincorgi

    Touring Havana alone

    Thank you for the information. It does feel a bit intimidating going to Havana, especially hearing different things about what you can and can’t do under People to People.
  5. cruisincorgi

    Touring Havana alone

    Hello. I am traveling to Havana on the Empress Of The Seas in August. I will be doing a few of the ship excursions and want to do some touring on my own. Will I be able to walk through Havana after my day tours (which are approximately 5-6 hours) have ended? I would appreciate any input or suggestions. Thank you.
  6. cruisincorgi

    Shuttle from West Palm to Miami

    I checked out Brightline from West Palm to Miami. Can you believe it is already sold out for slected date in August! I’m not sure if this may be because service doesn’t start until May 19, and the system won’t take reservations?
  7. cruisincorgi

    Shuttle from West Palm to Miami

    Thank you both. I am going to look into the Bright Line Train and then Uber.
  8. Hello. I’ll be sailing out of Miami in August. Coming from Philadelphia. I can’t believe how expensive flights are into Miami and Fort Lauderdale! Im thinking of flying into West Palm Beach and staying the night there (flights are 35% less). Can anyone recommend a shuttle service from West Palm to Miami? Thank you.
  9. cruisincorgi

    Beaches and swimming

    Hello. Sailing to Havana on the Empress of the Seas in August. Reading a lot of conflicting information on what you can and cannot do under the "The People To People" tourist requirements. We will probably do mostly RCI shore excursions, but would like an opportunity to go to a beach at some point. Can you do this? If so, any recommendations? Thanks so much.
  10. cruisincorgi

    Empress of the Seas and Havana Tours

    Thanks for the responses. I am going on the 5 night Key West and Havana-with 2 full days in Havana. Interested in what the best nighttime activities are. Thanks also for the tip for the back sun deck.
  11. Hello. I will be saying on the Empress Of The Seas to Havana in August. I have 2 questions: 1) What are some of the most popular (best) shore excursions? 2) Any must-dos on the Empress? I really like the older, smaller ships, so I'm really looking forward to this trip. Thank you.
  12. cruisincorgi

    Bringing wine onboard

    Okay. Thank you.
  13. cruisincorgi

    Bringing wine onboard

    Hello. Does NCL allow you to bring a bottle or 2 of wine aboard without charging you a corkage fee? Thanks.
  14. cruisincorgi

    Hotels close to Manhattan Cruise Terminal

    Thanks for your responses. Will probably look for something in Midtown. Will be coming on train into Penn Station, so will want something around 33 or 32 Street and 7th Avenue.
  15. Hello, My Wife, daughter and myself are cruising out of NYC on the NCL Gem in January. We are looking for a decent hotel close to the cruise terminal. It looks like the Hell's Kitchen area is somewhat close and has a lot of hotels. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you.