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  1. I have my first one in December on the Mardi Gras but I have a new position at work so I will have to move it till next year.
  2. Good morning ☀️ I have a rescheduled Mardi Gras cruise in December. I recently took a new position at work but my dates will conflict with duties I now have to do. Has anyone had any trouble changing their dates and being able to keep the $600 on board credit for cruises Carnival canceled last year?
  3. Chocolate wontons from the chocolate bar. Pizza thin and crispy. Flat iron steak, blue iguana taco salad, and salad bar salad, omelet with French toast. I must stop 😩😆
  4. I am in 10358 for the December 2021 it is next to the hump. I picked this location because I would think they would have loungers on the deck and also I didn't want the adjoining door that is on the hump. I thinks it's going to be nice.
  5. I would take a cheese pizza and Bitter n Blanc 🙃
  6. Well... would have been pre covid .🙃 Next Friday we would have flown out to MCO to be on the 5th sailing of the Mardi Gras, I can’t even remember where we were sailing 😂. Now I have another whole year to plan!!! Mardi Gras December 2021. Anyone else suppose to cruise this week?!
  7. It could work as long as people aren’t selfish. Just do what is asked so we can move forward. Would you volunteer to try out the new way of cruising?
  8. Agreed the dates that fell when we wanted to go was Western also with a new port for me Costa Maya. I have to wait until December 2021. Excited none the less.
  9. I am looking forward to using my 600$ on board credit and having a extended side balcony on the Mardi Gras. I am looking forward to eating at more paid restaurants on the ship!!
  10. At this point there is no need in thinking they will sail this year. I hope they will sail soon but I think next year is when they will start.
  11. This sound awesome, we are going on the Mardi Gras Dec. 2021 and thought about the same thing. Haven't been to Disney since 2009
  12. My husband and I started December 2008 on the Inspiration out of Tampa. We thought we were on a large ship until we docked beside a LARGE ship in Cozumel, LOL. We have 8 total cruises 38 days at sea. Would have added 7 more days for the Mardi Gras this December postponed to next December. Looking at one next July if all goes well.
  13. I’ve booked Mardi Gras December 2021 and have on hold sunrise to Jamaica and caymans 2021 July.
  14. I didn’t start cruising until 2008 and we took our kids for the first time at 14-dd and 10-ds. They didn’t go to any kids clubs but just hung out with us or my mom and brother. It was a 7 day on the Glory and it was a nice time. would you keep your toddler with you or kids clubs from time to time? Of course timing naps would be important so they won’t burn out to much. Maybe show them some videos of the water play areas and kids club to see their reactions.
  15. I am in 10358 for my December cruise 21’ I chose it for that purpose I wanted the one directly in the middle but I didn’t want the door that’s in 10354/10350
  16. I love your last few words “ there is a time out”, and clearly we need to reset.
  17. I hope not!! I have a cruise next December 21’ not yet ready to pull the trigger for July yet. Y’all stay safe and let’s work together flattening the curve!! So we can once again enjoy the chair hogs who never show to sit in the chair!! 😂
  18. I don’t think we’ll cruise this year even though I would love to I don’t see it happening.
  19. I booked Mardi Gras December 11 2021 like you said something to look forward to. I want to book for July but I’ll wait a little while until I see how things look. Watching cruise vlogs a tying me over.
  20. They are definitely the best!!! I always say cruise ship sleep is the best sleep EVER
  21. I’m getting ready for my 8:15 dinner in the dining room
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