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  1. We will be sailing in October so there are MLB playoffs going on at that time. The sports bar will be packed and I will be there. Also, football. Make fun of me, I really don't care. I can enjoy my cruise and my sports. If some of you don't watch the sports, so be it. That is your choice but don't make fun of the people who do. That will leave room for those who do in the sports bar. And I am a woman!



  2. We are also on the waitlist for early dining on the Horizon October 6th. There are 9 of us and everyone except 2 people are confirmed. My TA said she thought that it would be changed by the time we sail. Well, good old Carnival has almost 8 weeks to do or I will be visiting the maitre'd. Does anyone know the email for the maitre'd for the Horizon on that cruise?


    Thanks, Elaine

  3. I had already taken care of the check-in for our cruise a long time ago. My mother-in-law called me this weekend and said she wanted to check on which card she had used for Sail &Sign and it wouldn't let her in. I checked and sure enough, gotta wait until July 8th. No big deal. I was told that one of the main reasons for the change was so many people were checking back in and making changes so they figured that 90 days out they would have less changes being made. Of course they are not married to my husband. He changes his mind at least a dozen times within a week of the cruise.

  4. We're sailing on the October 6, 2018 Horizon cruise. I did our online check-in some time ago but yesterday my mother-in-law forgot which credit card she had used for the Sail & Sign and tried to go in and check it. It stated that she would have to check back on July 8th to be able to view this even though we have everything filled out and our check-in time set. No big deal. She can wait until July 8th.

  5. We were on deck 7 aft wrap for our Vista cruise and loved it. We will be sailing on the Horizon in October and decided to go with Deck 6 aft wrap since it has a couch. Those cabins are shaped different so that some seem larger than others. I believe that Deck 6 aft wrap and Deck 8 are larger inside. I may have it wrong for Deck 8 but I know for sure that Deck 6 is larger inside. We have a fairly large party going with us and wanted the couch for extra seating in our cabin.

  6. Usually, we stay at the Pillars in Ft. Lauderdale, and we love it there. The only drawback: it's not beachfront.


    We are looking for a different hotel/ resort that is beachfront for our upcoming stay.

    We have narrowed down our search to three:


    1) Lago Mar

    2) Marriott Harbor Beach

    3) Margaritaville (may

    Would those of you that have stayed at or have experience with any of these three resorts please share your thoughts?


    About us: couple, early-30s; no children


    Our top priorities for a hotel/ resort are:


    - Nice clean beach

    - Beach service (cocktail and/ or food service on the beach)

    - Clean, comfortable rooms

    - Good options for dining on premises or nearby


    Thanks for your advice!

    I would choose Lago Mar. We stay there every time we cruise out of either Ft. Lauderdale or Miami. They have a very nice private beach where you can go down and sit on the rocks and watch the cruise ships sail in and out of the port. I don't think they serve food or drink on the beach since the alcohol is not allowed. You may want to check with them.

  7. a year out and they were waitlisted?

    make sure all those booking numbers are linked together.


    and I would be calling to make sure they are listed with my cruise party. (EVERY week)

    I was surprised that they were waitlisted. This will be my 21st cruise and I have personally known other groups of 8-12 people and none were waitlisted. I didn't go through Carnival to book our cruise, used a TA that I have been using for 10 years. She said for me to check the reservations every week to see if they made a change. Their reservation states "Early Dining-6:00pm (waitlisted). My TA has been on a European vacation and so I called Carnival and was told by a young lady that she couldn't do anything and if the reservation said the same thing at cruise time, speak with the maitre'd. I plan on doing that but still can't understand why they were waitlisted that far out.


  8. There will be 9 of us and they still waitlisted my father and mother-in-law. This will be our 20th anniversary and I booked everyone more than a year out and they still waitlisted them. This will be their first cruise and they are afraid they will be placed at a different table. We have the early seating. I can imagine with a party of 13 that the Anytime Dining would not be a good idea. Carnival did assure me that since everyone's dining reservations were linked, we would be at the same table but suggested that I check with the maitre'd when we board.

    Good luck!

  9. We love the Havana aft wrap cabins. You get the best of of both worlds, a large balcony and the privacy. Will never book another type of cabin. Yes, they are expensive but I don't care. My husband will just have to deal with it. We had one on the Vista and we have booked one on the Horizon. The Havana aft wrap on deck 6 has a couch which is great.



  10. I will be sailing on the Horizon on October 6, 2018 with 8 other people. When I made the reservations for everyone with my TA, my father-in-law and his wife were waitlisted and the rest of us were confirmed for early dining. I contacted my TA when I saw the reservation and she said that Carnival would make sure that my father-in-law and wife were seated with the rest of us and that the reservation would be changed before we sailed. I know we have 6 more months to go but this disturbs me because I made the reservations shortly after they opened for the Horizon.


    Has anyone had that problem?



  11. That was a wonderful option that Carnival used to offer. I wished they still did. It is such a pain to try and take your own luggage off the ship and putting it out the night before and then having to find it the next morning is crazy. Especially on a large ship. After my last cruise on the Vista, I will continue to put my luggage out the night before we dock. I have never seen such a mess with people not listening to the call for self assist and trying to fit in an elevator when they start calling decks for the folks that will be claiming their luggage.

  12. We have aft wrap 6474 on the Horizon in October and I was told that there was not much difference if any on the size of the balcony. We had an aft wrap on deck 7 on the Vista last year and we didn't hear any noise from the band. When I am on a cruise I don't really pay that much attention to the noise since I know there will be plenty of it. When it is time for us to go to bed, we just go to sleep and the noise doesn't disturb us. When I met my husband years ago, he had a band so I got used to the loud music. LOL!



  13. I booked a cruise several years ago for myself and my daughter and her boyfriend. It was Early Saver. I had already paid the cruise in full and my daughter had to cancel because of work obligations. I received all of the fare back except the deposit of $500 and that was held by Carnival for 2 years towards another cruise. I have booked another cruise for October 2018 and my son is accompanying us on this cruise. I remembered the $500 credit Carnival was holding from my daughters reservation and asked if I could use that money towards my sons booking. They approved it all except $50. I really didn't expect Carnival to approve this but they did. I am very happy with them. I do think that in the case of a death they should show some sympathy. I also believe you should speak with someone higher up.



  14. I have been cruising for over 20 years and I bring a can of hairspray every time. Never any problems and it always sits on the dressing table or in the bathroom in plain sight. I have never been told it is not allowed. There would be a riot (of women) protesting if it was not allowed.



  15. We always try and book a cabana in Grand Turks. They are nice and clean and it is great having your own private waiter. You can only have 4 guests per cabana. We found this out a couple of years ago. It does mention this when you book it. We have 6 people in our group and after an hour someone from the bar came to our cabana and told us that 2 of the people would have to sit in lounge chairs that were away from the cabana. It was okay for them to sit in the lounge chairs in front of the cabana.

  16. For the past 2 cruises my husband has had to settle for Jack and he much prefers Jim Beam. They never did tell us why they stopped stocking it in the Bon Voyage department. Thank goodness they still have Crown. We did ask after boarding on our last cruise if we could swap the bottle of Jack for Jim Beam and was told "no".

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