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  1. Sorry, when I said it was lost, I meant the amount was missing not that it had been lost forever......the poor Cunard person has admitted defeat! she’s looking into it. The call was 1 hour and 53 seconds!! I will update whenever. She did say that she’d had no other calls today in a similar vein.............they probably couldn’t get through! Thanks for your concern 😊
  2. My husband has been on hold at 0345 355 0300 for 30 minutes 😳. He’s now being helped....poor Cunard (UK)person is baffled...could be a long call, we’re now on hold will she makes sense of the problem😳. If anyone Is interested. This morning we were sent an acknowledgement booking for next year, which we were originally sent in May. Long story short, we’ve ‘lost’ our onboard credit and our future cruise credit from three cancelled cruises.🤔🍷
  3. We should have boarded in Fort Lauderdale. How many passengers will be left on board en route to Southampton? How many days will it take to go straight to Southampton? Surely not eleven days. Surely, if any US passengers are staying on board to Southampton they would be better disembarking in Fort Lauderdale, rather than experiencing the health screening when they fly back to the US.
  4. Oops, sorry must pay attention.......must be the heat in FL🥵 Just been to the beach, the RCL Adventure of the Seas is at anchor in the bay, Port Everglades is full with other cruise ships.
  5. Shocking! So no chance to book flights whilst still on board?! Good Luck!
  6. Have you got your flights yet? We’re flying out tomorrow, Monday, with American Airlines, booked through British Airways. The flight was wide open yesterday morning, now there only a few spaces left. Just can’t wait to be back in Blighty.
  7. Thank you for the consideration....the phone always stays on’...but tonight after the wonderful dinner and live entertainment, I may sleep through. I’ll have to depend on better half to be alert.😅
  8. Thank you, Ventnor, Not yet then ......hopefully be able to get provisions in on our return. This is not a flippant comment. Ocado website collapsed today under pressure of orders.
  9. We flew out using Avios (frequent flyer points), plus American Express 2for1 ticket. So we’ve booked our flight back Monday evening, beating any ban😳. Heard nothing from Cunard. I know we didn’t book a fly cruise, but why state they will contact us and not do so, knowing that we are already here, having spoken to them before leaving UK, another rhetorical question. Anyway we’ve been out on the inland water way river taxi sightseeing, nearest that we’re going to get to a cruise for now. Down by the pool enjoying a second Mojito, cheers.🥤
  10. Yes, that’s what we’ve done in the last 10 minutes.....can’t depend on Cunard contacting us here in Fort Lauderdale. So now we have a plan! 😊
  11. We had an e-mail on Thursday evening requesting that we call Friday morning(March 13th). We phoned Cunard and stated that we were expecting a taxi at 10:30 to take us to Heathrow. We were told that the cruise was going ahead, but check with our insurance provider. We did so and we’re told that we were covered for health issues and disruption. so we are now in Fort Lauderdale. We received an e-mail at 10:15am today (Saturday 14th). Very sorry but your cruise. QV departing Fort Lauderdale is cancelled. No new passengers and crew will board in FL. Cunard will be in touch....WHEN? Do we wait
  12. It stands for Cabinet Office Meeting Rooms A (There’s also meeting rooms B and C, but A is for the most important meetings. It’s where the senior members of the U.K. government (the cabinet) and other national representatives, depending what the crisis is, meet whenever there is a national crisis.
  13. Just managed to access the UK site with the usual rigmarole of entering details on the ‘new’ site and being directed to original site to enter details again, then success😄
  14. Just returned from dropping off two friends who are sailing today. They were told to arrive at the Novotel hotel where their luggage was loaded onto a lorry, by baggage handlers, for transfer to the Ocean terminal. Inside the hotel there were meeters and greeters to show them into a function suite, where they were given drink, nibbles and hot food. They were going to start the transfer of passengers at about 4:00pm. It was all very well organised at short notice and I feel Cunard could not have done more.🙂
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