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  1. To each his or her own, but of the 5 Princess cruises we have booked for 2021-22, four are to be on the Pacific Princess. If she leaves the fleet, we'll be looking to other lines for many of our future cruises--especially if the Coral and Island are also gone.
  2. Concur that departing (or arriving) Sydney Harbour is spectacular whether it is daytime, nighttime, or twilight.
  3. We were on one of Sea Princess's 14-day circle Caribbean cruises out of Barbados in February 2008. John
  4. We each needed to provide 2 deposits for Feb.'22 as we booked the new trip as two b2b cruises rather than a single combined cruise; the intent was to maximize flexibility. If I've understood correctly, our deposits for one of the new cruises are to be covered by transferring the FCDs that we had used for the deposits on the first of the Oct'20 cruises (no FCC). Our deposits for the 2nd new cruise will be covered by a pair of previously-unused FCDs rather than a transfer from the 2nd cancelled cruise, for which we had paid the deposits directly, not via FCDs. For the
  5. Likewise, our diligent TA was able to get us booked for the combined 8 Feb. '22 RT Tahiti cruise + 18 Feb. '22 Tahiti-Sydney cruise a few minutes before the announced release time. That included arranging for Princess to transfer an existing deposit on one of our cancelled Oct.'20 Tahiti bookings to the new booking. We hope that the long wait will provide enough time for COVID to fade away and/or for an effective vaccine to become widely available and used. J-D
  6. We have also been aboard the Caribbean and each of the other three enlarged Grand-class ships having the added Riviera deck. We've also been on all the original Grand class ships plus the Diamond (with her broader beam). We certainly have experienced additional crowding aboard the ships with the Riviera deck, several hundred more pax, and lower space-ratios. For us, the main issue aboard the Caribbean and the other 3 enlarged Grand-class ships is the frequent extra delay in getting seats in Anytime Dining; the insufficient space in the Princess Theatre is also a concern. Howeve
  7. Another long-time reader of your blog here. Glad to see the confirmation that your recent "silence" was just attributable to the bad internet connection from Majestic. Looking forward to seeing the accumulated backlog of posts when you can upload them. Safe travels home when you disembark.
  8. Glad that the prevailing opinion in recent posts is that the Med Center entrance is on the port side (near even-numbered cabins), as I recalled from visits a few weeks ago. After seeing the comments about proximity to odd-numbered cabins, I was starting to doubt my sense of direction... John
  9. Based on a couple of recent visits to the Medical Center on "Pacific Princess", I'd say that it is in a fairly quiet area with relatively little foot traffic. Also, my strong recollection is that the entrance (or at least the main entrance) is from the port-side passageway, with even-numbered cabins such as 4026 -- not from the starboard passageway and its odd-numbered cabins. Perhaps there is another entrance from the starboard passageway (I didn't look), but if so, that would not be the main entrance used by passengers. John
  10. That view certainly makes sense. However, airline personnel have told me at least twice that their passengers are required to provide advance notice that they will be bringing a CPAP machine aboard the aircraft, whether or not they wish to use it aboard. On one occasion when I provided advance notice, I was bumped from my exit row seat to a standard (too small) seat when boarding. That reportedly occurred because, as a result of my advance notification, I was listed as needing special accommodation and therefore ineligible for the exit row. Nowadays I just declare the CPAP machine at secu
  11. Be aware that, if you contact your airline in advance about bringing a CPAP machine onboard, they may flag your reservation as being in a "special needs" category that prohibits you from sitting in an exit row (even if you don't need to use the CPAP in flight). Depends on the airline and probably on chance. I no longer advise the airline in advance that I'll be hand carrying a CPAP (which I don't use in flight). I stopped notifying them in advance about the CPAP after I was bumped out of my reserved exit-row seat because of the (unused) CPAP. Now I just show up, and have never
  12. Likewise. However, I have rarely needed to use my extension cord for my CPAP in a Princess cabin -- the standard cord has always(?) been long enough. On the other hand, an extension cord is sometimes needed for hotels we've stayed in en route to or from the cruise. The distilled water ordered in advance via the Personalizer has always been provided by Princess, but usually not until late on embarkation day, after I've spoken to the room steward to make sure it really will be delivered. -- John
  13. Thanks for the interesting review and excellent photos. Brings back good memories of our time on the Emerald Princess's similar "North Cape & Summer Solstice" cruise in June 2016. Looking forward to your account of the last part of your cruise. Hope your half-day in Bergen was a little less wet than ours... John
  14. Just to clarify, the Circle SAm and the PNG/Soloman cruises are--as of this hour--available from other ports of origin. However, some cabin categories are already said to be sold out or filling up quickly. We were interested in the 24-day Sydney to Tokyo cruise departing in April 2021, and a substantial # of cabins on that trip are already shown as sold. We have one of them... John
  15. Well, I can now answer my own question of earlier today. The cruises in question (at least those scheduled for April 2021) appeared on the Princess website with pricing in CAD sometime around 18:30 EDT today, 10 July. Allowing for the 14-hr time difference, that was within minutes of the "08:30 AEDT on 11 July" time when Princess Australia had said they would become available (to Elites) in Australia. John
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