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  1. What about AZ/Covishield? Has anyone seen any recent information as to whether Princess is accepting the Covishield (Indian-manufactured) version of AstraZenica as being equivalent to AstraZenica manufactured in Europe or the U.S.? Like numerous other Canadians, one of us was given the Covishield version of AZ when our authorities were saying "get the first vaccine offered". We realize that, whether or not Princess eventually accepts Covishield, some countries do not presently accept it.
  2. We were on the Pacific Princess for her Christmas-New Year 2019-20 cruise, just before she departed on a Panama Canal transit and WC that was terminated by Covid. She was in good shape as far as we could tell. We were very much looking forward to several future booked cruises on the Pacific Princess when Covid struck and then the ship was sold. However, we are now looking forward to re-boarding her under Azamara auspices.
  3. Also an issue for some here in Canada, where many of the doses of AstraZeneca administered in spring 2021 were the Covishield variety of AZ manufactured in India. Quite a few people in Canada got AZ/Covishield for their first dose and then European- or US-manufactured AZ for their 2nd. And now Canadians who got some variant of AZ for their first dose are being advised to get Pfizer or Moderna for their 2nd, if they haven't already received their 2nd dose. Hope that full approval for all these combinations will be forthcoming from all relevant authorities, and that that Azamara w
  4. Likewise, we predominantly sail on Princess, but without "full" vaccination of crew and pax, we would not sail with Princess in the foreseeable future. After having so many bookings cancelled over the past 15 months, it would be distressing to cancel more. However, to us it would seem indefensible to get aboard a ship with many unvaccinated people when the risk could be easily minimized by a vaccination mandate. We hope Princess commits to at least the 95/98% approach, and demonstrates that they can operate safely before we have to make a decision about any of our current bookin
  5. The version of the form at the above link says it is good for cruises up to July 2022. Has anyone tried to get Shareholder Credit for later cruises, and if so, was it approved? We have cruises booked for Aug. 2022 and July 2023, and it would be nice to have the credits now to cover some Shorex bookings.
  6. It has been over a year since I last checked PVP provisions. However, in the past, PVP provided some coverage for a total of 4 days before and/or after the cruise itself, e.g. from 3 d before embarking to 1 d after disembarking, or from 1 d before embarking to 3 d after disembarking. Depending how long before the first cruise you left home, and how long after the 2nd cruise you were travelling before returning home, there might be coverage for some (but very likely not all) days between cruises. However, it might be difficult to get an unequivocal advance determination about the
  7. Indeed. With the departure of Pacific Princess, this is three more cancelled Princess cruises for us: in the Med on 2 Oct. 2021, out of Tahiti on 8 Feb. 2022, and then Tahiti to Sydney 18 Feb. 2022. Sadly, we will no longer be able to look to Princess for most of our cruises when cruising finally resumes.
  8. To each his or her own, but of the 5 Princess cruises we have booked for 2021-22, four are to be on the Pacific Princess. If she leaves the fleet, we'll be looking to other lines for many of our future cruises--especially if the Coral and Island are also gone.
  9. Concur that departing (or arriving) Sydney Harbour is spectacular whether it is daytime, nighttime, or twilight.
  10. We were on one of Sea Princess's 14-day circle Caribbean cruises out of Barbados in February 2008. John
  11. We each needed to provide 2 deposits for Feb.'22 as we booked the new trip as two b2b cruises rather than a single combined cruise; the intent was to maximize flexibility. If I've understood correctly, our deposits for one of the new cruises are to be covered by transferring the FCDs that we had used for the deposits on the first of the Oct'20 cruises (no FCC). Our deposits for the 2nd new cruise will be covered by a pair of previously-unused FCDs rather than a transfer from the 2nd cancelled cruise, for which we had paid the deposits directly, not via FCDs. For the
  12. Likewise, our diligent TA was able to get us booked for the combined 8 Feb. '22 RT Tahiti cruise + 18 Feb. '22 Tahiti-Sydney cruise a few minutes before the announced release time. That included arranging for Princess to transfer an existing deposit on one of our cancelled Oct.'20 Tahiti bookings to the new booking. We hope that the long wait will provide enough time for COVID to fade away and/or for an effective vaccine to become widely available and used. J-D
  13. We have also been aboard the Caribbean and each of the other three enlarged Grand-class ships having the added Riviera deck. We've also been on all the original Grand class ships plus the Diamond (with her broader beam). We certainly have experienced additional crowding aboard the ships with the Riviera deck, several hundred more pax, and lower space-ratios. For us, the main issue aboard the Caribbean and the other 3 enlarged Grand-class ships is the frequent extra delay in getting seats in Anytime Dining; the insufficient space in the Princess Theatre is also a concern. Howeve
  14. Another long-time reader of your blog here. Glad to see the confirmation that your recent "silence" was just attributable to the bad internet connection from Majestic. Looking forward to seeing the accumulated backlog of posts when you can upload them. Safe travels home when you disembark.
  15. Glad that the prevailing opinion in recent posts is that the Med Center entrance is on the port side (near even-numbered cabins), as I recalled from visits a few weeks ago. After seeing the comments about proximity to odd-numbered cabins, I was starting to doubt my sense of direction... John
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