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  1. two words: SOCIAL DISTANCING!!
  2. Do we really need all your negative remarks all the time.
  3. Oooh! Thanks Ruth! Leaving in 2 days and thought I wouldn’t get to experience it. Lots of sea days and repeat ports for us.
  4. I thought the Nieuw Amsterdam didn’t have a a true thalasso therapy pool, just a large hot tub.
  5. probably the one star with club orange. the higher the number, seems to mean not much in a lot of cases.
  6. so just what does this $700 tote bag look like? anyone have a picture??
  7. maybe they will give up this albatross soon. Wonder who's idea this was???
  8. Interesting, as with everything else Holland America, no rhyme or reason. And you as a lucky 5 star mariner gets a higher rate then me?????
  9. I think I will probably just pass on this. Thanks
  10. You are on our cruise! As far as an up sell, we have a wonderful aft cabin on the Rotterdam deck so a suite might be an upgrade, but I would have to give up my aft cabin. So to us, not such a great deal that I could figure out, but wanted some other opinions. Haven’t been on a dam ship for 3 years and am excited. But club orange is something new that seems to get a lot of mixed reviews.
  11. I just received an offer for Club Orange for our 16 day Panama cruise next month. It is for $15 pp per day. Is this a great deal for an additional $480 for our cruise?
  12. So if you have complimentary PG and Tamarind vouchers form our TA or HAL how do we pre book these and not have to pay for them? I am confused 😐
  13. I know dumb question..... what does the pre paid gratuities cover?? I have never had them before.
  14. Do you need to buy a package for each guest, if you both may need to be on the internet at the same time or will one package cover us both?
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