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  1. Wondering this could be a HIPPA violation to ask for "medical " information they do not ask if you had any other immunization or other illness
  2. Since I live near Daytona Beach ... I will be driving (whole 60 minute drive lol) Sailing on the Magic Feb 2022 !!
  3. I do agree that being vax is one's choice.. I do know in the state of Mass every child that enters a public school must have the flu vax as well as the other recommendation vaccines.. My job as a nurse requires us to be vaccinated including a booster for our child vaccines ( yes it is a choice or work else where In my honest opinion I do think by the end of the year everything will be sort of like back to normal no mask (unless you chose to wear one) no social distancing and everything will be a full cap Theme parks here in Florida slowly decreasing requirements
  4. I really appreciated all the feedback.. and respect anyone opinion. Thank you Really miss my cruises; we had to book asap since CCL canceled us we took the $600 OBC, then booking we got $200; my CCL shares (got cheap) $100 and free drinks in casino Even being vax one can still get Covid. (happened to my DB who wears the best PPE) Just hoping we do cruise.. we did managed to go to Aruba in Sept 2020 and had to show a negative result (72 hr) PCR prior to flying. Had strict protocols and curfews; however it was the best time ever. Now they are requir
  5. We plan on going in Feb 2022.. with the OBC from our last Super Bowl cruise was canceled; we re'd comp I couldn't turned down..
  6. I just saw on the news that cruising may start back up in July Fingers crossed... I have yet another cruise booked for Super Bowl Sunday Was wondering if "it" was mandated to have the vaccine would you do it? Realize it's up to one's choice and respect that as well Do you think we will have to show proof, or get tested prior and after our cruise? I personally did get both of my vaccines (a nurse and worked the covid unit... and thank god I never once tested positive.. get tested 2x a week too)
  7. that makes sense; I knew I gave more than what they gave me.. Thank you. Happy holidays
  8. I chosen a future cruise (did use carnival gift cards for some of the deposit) with $600 OBC 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I got a gift card back in the amount I used. WTheck I wanted the future cruise and OBC.. any sugguestions.
  9. Cruise is canceled as excepted;.. took the 100% plus $600 OBC On the good side Carnival shares aren't doing too badly.
  10. If I had canceled myself last night be no perks. Must wait till Carnival cancels you.
  11. I even called Carnival last night; rep told me oh they are still going... if I want to cancel; I am more then welcome with no penalties; but no OBC. Final payment was Feb 6th. Ask if I do plan on sailing what credit card do I want to pay off my balance. NO I am not giving any more monies.. Got my email this am; while it was broadcasting on the news. Hopefully those who booked have insurance for flights and etc Was wondering if I payed for the insurance does that get reimbursed through carnival?
  12. Was on phone with Carnival last night; lady told me no they are still sailing 8 days; told me she could cancel it with no penalties; but no OBC Yet this am got email; and saw on news that cruises through Feb are all cancel.
  13. Just got an email that Feb 6 cruise is canceled All cruises are cancel is canceled through Feb 2021 I even called Carnival last night.. wanted me to cancel w/o perks
  14. I am going to wait until they cancel us; (hopefully by Dec 7th.. extended my final payment) If they don't give us OBC for future cruises then I will opt out; only bad thing I used gift cards Will end up doing a nice road trip; possible cross country.
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