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  1. We are supposed to do a Super Bowl cruise out of Miami. (honestly don't see this happening and do not want to be the first cruises sailing either) Be interesting what protocols will be in place. If any of the islands are going to welcome cruise ships. (Aruba right now has 5 cruise ships just sitting there) Purchase the insurance just in case I decide not to go or if my job (nurse will let me go) Just a waiting game now.
  2. In Aruba there are 4 or 5 ships "sitting" 2 NCL and on Windfleet (?) really sad There are places I believe called Passport Labs (or something) cost $$$ for quick results. Wondering if certain islands will accept us.
  3. PCR Aruba is mandating all visitors get the PCR testing 72 hrs prior to boarding plane and must download on ED 6 hrs prior to boarding. I
  4. Heard on the news that cruise ships will be doing "covid test" prior to boarding. Wondering will this be a PCR test (a true covid test) the rapid ones can give false readings. Thinking if this happens and one tests positive they will be denied boarding. Will the whole cabin be ask to leave? Will they get reimbursed for this? Are the islands going to let us dock? We usually buy insurance for any reason to cancel.
  5. I never booked shore excursions through any ships. Always have more fun with the best experience with the "locals" vs the ship and the crowds Not only are we basically being told "what we can do" at each island. Just hoping this changes.
  6. Missing cruising a lot. Do feel more and more will be canceled. Was wondering if cruise lines are going to "encourage" everyone to get a covid test 72 hrs prior to cruising or having them do it to all screening prior to boarding. (even children over 2 yrs old) If so will they add this to the cost of cruising. I would not mind getting one, I do get a test weekly for my job.
  7. totally agree. Even the "locals" aren't following guidelines.
  8. Working as a nurse in a long term facility (dementia) I chose to work in their isolation/unit; aka covid/observation and extra long hours/shift (money is good for cruising) I had to wear mask. googles, face shields .. and other PPE Being a now covid free place we still have to use our mask/googles and face shields. I do not think I will cruise where mask are mandatory; Actually hoping they cancel our Feb 2021 cruise with some OBC
  9. We are supposed to cruise in Feb 2021; I really don't even see that happening.. but once they do start cruising... I am sure there will be guidelines. Mask in public areas. That's every where but your cabin? Will they offer cabin stewards daily? (I know at some resort no daily cleaning till check out) Just want to cruise.
  10. Super Bowl Sunday Feb; 6 2021 Just wondering if Aruba and San Juan is going to let us dock; right now you need a negative test within 72 hrs to both of them
  11. Looking into a cruise that will go to at least A & B islands. Bonaire is so cool. been there and did the most amazing excursion. Drove these twizzy cars around the island with a tour guide. OMG is was amazing and was looking forward to that again.. Going to sit back and enjoy my upcoming cruise in Feb. going to Aruba, Curaco , :LaRomana and Turks... but again we are there for at least 8 hrs.. Enjoy you Havana.. Can I ask where you get your insurance from??
  12. Feb 6 2021 It is as follow 2 sea Days Aruba 8-4 (was supposed to be 8a -11p) shorten time by 7 hrs.. LaRomana 1p - 6p (supposed to be Bonaire 9a -10-p) Bonaire is beautiful like Aruba... such a friendly island. San Juan 8a-4p (Cucarco 8- 5) not a fan been there several times. Amber Cove (private island) 9-5 two sea days. I truely do think this is a downgrade... Yes we go to an extra stop they say.. Upset yes.... and I am still going undecided. My heart was set for ABC islands and the extra long time their. Can explore. Even had my shore excursions all planned out
  13. I have been to Aruba several times and stayed on the most "happiest island" felt so safe; even traveled on city bus at night time. All the ABC islands are safe... no place to hide or run.. lol
  14. No offers just due to unavailability; very disappointed since I wanted to go to the ABC esp. Bonaire. Was looking forward to meeting someone. I do plan on calling Carnival and ask for a better explanation and transfer us to a different ship. I am not concern about dates either. My goal was to go to ABC islands and not those other ones that do NOT interest me one bit Did reason out to John Hearld and he stated "contact you TA or carnival." When I did a search of what ships are in port and says "Horizon" I can understand canceling San Juan with all the disaster in the area...
  15. I booked the ABC cruise on Horizon for Feb 2021; got an email Thursday am saying due to unavailability port; we were not going. To me this is a down grade since Aruba was in port from 8a to 11p, Bonaire almost the same and Curacao 9 to 5. I booked this cruise for the ABC islands..
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