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  1. This was a separate trivia thing that was pub/drink related questions only and only held in the Red Frog pub.
  2. I remember on previous cruises going to a daily pub quiz that was cumulative. I was looking at some recent Fun Times and I don't see them listed on any. Does anyone know?
  3. I basically did this last January. Had 2 cruises in the span of 5 weeks. I avoided unnecessary carbs like burger buns, picked the meat out of my deli sandwiches and just scraped the toppings off my pizza. I had a couple of cheat meals but nothing that was pure carbs like pasta or rice. I also had the drink package and limited myself to light beers and bourbon/diet. Ended up gaining around 2 lbs. Was worth it as it didn't take long to get back to where I was.
  4. The Carnival ship in your signature is a very old ship. You also seem to like old person ships based on the ones you took before that so I don't doubt that you weren't happy.
  5. On Carnival there's always a dozen people at least hanging around the pool aft deck bar at 3am. Yes in Florida everyone orders a couple of drinks right before 2 to take them to 2:30 at least.
  6. When I'm on vacation I like to go to bed at 3-4am. I prefer to save going to bed at 1am for when I'm back at home and have to work the next day. I didn't once mention getting drunk or drinking early in the day. I just prefer to wait until evening to drink and not start at 1-2pm like half the ship does.
  7. Most of them lied about what the bar hours or are making suggestions like stockpiling drinks in my room, or going to the casino bar that still closes at 3am or earlier and is full of smoke. Do you consider those to be valid suggestions?
  8. On the Dream that bar at the back of the ship by the Pizza is open until 3am. I know because I would usually go to bed right when it closed.
  9. I don't care.. someone was just lying that the pool bar was open at 7am.
  10. Yeah it's just too much work if I have stockpile drinks in my cabin fridge or to go to the smokey casino just to enjoy a drink after midnight-1am. I'll just go back to cruising with Carnival so I can go to any bar that I want until late.
  11. I actually work in Daly City for Tesla just outside SF 1 week out of every 8 (SF doesn't actually have a BWW). It's $3 from 4-6pm. Glad you helped me prove my point.
  12. Good point! A martini is $13 on the ship.. unfortunately I had 5+ occasions this week where I either had a bartender that didn't know how to make a proper martini, or claimed they didn't have the "ingredients". Insane when I ask for a basic martini and I see both vodka and vermouth on the shelf.
  13. I'm in Canada and could say a head of lettuce is $2 in Canada but in arctic Canada one would be $20. You're doing the same thing since you choose to live in a remote area.
  14. Every modern Carnival ship has the back deck bar open till 4am or so. I'm not sure about your point with shops. Royal Caribbean shops all close very early usually 11pm or so.
  15. So you chose the most expensive market in the US. Congrats on cherry picking extremes to try and prove something.
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