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  1. I want to be there. We have three inches of snow today in Cincinnati.
  2. Just checked and got two more points. Yeah! 301 points. We’re now Elite. Now we need to get on a ship.
  3. I was expecting four but only got three. This is a bummer because it left me at 299 rather than the 300 elite status I was expecting. What’s going on?
  4. Glad you are going. Have a great trip.
  5. I happily sent it. I can’t wait to cruise. Went to Disney World, no problem. Flew on airplane, no problem. Drove to Key West, no problem. Get it? Can do any other travel. Why not cruise? Had both shots two months ago. Time to cruise.
  6. I made and sent a video. You all talked me into it. I really want those two points to put me to elite. Did you get any confirmation or acceptance email. I got this: Step 3 Complete. Thank your content has be submitted for approval by our content admin. That’s it. Haven’t heard since. Should I get something back from them?
  7. It’s been over a year, a long year, since any of us cruised. I could not possibly remember a crew member’s name or action from our last cruise on the Edge that returned to Ft. Lauderdale on January 26, 2020. We could not have dreamed what was about to happen to cruising just several weeks later. I really, really wanted to do this activity as we need only two more points to give us Elite status. I had been thinking I’d do whatever to get those two points, even post to Facebook. But unfortunately they came up with an impossible one.
  8. Our two points from the quiz were added yesterday. We’re at 296. Should get two more for quiz we just took. Hoping for one more chance to get two more to put us over to Elite status before our transatlantic on the Apex in October, which is hopefully still a go.
  9. We were supposed to be on this cruise. Sad today.
  10. By heavy and light magnet hooks. The cabin is metal. Put the hooks on the ceiling in the shower and you can hang bathing suit on it or hang a coat hanger. We love our magnetic hooks. Take them on every cruise. Hang up belts, carry all bags, clothes, etc. they work great. Used them on the Edge last January so I know they work.
  11. I hope the cruise lines can get around the need to stop at a foreign port rule and salvage some of the Alaska season. Those people up there need tourist dollars. How about an Executive order?
  12. That’s because it wasn’t checked for not because it does not do so. The new Astra Zeneca vaccine did check for it and it did prevent one from being able to pass virus. I hate the way it is being portrayed now that the Pfizer and Moderna don’t keep one from being infectious. It’s just a way of keeping people wearing a mask until they have a better way of proving people have been vaccinated. If you pay close attention to the language you will always hear things like “it has not been shown to be effective in preventing one from passing the virus to another” rather than it prevents someone fro
  13. Got registered too. Six more points after that and we’ll be elite for our October TA on the Apex, which will hopefully happen.
  14. What were the criteria for double captains club points for booking a cruise? We lifted and shifted our 2-28-2021 cruise to 2-26-2022. Can we get double points?
  15. I believe you are wrong Miaminice about vaccination. If you are vaccinated, I don’t believe you can infect someone else. If that is the case, what would be the point of immunizing. There would be no such thing as herd immunity. I’m not a doctor but I am a Medical Technologist, ASCP certified, and worked in immunology department of a hospital lab for many years. What you said makes no sense from an immunological standpoint.
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