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  1. On our TA cruise last March we were booking a future cruise on board. We were discussing the need for the drinks package and told the sales advisor that we really didn’t drink very much. He looked at our bar account and said, “you do”! We are certainly not big drinkers but we do enjoy cocktails and the better quality wines with dinner. Then there’s the occasional gin and tonic and perhaps an after dinner liqueur. Perhaps he was right. 😂
  2. No little cards have been issued in Scotland so we have no proof of vaccination. We are on the 29 May sailing so will wait for a few more weeks to see what is issued by Viking. Hopefully we will simply have to sign to say that we have had at least one dose of the vaccine.
  3. Apologies, apologies! You are quite right it is the Venus. We are supposed to be on the Jupiter for the Homelands cruise but I think that will be cancelled. We are in Scotland and would not normally entertain an English cruise but just getting on a cruise ship after the year we’ve all had will be so exciting
  4. No my confirmation says the Jupiter.
  5. At the moment there is no vaccine passport or proof of vaccination in the UK. We do know the percentage of adults, by age, who have had the vaccine. Update is very high. Based on the average age of Viking passengers it is unlikely that people will be unvaccinated. The three cruises in May/June will be in British waters and any problems would be handled by our NHS. Viking are right to test their procedures in the UK. Testing should be effective if passengers have no individual freedom to roam when they are off the ship.
  6. We are boarding the Jupiter in Portsmouth on 29 May. Does anyone know how and when the crew will be boarding the ship for the three English cruises? We were on the TA last March when the Sky turned, mid Atlantic and headed back to the USA. It will be great to get back on board a Viking ship. Hopefully we will recognise a few crew members who may have transferred from the Sky.
  7. We live by the harbour and the East Sands in St Andrews. We also have good friends in Strathinness. I think we all need a change of scene even although we live in a lovely part of the world.
  8. We are in St Andrews and visited Pittenweem on Thursday to buy some fish. Last March we were on the Sky when in the middle of the Atlantic it was ordered to turnaround and head back to Florida. Although we live in a lovely part of the world, we are eager to go cruising again. Our Homelands cruise in June has not been cancelled yet but I think it is only a matter of time. We will have had both doses of the vaccine by then but the ports of call may not be open to cruise ships. Personally I would be happy to sail around mid-Atlantic for two weeks with no ports of call.
  9. If you are expecting rough seas then you are best to be both low down and in the centre of the ship. Decks 4 and 5 would be good for this. Veranda and Deluxe Veranda cabins are both the same size. If you can book a Penthouse Veranda cabin then you would, I’m sure, enjoy the extra space. The veranda is a little larger, there is additional furniture and it is easier to access the wardrobe as it is not at the side of the bed. Whichever cabin you choose you will enjoy your cruise with Viking.
  10. In the UK those first eligible for vaccination have been split into 9 groups based on clinical need and age. The 9 groups include those over the age of 50 and all adults with a clinical need. We receive an appointment, mostly by post. It is a blue envelope with NHS printed on the front. It gives us a location, date and time for our vaccination. There is no need to go on-line and scramble for appointments.
  11. We are on the Homelands cruise on 26 June. It is still showing. If it is eventually cancelled, personally, I’d be happy to get on a VO ship and sail around in the middle of the Atlantic for two weeks. We were on the TA last March when the Sky turned around mid-Atlantic and headed back to the US.
  12. This is a world pandemic so many poorer countries will need help from the US, UK etc to vaccinate their populations. The Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is being sold on a non-profit basis, $3 per shot. Hopefully we will see limited cruising in 2021 but I suspect it will be a lot longer before cruising improves significantly.
  13. We will be on this cruise, hopefully, in June this year. I sincerely hope Viking do prevent individuals doing their own thing on shore. Despite the Russian vaccine being authorised for use but the EMA (European Medicines Agency) many Russians are suspicious of the vaccine. I doubt if vaccination will be widespread this year.
  14. I agree. Viking it seems are putting specific measures in place to keep passengers and crew safe. My concern is that some passengers, once onboard, will not abide by Viking’s requirements. When it comes to hand sanitising, mask wearing, social distancing and testing I would not want some individuals to simply do their own thing for whatever reason, political or otherwise.
  15. Jim Avery, I think you need to check your arithmetic. If individuals reduced their number of contacts, social distanced and wore masks the incidence of the virus would reduce dramatically. This, along with vaccination, would allow businesses to reopen, travel to recommence and schooling to return to normal. We can not forfeit the lives of millions simply to allow selfish individuals to live their lives simply as they wish.
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