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  1. Lobster seems to have a cult following from most Americans. No one seems concerned about whether or not it is sustainable, how it is caught, where it comes from and, very importantly, how it actually tastes. The lobster must be frozen on board and it tastes nothing like fresh lobster, well cooked, in a local restaurant. I would consider the menu options and perhaps speak to the catering crew before automatically following the herd and choosing lobster. Perhaps there will be something more appealing on the menu.
  2. What are you trying to say??? Passengers were airlifted off the Sky. It was real, dramatic and I’m sure frightening for those involved. There are questions about the captain’s bad judgement being out in bad weather. There are also issues with the maintenance of the ship. All that said, it has not put me off cruising and I will be on the Sky for a transatlantic crossing in 2020.
  3. Cocopico quoted the Viking policy. Where the cruise line does not allow jeans then jeans should not be worn. The cost of the jeans has nothing to do with it. Observe the policy and respect other diners. Thank you
  4. friendlyfifer


    You must be my long lost sister! We think alike on so many topics. Unlike you I am an early riser but I do prefer the MDR to the hustle and bustle of the WC. I think we are very lucky in the UK having fresh milk. So many parts of Europe and the rest of the world use UHT. I can just about suffer it in coffee but couldn’t drink a glass of it or have it with cereal. We will be on the Sky in March, Miami to Barcelona in a PV cabin. Any tips on surviving the crossing?
  5. You will love Silversea. The crew provide 5 star service and are gay friendly. Sexual orientation makes no difference to them. As for other passengers, the majority are normal people who are sailing with Silversea as a treat for a birthday or an anniversary. No matter which cruise line you sail with there will be passengers you get on well with and others you will avoid, Enjoy SS you will not want to leave the ship and especially the crew at the end of your cruise.
  6. Thank you all for your responses. We have booked the March 2020 crossing from Miami to Barcelona in a PV cabin. For those of you with ancestors in Fife, we live in St Andrews at the harbour and we had dinner last week with friends in Strathkinness. Looking forward to the sea crossing and getting a better understanding of the distance between the USA and Europe.
  7. We’ve never done a transatlantic crossing. If you have, did you enjoy it? If not, why not? Any tips on how best to pass the many days at sea? Are there any specific items you would pack for a transatlantic crossing that would not normally appear in your luggage?
  8. Tv catchup.com is just a normal website and you could watch the programme live (UK time 09.00 p.m.). The Channel 5 app My5 will not work overseas unless you use a VPN. I'm looking forward to the programme. I'm not Jane's biggest fan but she is very enthusiastic about everything to do with cruising.
  9. I'm glad you enjoyed your cruise and the visited destinations. I look forward to reading your review of Viking.
  10. Gibraltar is best seen from the sea! The situation is amazing but the town reminds me of any other non-descript English town - I don't mean to offend anyone with that statement.
  11. We each have choices to make in life and it sounds as if you and I would be taking different paths. I visited the USSR in the early 1980s and i would love to go back. However, not only would Putin have to go but society in general would need to change their attitudes to gay people and their rights.
  12. What are you enjoying/not enjoying about the ship? Many contributors only give positive comments so would be interested in anything that is disappointing. Have you chosen not to get off the ship in St Petersburg?
  13. My point is that the majority of men and women in Russia believe that being gay is a choice, that it is a problem in western countries but not for Russia itself. The law has no protection for gay men and women and, as a tourist, I dread to think what the reaction would be if you made your sexuality known. Russia is a massive country and being gay is difficult enough in cities. Imagine what life is like in smaller towns and rural areas. Family members turn against relatives if they come out as being gay, jobs are impossible to find and violence is a daily threat. There are no legal protections. Likewise, look at the difference in legal protection for gay people in the different US states. Georgia, for one, has a long way to go before it is on a par with the best states. Would I want to go there as a tourist - no. Of course, you can go on your cruise to Russia, have a pleasant time in port and return to the ship. However, if you have any moral conscience, you would not go to Russia and support Putin's regime by spending your money in his country.
  14. It is very easy to find justification for visiting Russia. However, if you have any moral scruples, you would avoid it at all costs. In the UK at the moment there is a programme with the comedian Frankie Boyle touring the country prior to the World Cup. In the first programme, Russians make it clear that a) being gay is a choice b) if men have the choice of having their hair cut by gay men or a woman - real men would always prefer a woman barber. In rural Scotland, two men can and do walk hand in hand. Some people may be surprised when they see this but the majority of people would support their right to do so and the law is certainly on their side. We should be avoiding Burma and most African and Middle East countries as well. Some states in the USA also need to come into the 21st Century.
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