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  1. Why would you want to share a cabin with a complete stranger. I would rather pay the full fare or travel with a cruise line offering cabins for singles.
  2. We were on the Sky in March sailing from Miami to Barcelona. Mid-Atlantic the captain was instructed to return to Miami. We enjoyed our amended cruise and the crew were excellent and remained positive throughout. Viking arranged our flight from Miami to Edinburgh with Air France vía Paris. We arrived home safely despite the shambles of Miami airport and TSA staff acting as if there were no pandemic. The moral of my story is book your air travel with Viking. They will take excellent care of you should your travel plans have to be altered.
  3. Thanks for the video. It both cheered me up and brought a tear to my eye. We were on the trans-Atlantic when the Sky had to turnaround and head back to Miami. The crew were fantastic and I hope they are all well.
  4. We arrived from the UK late last night and we sail today on the Sky. There has been no message left for us at the hotel to tell us the time we, and our luggage, will be collected from reception. We know we are getting a transfer. Can I expect a message, an E-mail or a phone call? Alternatively, do I try to phone the ship? If we jump in a taxi and head to the port what time will Viking accept our luggage?
  5. Thanks for the informative response. Hershey’s somehow just doesn’t taste like chocolate to me. I suppose we all get used to what we have in our home countries.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I may well do that. Sadly, I’m not a great fan of American chocolate.
  7. Homosassa, thanks for the message. No the Everglades has been ruled out. Our plane lands the evening before embarkation. We have decided to concentrate on sightseeing in Miami before boarding.
  8. Mmmmm I could do serious damage to the chocolate in the photographs. 23 days till we sail on the TA from Miami. Almost daily visits to the gym, before we sail, may allow a splurge if there is a chocolate event on the Sky. Here’s hoping.
  9. Omg! I have the drinks package but I don’t want to disembark the ship with an alcohol problem. Perhaps one chocolate martini per day, taken after 6.00 p.m., would not cause too much of an issue.
  10. Haha I must sound rather desperate. I don’t actually eat chocolate on a daily basis at home. However thinking about the TA I suddenly felt the need to ensure that chocolate would be readily available. I will definitely take my own stock on board as the bite size chocolate in the fridge won’t suffice. The chocolate fountain stuff is the right colour but tastes nothing like the real thing.
  11. Apologies. I whole heartedly agree.
  12. With our forthcoming TA cruise and a number of days at sea, I wonder how readily chocolate will be available on board. Are chocolate desserts on offer in the various restaurants? Should I consider including some chocolate bars in my luggage?
  13. Do you really think the OP from Georgia was asking about any other Thanksgiving than that celebrated in the USA?
  14. The ports of call will show you very varied aspects of the British Isles. London and Dublin being capital cities will never give you a true vision of the country and it’s people. If I were to judge the whole of the USA by the inhabitants of New York I would be doing the vast majority of the country and it’s people an injustice.
  15. I don’t think I’ve spotted a fake note in any currency. I don’t actually contemplate each note to see if it’s a forgery or not. English notes are just as likely to be fake as Scottish ones. Enjoy your visit to Great Britain. You will be made very welcome whichever part you visit.
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