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  1. My TA was able to work with the Azamara team and we were abel to change to 2021 for both cruises and the addition land portion. We are very happy with the compromise offer. We love Azamara for this and many other reasons !!!
  2. Thank you for your kind offer. My TA is currently working woth the Azamara team. I understand now that part of the problem is that the South Africa Intensive in 2021 is 13 days rather than 10, but I dont think the 3 extra days are worth an additional $8,000.00. I will let my TA work tis out, Thank you for the kind offer
  3. Grandma Cruising, as I said, i probably could, but my point is that they are not honoring their offer. We are their top toer cruisers and have over 25 cruises with them. Will reconsider booking any more
  4. It is originally booked as cruise and land together. they will not lift and shift. If it was just the cruise, I would be happy to do as you suggest, but they are not honoring their offer.
  5. we were booked on the South Africa Intensive for December of this year. We tried to Lift and Shift it to 2021 with the additional 5 day land tour and they would not do it. It wuld cost an additional $8,000.00. Lift and Shift does not work on all itenieries......Not happy
  6. We have a cruise from Lisbon to South Africa in November of this year. Final payment was originally due July 13. I just got an email from our TZ that final payment is now not due until August 13th ! I am not sure we will actualluy be able to take this cruise, but am hapy they have postponed final payment or 30 days. We will probaly reschedule the same cruise for 2021. Kudos to Azamara for giving us an additional 30 days to make the decision !!!
  7. I am sorry to all who are having issues with refunds. We requested a refund for our June 20th cruise, the 3rd cruise in a B2B2B and received the full refund in under 14 days. The first two of the B2B2B took longer, but all refunds are now in hand.
  8. Actually we received our money back from Azamara for a B2B in June in a very timely fashion. We actually received it on May 8 back to our credit card. The issue for is is the Citibank Visa Credit Card. Even though this large credit is showing as a credit balance on the card it has now taken us over 23 days to get the refund sent to our ban account. We are very upset and keep getting different stall answers. We are at our wits end.
  9. Interesting. I have a flight rt from Phoenix to Rome on June 2. American rebooked the domestic Phoenix to Dallas TR and left off the international part. They are all messed up. I am Executive Platinum. I do hope they will fix this mess up. I would prefer a refund on the air ticket.
  10. Interesting. My cruise on Azamara is still showing available for June 2. In fact they just sent me the notice to do my On Line Check In. I had flights booked on American but American cancelled the International part and kept the domestic flight. The airlines and cruise lines are a mess, and I completely understand.
  11. Thanks. I am confused. WE have a Business class flight booked for June from Phoenix through Dallas to Rome. I got a notice from American that it was changed. When I look at the change all it shows is a new ticket number and price for a RT Phoenix to Dallas. No mention of the Dallas to Rome. If I hit cancel trip, it apparently only cancels that new trip. I am currently out of the Country and cannot call American. Do I need to to have this corrected?
  12. it all depends, as you said, on what you are looking for. We have done the penthouse on the M Class ships on several "special" occasions. It is an incredible suite, and made for trips we will never forget. They were always done while we were traveling with friends in other staterooms and had them over for breakfasts on the enormous balcony, parties in the room, and special evening meals. It is something very special. It all depends on what ports you want to visit and the experience you wish to have. Either way, have a great cruise experience
  13. Sorry, nice try, but those will never happen. as state Muster drill is never going away, ever. There is not way to ensure that everyone sits in their rooms and watches it. Social distancing cannot happen on an enclosed cruise ship. As others have stated patrons need to use elevators, eat in dining rooms, eat at some form of buffet. A cruise is a social event and social distancing will not work. The only real cure to this, as stated is a vaccine. if you are still uncomfortable after a vaccine is developed, cruising is definitely not for you. Sorry
  14. we did this cruise 7 years ago. A bucket list item for us also. We bought the tickets through Azamara. The response from the cruisers was so low, they wound up reducing the price of the tickets by almost half and gave us a refund. We had great seats and Azamara made it easy to get through the crowds to the seats for the event
  15. i would definitely think that they would not be able to be spending money on refurbishments of any further ships for quite a while until the cash starts flowing again
  16. I agree with Host Grandma and others. Three weeks is usual when there is not a global pandemic going on. They have big issues and a lot of things that need to happen. I believe patience is needed. I have waited longer than three weeks for refunds from other companies during normal times. They did indeed secure the 2.2 billion dollar loan and are doing their best under a very bad situation. We have a B2B2B booked for June. Do I think we will be able to go? Probably not, but we will wait and see how this all plays out.
  17. Gotta love Captain Kate !!! Great choices made during a bad situation !! She is the BEST
  18. i dont think they will go bankrupt, but at this point I think a 100% cash refund is the way to go.
  19. WOW, premarket price today is $58.55. It is not over yet, folks..... I am no expert, but I think with all of the cancellations and refunds, they may have to cut or reduce dividends in the near future to conserve cash
  20. Either. In the past, before the drink packages, we would bring two bottles, usually in hand luggage if possible, but have also packed them in checked luggage. Enjoy your cruise
  21. you will be matched to Elite. Some benefits. Check the website for the complete list. Enjoy
  22. correct, and in my humble opinion very unfair. I am hoping the airlines change their policies if this gets any worse. I do not wait until the month before to purchase a ticket for a cruise.....
  23. there is never a cash refund, only a credit in the form of a FCC., If they are declining you from boarding, you are ill and should bnto be there in any case, spreading whatever you have with everyone else.
  24. correct. So far only for cruises departing before 7/21/2020.
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