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  1. A few years ago, we sat for 20 nights with a great table of people, 4 couples, all of us talked and laughed, One woman was very quite, said very little, but very nice, Somehow we never got around to talking about jobs till the last night, when everyone complained about going back to work. On night 20 she anounces she does all the background checks for people appearing on reality TV , Big Brother, Fashion shows, survivor, and the great race A hugh hush came over the table, we were like we have been sitting here for 3 weeks and you are telling us this now!!!!! She was like " I do have a few stories"
  2. i do know when we sailed on the Breakaway, we were able to exchange one of our speciality dining +$25 for the show It was very good
  3. my wife and I both renewed our GE i was renewed with no visit..my wife had to schedule an appointment They told us it was the luck of the draw
  4. cruise ships do have lock down area like a jail
  5. i make the WC payments work for me, I apply for Credit cards with high spend but lots of points or miles..then i use the new cards to make payments I'm figuring when I'm done paying off my WC 2023 I will have acrued a half of million points of some sort.
  6. My Dr wrote out an RX for each of my meds, 30 day supply He told me that it is good to have paper copies, to show pharmacys over seas if you need too
  7. we are 68-72 and covid put a real dent in our cruising, but we made it through. Like everyone else, we really realize how lucky we are. We both don't want to cruise till 2023, and we decided to do a WC, thinking who know anything anymore
  8. when did they replace O'Sheehans??? is it on all ships..
  9. I just received a survay asking all about cruise loyalty programs and what I would like to see added or replaced
  10. We love our Kindle Whites, I down load 8-10 book to both our kindles, put it on airplane mode, and we are good to go..Plus i love being able to read in the sunlight at the pool
  11. Take a taxi, but makes sure you only take ones outside the airport that are regulated..There will be all sorts of people hustling you..be prepaired, they drive crazy there
  12. just an FYI if you have Tik Tok, look for Captain Kate, she is the Captain of the Edge, and brings all sorts of updates about X and sailings. She is so very interesting
  13. always take a credit card that is not one of your major everyday ones, if lost or stolen it is much easier to shut down. never take one that is attached to any on line stuff ex Amazon always take out travel insurance, with medical and evacuation . Again Schwab is the best card for traveling and ATM
  14. open a Schwab account deposit 1-2 thousand and use that as your ATM with drawl, they don't charge a foreign fee, and repay any fees the bank charges ,best deal for traveling If you are on carnival, unless it changed, go to the casino, go to the slots put 1-3 hundred dollars on your sign and sail and play for awhile, when you are done cash out and go to the window and get your remaining cash back, you are good to go with cash for a few days do a little research on the ports you are visiting, they will tell you the money you need per port
  15. i so agree with you, we are both retired, and attend Temple via Zoom every Friday, and I swear every 3rd day is Friday, we are always asking, "what the hell happened to the Week?"
  16. NCL offers the free drink package, but you have to pay the gratuities, Princess is offering the same but gratuities are included. I like HAL, but Princess is killing them price wise
  17. and lets face it, these all gay cruises charge top dollar, and fill up quickly, and everyone parties and spends big money
  18. Our last trip on HAL right before Covid ,their buffet was staff served, it wasn't a problem even came to your table with coffee and juice..it was great
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