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    A Review, The Sensation Revisited

    I was on your very same cruise! It was a blast and we definitely got a kick out of Blood Power. We also enjoyed sitting in the piano bar while we waited for the dining room to open, but unfortunately, we were the only ones to visit that place! It was always dead. The pianist was not terrible and she took all our requests! I definitely fell in love with the idea of cruising, and staying nearly 24 hours in Nassau was a blast! We could leave the boat easily and were able to explore Nassau nightlife. I can't wait to see it once it get refurbished.
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    Coconut man?

    I just came back from Nassau & they had these guys (and girls!) up and down the public beach section at Paradise Beach! It was a lot of fun! However, they don't really have a schedule... so one minute they are there and one minute they are gone! So, the bottom line is to drink fast!