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  1. Thanks Julie MS. It is just frustrating that we did request cash refund to both Celebrity and TA as well as completing the template they sent us and don't understand why they would send FCC. And there is no reason to charge us a penalty for cruise cancellation-the cruise line cancelled on us. In the scheme of things we are fortunate. With the continued stay at home orders I'll have time to devote on the refund process,looks like many more hours will be needed. Paula
  2. We were scheduled for 3/14 Summit sailing that cancelled 3/13/20. Started the refund process on 3/17. Sent request to Celebrity and from reading the boards determined I better go thru TA( large on-line agency in New England). Sent emails as they are working from home, not taking calls. Received a form from TA to fill out acknowledging we were forfeiting the FCC. Completed and haven't heard a word in 3 weeks. Initiated dispute with my credit card last week. Today received an email from Celebrity with a FCC minus the penalty amount for cancelling the cruise.🤦‍♀️ I'm at a loss of words...I w
  3. Hi- This was my situation this week. The remaining passenger is re-priced as a single occupancy. For me it was either pay double to travel solo or the cancelling passenger gets FCC. This was as of Thursday. Paula
  4. Looking forward to your review. We are a group of six on the 3/14 sailing, same itinerary and in Aqua.😀Less than 3 weeks, we want to hear everything-enjoying your photos too. Thank you for taking the time to post a review- Paula
  5. I've found several great restaurants in South Boston. Highly recommend Fox and Knife, one of the best restaurant experiences I've had this year. Also, I like the Paramount on Broadway. My experience driving in South Boston during day light hours, there is plenty of foot traffic around the area where Bay Side hotel is located.
  6. Hi- I sail tomorrow( Serenade) and my bid still shows as pending( bid on a balcony, currently in outside). Was holding off printing Set Sail pass and luggage tags hoping to hear good news, since it's less than a day away, thought time to get printing. Set Sail printed fine, luggage tags are now grayed out and when I click into them I receive a message they are still processing, come back later. The luggage tags had previously been there when I checked( daily for the past week), anyone see this before? Not sure if I should still keep up my hope for a balcony? Thanks!
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