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  1. We were on Harmony 6/23. Coastal Kitchen was one of the highlights for us. Breakfast and dinner every day. We like Park Cafe too much to pass up that for lunch. Overall Coastal Kitchen was great. There were a couple nights where they couldn't accommodate our request for a particular waiter because he was already full, but got us in with our second choice one of those nights. The other night we asked for the second choice and someone else showed up. We rolled along with it and the waitress was fine. Food was well above the standard in the MDR, service overall was fantastic. No "disasters" there for us (other than managing our 3 year old at dinner!)
  2. Congrats on your awesome room assignment! We're on Harmony this weekend (June 23) and got a great surprise for our WS room assignment too!
  3. Agree with all your points. I've read on here that the CEO email usually leads to correcting issues. Not in my case. I didn't mention it, but Resolutions tried to remove the C&A balcony discount when I called to upgrade to a suite guarantee (and give them hundreds of dollars in doing so), even though other changes had been made to my reservation without their error ever being noticed or corrected (I used RCI Visa points for this reservation). Talk about adding salt to wounds... They 'made a one time exception' and let me keep the discount. After all of this, I'll be shopping other cruise lines the next time we cruise. I do recall the cabin renumbering with aft cabins and all of the frustration with those that were not correctly assigned the revised room number.
  4. Thank you! I'm glad things worked out for you to your satisfaction. I'm patiently (OK, not really... more like anxiously) awaiting a room assignment. We're making lemonade out of lemons in the whole thing. At least we'll get a couple extra perks and some extra space, if nothing more (even if it cost us a pretty penny to get the perks and space). This thread got a little ugly for a bit, with the cheerleaders citing terms and conditions and "you got what you booked" mentality, but there should be a reasonable expectation for a paying customer that deck plans, internal information, and what really exists in the staterooms are all consistent with one another! If RCI can build ships that cost $1.5B +, they certainly could afford to implement reasonable internal controls and an could hire an IT consultant to create a functional web site!
  5. Thought I would update on my experience with a Guarantee room for 3 people... To summarize, in late March for Harmony, June 23 we booked a Neighborhood Guarantee. In late April / early May, we were assigned to a Boardwalk Balcony (category 4I). A couple weeks after receiving the assignment, I went to check if we received a room with a pullman or a sofa bed. Much to my surprise, our room did not indicate either. After hours of phone calls between C&A, Resolutions, and the Executive office (after emailing the CEO because of the lack of confirmation to the accommodations), we were moved to a Central Park Balcony (without our knowledge or agreement with the move, even though just hours earlier Resolutions advised we would be contacted before any room changes were made). The deck plans still showed no pullman or sofa bed for the Central Park room. We were assured furniture changes were being made and that by our sailing this room would have a sofa bed. Told the ship would take pictures on turnover day to show the sofa bed in that exact room. Never received any pictures. Nothing more than verbal surety was ever provided. In all of this I also learned that RCI does consider a rollaway as the 3rd berth for a 3rd guest... Lesson learned. A rollaway in a balcony room would leave no room to move past the only space it could go - between the couch and vanity. We kept watching rates and availability to try to move to a room we knew, per the deck plans, would accommodate 3 people. When the price of a suite guarantee dropped substantially, we decided to change to that. Rollaway or not, in a Junior Suite, my concern about space is negated. We had to pay quite a bit to upgrade, but for the peace of mind felt it was worth it. We are now 9 days out and awaiting a room assignment. After all of the confusion, I have this gut feeling that something will go wrong when we get to the port if we still have no room assigned. RCI is telling me we should have a room assigned at least 2 days before the sail date, but I know there are reports on here that occasionally a room is not assigned before the day of the cruise. On another note, while trying to sort out the room and bed arrangements, I was accessing deck plans via the UK site, since they would not show anything but deck 3 on the US site (RCI acknowledged this was a known web site issue...) I recently checked the US site, and the deck plans now work as they should. The deck plans display June 16 onward, and now show the Boardwalk room we were assigned as having a sofa bed. The Central Park room we were moved to does not show any provisions for a 3rd person. While I get that RCI may update and change bed configurations from time to time, the changes made for Harmony (and it sounds like other Oasis class ships, at a minimum), were ill conceived. The changes should have been planned, rooms identified, and deck plans updated before assigning 3 or more guests to rooms that only show for 2 people. We have booked guarantees for 2 people many times and had no problems. I will never book one again for 3 people, unless it's a suite guarantee.
  6. On Harmony, 6/23/18. WS guarantee. RCI UK showing sold out as well. Wondering what we will get too! We've had our fair share of questions and concerns about guarantees for a booking with 3 people (long story...) and upgraded to a suite guarantee to avoid a potential rollaway in a balcony room. We shall see...
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