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  1. Thanks, would you know if both my wife and I can be online at the same time, or is it one account,username for the cabin.
  2. Does the Sky have computer terminals available that I can check my email using the Free WiFi offer?
  3. Do all occupants of a cabin need to purchase the drink package if one person does?
  4. Awwww. We were lucky enough to sail to Cuba with a great drink package.
  5. Last February I finally took advantage of the all inclusive drink package offered on the NCL Sky. I don't see it offered this year. Did they stop it?
  6. Does the below NCCL Gem itinerary remained docked overnight on Sunday in Bermuda? Fri Boston, Massachusetts (EMBARK) --- 4:00 pm Sat At Sea --- --- Sun Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda 10:00 am 11:59 pm Mon Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda 12:00 am 4:00 pm Tue At Sea --- --- Wed Boston, Massachusetts (DISEMBARK) 7:00 am ---
  7. Ranking of "Cool Cruiser" is shown under my name. Will someone explain the Rankings? What is the highest, and how do you get it?
  8. Any opinions on crowne plaza vs springhill suites in Seattle based on neighborhood? They are about the same distance from the pier and attractions.
  9. Here is a receipt for exchanging USD to Cuban Currency. Here is a receipt for changing Cuban Currency back to USD.
  10. I am sorry, but for some reason I just can't help chuckling at the idea of leaving someone tissue paper as a tip. LOL, may I assume you meant leaving a tip of tissue paper for the attendant to sell to the next customer? Or, did you mean leaving paper for the next tourist who did not purchase any from the attendant on their way to the stall? We were in Havana in February. My wife brought tissue paper with her that I bought after reading about it not being available in public toilets. My wife had to use the bathrooms while in an indoor market. There were ladies at a table outside of them selling paper. Much similar to some restrooms in Europe where bathroom attendants keet the paper stocked in the stalls and cleaned them. Usually the is a charge, otherwise a tip is expected.
  11. Roce48

    visa for Cuba

    MYTHS about Cuba! I don't recall any additional Medical Fee. Perhaps it was included in our Port Fee. As far as having to document how I spent my in Havana, we went to lunch at a restaurant and a souvenir market. We marked off "Support for the Cuban People". Who would believe that someone would in the future ask me for documentation? Not very likely. As far as taking toilet paper with us, we brought tissue, but the restaurant had paper. The market had someone outside the bathrooms selling tissue.
  12. Our February NCL Sky overnight in Havana cruise did not depart Havana until 12 noon. All the other cruises seem to leave port as you menton.
  13. Roce48

    visa for Cuba

    I just went to that Website. They state that the Visa is $50, and there is $25 Service Charge. Total $75, same as we paid NCL to get it for me.
  14. I don't really understand what the fuss about currency exchange is because we are not big spenders, and usually just get very little amounts exchanged. I am not sure if going to the bank to get Canadian or Euros would be worth the trip for us because of this. But FYI we were there in February, and... USD converted to Cuban Currency $150 got us $135 Cuban Cuban Currency converted back to USD $80 Cuban got us $77 USD
  15. We brought back a few Cuban coins as souvenirs. Also being older now, and having tooooo many souvenirs from our travels, we only bought a few trinkets therefore not spending much money. We spent $5.00 on a bicycle taxi going from the Old Town Square to the San Jose Market. The bicycle taxi told us $10.00 from the Old Town Square to the San Jose Market, but I had asked a local how much and they said $5.00. I simply told the driver that $10.00 was to much, and he said Ok how about $5.00. I gave him six and he seemed happy. Leaving the San Jose Market I walked up to a Coco Cab and said I would give him $5.00 for a ride back and he said OK. I also gave him $6.00. Lunch at the Don Eduardo Alegre Restaurant was VERY inexpensive. We sat on a balcony overlooking the Old Town Square Currency We exchanged $150 USD and got $130 Cuban dollars. Then we exchanged $80 Cuban back and got $77 USD.
  16. We were on a NCL Cruise to Cuba last month. The Cruise Director at the Evening Show did not actually come right out and say that you needed to book a tour with them, but he made it sound like it was the best thing to do. After my wife heard him, she was frantic that we would not be allowed off the ship. He even started to cause me to doubt my understanding that we could simply walk off the ship independently. The Cuban Authorities were a heck of a lot friendlier than our own Custom and Immigration Authorities. We took neither an NCL or Private tour. We simply produced our Passport (which they stamped), and handed our Visa to the Cuban Authorities as we walked into Havana. The US Affidavit mentioned was filed electronically for us by NCL, and we never heard anything about after that. You fill out the Affidavit on line and sign it electronically online. As a precaution I did bring a copy of our affidavits with us. We simply walked through the Cuban Custom and Immigrations, and then strolled to the nearest square for lunch on a balcony overlooking it. There is a Currency Exchange in the same building as you leave, and a separate one when returning.
  17. Roce48


    Guests born in Cuba who emigrated before January 1, 1971 and reside in a country outside of Cuba are required to carry either (i) a valid Cuban passport or (ii) a valid passport from your country of citizenship along with an HE- 11 visa obtained from the Cuban embassy or consulate in your country of residency (except in those cases where such country has entered into a visa exemption agreement with Cuba) for entry to and departure from Cuba. The estimated processing time for an HE- 11 visa is up to 90 days. Guests born in Cuba who emigrated on or after January 1, 1971 and reside in a country outside of Cuba are required to carry a valid Cuban passport for entry to and departure from Cuba. These guests do not need a Cuban visa. The estimated processing time for a Cuban passport is up to 6 months. Guests born in Cuba who require a visa or passport should contact the Cuban embassy or consulate in their country of residency. Those residing in the United States may contact the Cuban Embassy in Washington, DC:
  18. We never were given a Tourist Card. It would have made a nice souvenir. Has anyone else gotten one?
  19. Roce48

    Souvenir Shopping

    In Havana we went to the San Jose Market. A lot of Art Work, trinkets, t-shirts and souvenirs.
  20. We just returned from Havana on a overnight NCCL Cruise. We filled out the affidavit online and simply checked off the "Support for the Cuban People" box. We also took a copy of this form with us, but it was not needed. The Cuban Visa was given to us when we checked in for our cruise. We took the Visa off the ship with us and gave it to the Immigrations. Entry into Cuba was simple and friendly. Once we passed through Customs and Immigrations we simply walked to the Old Town Square located at Plaza Vieja where we had a great lunch on a balcony at a restaurant called Don Eduardo Alegre overlooking the square. Prices were very reasonable.
  21. I am sure that this post will draw many non-smokers. It is meant only as info for smokers, not as a invitation for anti-smoking responses. The only areas to smoke on the Sky are now the Deck 12 uncovered Champs Bar, and the Casino when it is open for business. They no longer allow smoking on Port side on Deck 6. I do find it interesting that Disney Cruise Line offers more smoking areas than the NCL Sky.
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