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  1. 9 minutes ago, Btimmer said:

    I've enjoyed reporting on our EXC cruises on the Maasdam, so I'll be blogging this extended cruise daily throughout our trip.   Posts may be delayed depending upon internet availability, but you'll be able to vicariously come along. Generally I write late at night in the time zone I'm in and then post.  I'll put a few pictures in this thread from time to time, but  my blog can be found at:




    While we are pretty much packed and ready to go, posts won't start until Friday.



    I've already got you bookmarked and ready to go!  Have fun!


    Linda R.

  2. 4 minutes ago, surgie said:

    I have been on tropical cruises to the Caribbean and Panama Canal and always bring along "summery" clothing (such as sundresses, Tommy Bahama prints, etc.) for sea days, excursions and dinners. But wondering if that is typical when the early August cruise is to colder climates (Norway, Iceland). I know I'll need layers and jacket and pants for excursions rather than summer clothing.  But what about on the ship? Is it typical to see "summery" women's attire? I know I can wear whatever I'm comfortable with...just trying to get some ideas for packing - thanks. 



    It’s good that you know you’ll need warm clothing/outerwear (don’t forget waterproof)!  You’d be surprised how many people just don’t think about that...


    Wear whatever you want; summery is just fine but be aware that it will be cool ON the ship too.  At least I have always found that to be the case on the numerous trips we’ve taken to both the northern extremes and southern.  I typically will wear a sweater to dinner and quite often, a fleece around the ship during the day.


    Linda R.

  3. Since the last cruise of the Elegant Explorer ends today, I thought it would be nice to make a tribute to her.  Please share your best memories and photo's of her here. 

    I loved the P'Dam...she was of a size that we perfect for getting into places most other ships couldn't. 


    I'm just starting this thread and will come back and add stuff to it once I dig through my pictures.  I'll start with a couple pictures I took of her up on the hillside above Kotor, Montenegro.


    Linda R.



  4. Tioga, thank you so much for allowing us to come along with you!  I really enjoyed it and we will most certainly miss the elegant lady after having spending 248 days on her.  She truly was special, being so small and able to get into unique places.  I'll miss her.  Here's a picture from when we were in Kotor, Montenegro.


    Linda R.


  5. 36 minutes ago, Moriah said:


     was AMAZING and freeing not to have to worry about wasting minutes, logging out, etc.!


    Please, please log out when you are done!  I ask that people either do this or be sure that their phone isn't set to automatically update ANYthing.  Not only do I log out but I also put my phone back into "airplane" mode.  I have nothing updating automatically on my phone but if you do or don't know if you do, please be sure to log out so that your phone isn't continuing to use the internet.  This will happen; you won't know it's doing it but if everyone lets this happen, it will bog down the whole system. 


    Just think of how many apps you have on your phone.  I don't have a lot but if you do and they are all set to automatically update....yikes.  I like to know what's going on in my phone so I always manually update (that's just me though).  But, on the cruise I only update what is necessary and then I try to do it onshore on free wifi.   If everyone on the ship just lets the phone do all that updating, it will eat up data and as I said, bog the system down but will also run through your limit for the day.  Yes, there are limits too....such as about 250 (ish) mb on the middle package (surf).  I'm not sure that they actually cut you off or if you get "throttled" after that amount is used.


    Linda R.

  6. On 4/24/2019 at 5:43 PM, Lanz said:

    How wonderful, thank you so much....oh I hope we get in 🤞.  Any tips on footwear or outerwear, know it’s a rough drive.   No back problems now so I hope we will be OK, have to chance it.   Thanks again


    I'll chime in about what to wear also.  The day we went, it was sunny, drizzly, sleeting and VERY windy.  The drizzle and sleet really stung!  This weather was all at the penguin location.  I had a heavy coat on, ears covered and hiking boots.  While the hiking boots were not really necessary, I highly recommend taking layers with the outermost one being waterproof.  Don't wear all this in the 4x4's though or you'll roast.  Even with the crazy weather, this was a fabulous tour!  Don't miss it, even if you have to cough up the $$ and take the ship tour.


    Linda R.

  7. On 11/22/2018 at 12:16 PM, FunInTheSun9 said:

    Looks like the ferry schedules have changed. Our ship arrives in Papeete at 10am, so we can't take the earlier ferry - would have been nice. Our trip is in May of 2020 (on a Sunday), so I guess we'll have to keep an eye on the schedules and see if this remains possible as we near the date. As it stands now we'll have to take the Terevau 3:05pm Papeete to Moorea ferry, tour for 3 hours, then take the 6:45pm Aremiti2 ferry back to Papeete. Super tight.   ...Would hate to miss Moorea, but if the schedule doesn't improve we may have to stay on Papeete for the day. We are planning a 4x4 Jeep tour with Safari Mario on Moorea. Maybe there is something similar on Tahiti?


    Just a big FYI for you regarding this.  The ship doesn't always get into Moorea after Papeete.  In Feb. this year, the weather was terrible and we didn't go to Moorea, stranding about 40 ish people on the island that had done the overnite tour.  The ones that did that tour through the ship were flown to Bora Bora a couple days later to meet the ship.  Some people went to Moorea by themselves and spent the nite...and then had to get themselves to Bora Bora to meet the ship.   Just keep that in mind, that the ship may not be able to stop in Moorea in case you got stuck there due to the ferry.


    Linda R.

  8. 1 hour ago, WCB said:

    Report # 133   Day at Sea   May 31, 2019   Friday   No forecast


    When finally reading the When & Where paper, we noticed there was a sale on some of the 2019 world cruise logo wear.  Whatever was left was 50% off.  This morning, we asked Slam if these t-shirts and sweatshirts ever went on sale for the crew.  The answer was yes, and they did get it at 75% off.  Whatever does not sell at that time, is possibly donated.  Funny thing was we were riding in an elevator with a lady that just purchased a world cruise sweatshirt.  She said it was a good idea, since she needed something warmer, and no one will ever know that she did not actually sail on that cruise.  Always a good reason to buy these items.


    Yep, I just knew they would do this.  I'm still peeved that they wanted $180 for a sweatshirt (zip up with hood one)!  I always buy those; I have a bit of a collection, lol!  Not this time....


    1 hour ago, WCB said:



    The saying for today is a very good one to ponder:   Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than by the ones you did do.  So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor.  Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.                     -  Mark Twain –     We did, and intend to continue.....


    This is one of my favorites; the other one is "Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out ..." Hunter S. Thompson


    1 hour ago, WCB said:

    Bill & Mary Ann


    Linda R.

  9. Bill and Mary Ann, do you have the luggage forwarding service?  If you do, will you have to pick it up in Seattle, bring it through customs and then drop it at the the FedEx truck?  We had to do that in Ft. Lauderdale and it was a mess of the biggest proportions (clean way of saying another term :classic_unsure:).  We didn't have to do that on the '15 world.  We put it out the night before and saw it when it was delivered after we got home.


    Also, are they selling the zip up WC logo hooded sweatshirts in the shops?  Those suckers were around $180 and halfway through the cruise I asked the shop guy how many had sold and he told me 1.  ONE!  I always buy those on all the grands but not this time. 


    Enjoying your reports, keep 'em coming and we'll see you on the 51 day later this year.


    Linda R.

  10. 1 hour ago, Mary229 said:

      But I don't let anyone except my regular person color my hair - it takes too long to get it back to the right tones.


    I get color from my salon and bring it on the ship; that way it comes out the way it should.  Be sure to get your "formula" from your stylist at your salon so you can tell the on board person how much to use and how long it sets for.   Been doing this for years without much trouble.


    Linda R.

  11. Today you are no doubt roasting in Cartagena!  Far cry from the good month of cool (sometimes cold) weather we had, right? 


    That's a shame about the Pinnacle, you would think that the standard would be the same, but apparently it isn't.  I've heard people complain about the Pinnacle (everywhere, not the A'Dam) and we really must be lucky to have Tina and her staff!


    You are lucky that you didn't have to deal with the debacle of disembarking in FLL...man, what a pain that was.  I sure hope they do something about that for next year.  I thought that we used to be able to put our (FedEx) luggage out the nite before and not see it until we got home?  That's what we did in '15.


    I think I overheard you saying to Gan that you would be on the 51 day S. Pacific?  If you are, we will see you there!  (We sat in his and Feri's section in the morning too on the W.C.)


    Edit to add a question!  What is on the Available Everyday section on the dining room menu for dinner?  I'm wondering what major changes are made when it's not a "Grand" cruise. Thanks!


    Linda R.

    (One of us is blond and the other has a beard, FYI 😁)

  12. 4 hours ago, Copper10-8 said:

    She's looking pretty nice after so many days at sea and still has the 2019 GWV logo on her superstructure under the bridge


    We had some pretty miserable weather on the way back; probably not too conducive to them painting over that.  First part from Ireland was a pretty nasty storm we had to skirt (but still had some good rock and roll!) and then the last 2 days we had some good downpours.  It was windy the entire 8 days.  Yesterday we got hit with sudden 80mph wind from a storm and heeled over pretty good.  Lots of dishes/food/salt +pepper shakers flying.  What a mess!  Captain corrected by heading into the wind as soon as he could but it was a bit scary there for a few!  Here's hoping to much calmer weather for the current crop of cruisers!


    Linda R.

  13. 4 hours ago, Copper10-8 said:


    They're singling up lines now, Father! Perhaps a delay in loading since she's going all the way to Seattle. Sounds like she still might have some longshoremen onboard in the Marshaling Area


    The delay could be because it took hours to get us all off of her this morning!  We walked out of the terminal at NOON, believe it or not and we were supposed to get off between 9:30-10.  Since pier 21 is smaller than where she usually goes (think we went out 27?), there simply wasn't enough room for ALL the 1,200 pieces of luggage to be put in the terminal at once.  Consequently, they had to get the earlier color numbers off and get that luggage cleared out to make way for the later colors.  And, the porter line was snaking around like a Disney attraction line.  Probably took us an hour just to get through that line.  On the other hand, there was no line at all for immigration.


    Linda R.


  14. On 5/14/2019 at 12:10 AM, sandiego1 said:

    You'd lose that bet 🙂 I'm on the WC and the 2 dogs and their owners are in an inside cabin. I don't know how many cruise days they have or if they are 4 or 5 star Mariners.

    Well, you would loose that bet because the 2 yappers were in cabin 6107, a VERANDAH.  How do I know that without a doubt?  Because I was in the cabin next to them and heard them every day and saw them going in and out with the dogs.  One day I went out on my verandah and the 2 of them rushed under the divider, barking and snarling.  My husband came out and chased them back.  Just yesterday, one was wandering around the hallway without anyone around.  The lady in the cabin on the other side of them saw it and pounded on the door to let them know.  Seriously?  They didn't know one of their dogs was gone?  I also saw the man out many times without any dog with him.  I heard the stories about the disruptions and security called on at least 2 occasions.  Totally unacceptable.  I wrote a strongly worded comment card, let me tell you.  I love animals; have had everything from birds to cats, dogs and horses, but these 2 scared the hell out of me when they charged me that day.  One good thing about them is that they didn't wake us up during the nite.  That probably would have necessitated yet another security call!


    I completely understand the need for a proper Service dog; they are amazing animals.  These 2  Yorkies were supposed "comfort" dogs.  They were not trained whatsoever.  If a "comfort" dog (animal, and no..."sqeeze" wouldn't count, lol) becomes a legitimate regulated designation, I'm sure that training would be a requirement also.


    I hope no one is getting Service and "comfort" confused; there is a huge difference between the two. 


    Linda R.

  15. 1 hour ago, rotjeknor said:

    Good news ! 

    And hopefully, they will build a new Prinsendam ....

    The Prinsendam 1 and 2 have always been in a class of their own, so why not make a number 3 ?


    When Orlando was on the current World Cruise, he said that “the math” doesn’t work out to have a ship the size of the P’Dam.  That being said he’d like to see the smaller ships 1,200 ish size continue but again, the math has to work out.  He can want what we all want but he’s constrained by the Carnival Corporation and “the math”.  I do believe he understands our desire to have smaller ships; he even said that trying to do a world cruise on the K’Dam sized ships just wouldn’t  be a “World Cruise”.  


    Linda R.

  16. 8 hours ago, Umbarger said:



    I was wondering if the balcony cabins on Amsterdam all have a fridge.  Also, I see from pictures that the TVs are very small in the rooms. I know the Lanai cabins have new larger TVs.  Did they do this in all the cabins? 





    Another Linda here with an answer for you.  I’m on the Amsterdam now in a verandah.  They do have the small fridges and (still) have the small TV’s.

  17. 10 hours ago, Scrapnana said:

    As far as I know they are not on the ship.  Not sure if they will come on (with families) for a short period of time like they did last year on the world voyage.


    Our shuttle stop was at the JW Marriott hotel in Miraflores.  It is across the street from the waterfront.


    I see further down that Roy said they were only on the ship on debarkation day and didn't stay on.


    Regarding the shuttle, I'm glad to see it going back to Miraflores!  On the '15 WC they said that area was too dangerous and wouldn't be taking us there.  We really like going there and wandering the mall across the street and having a nice meal overlooking the Pacific.  We've also walked up to the Indian Market with all it's great booths to hunt through.


    Linda R.

  18. I’m curious as to what Orlando and Gerald are doing on the cruise.  Have you seen them around or heard anything?  


    Also, I’ll be very interested in hearing where the shuttle takes you from Callao.  It used to go to Miraflores but that stopped and the last time we were there they took you to Plaza San Miguel.  We didn’t think that was a better location...  we’ll be there soon on the World so inquiring minds want to know what the latest plan is.



    Linda R.

  19. 4 hours ago, POA1 said:


    So, not the "touching of contaminated surfaces", "being coughed upon", or faucet handles or door knobs/handles? It's the napkins?

    No...no......I think you misunderstood me here.  I said deviating from the napkins...meaning, leaving them out of the equation.   I touch surfaces, handles, etc but I make a point of washing my hands or at the very least using sanitizer so for me, those are much less likely to make me sick.  It's the sneezing/coughing that you can't really protect yourself from.


    Linda R.

    P.S.  Got a good chuckle out of your "errant peas and carrots" comment!  🤣

  20. 7 hours ago, OlsSalt said:


    Even a sneeze only broadcasts a few feet, so a waved napkin is hardly a threat to anyone.  Have fun and enjoy sharing the moment and ritualizing the end of another sea voyage.


    Regarding sneezing, here is some information that would disagree with you.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/how-far-is-a-safe-distance-from-a-sneeze-farther-than-you-might-think/2017/03/06/6c71fff6-fec6-11e6-8ebe-6e0dbe4f2bca_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.fcbd730fcbfd


    Deviating from the napkin waving; this is probably the main reason colds travel around on the longer cruises.  Interestingly enough, on a Mythbusters show they tested many ways to contain a sneeze and the one that worked the best is the one HAL suggests; to sneeze into your elbow.


    Linda R.

  21. 6 hours ago, NaughtyNanna said:

    People blow their noses on napkins?????  Where on the planet is this considered acceptable???  😟😟


    Next time you are on a HAL cruise, look around.  You will see lots of people doing it.  I've been seeing this for years. 


    Hlitner...wave away is you must but just please don't blow your nose in it first!  :classic_unsure::classic_wink:


    Linda R.

  22. 2 hours ago, Copper10-8 said:


    You would think and hope, that if people left parts of their meal (as well as interior parts of their proboscis) in/on their napkins, they wouldn't start wildly waving those same serviettes above their craniums but, there's that common sense issue again................


    You said it Copper...no way are the people that blow their noses into those napkins NOT going to swing them around.  One of the reasons we eat in the Pinnacle on that last night.


    I cringe every time I see people doing that....in the Lido, dining room.  What the heck is wrong with people...that's just disgusting...  And, the wait staff have to pick those nasty napkins up and then they reset the table with whatever was on the napkins on their hands.  No wonder people get sick all the time, particularly on the longer cruises.


    Linda R.

  23. 16 hours ago, Krazy Kruizers said:


    We love the Panama BUNs.  I usually have 2 or 3 of them for breakfast.




    LOL!  We'll have Panama Rolls in a couple weeks in the canal on the World Cruise....then they will be Sydney Rolls....then Singapore Rolls.....Mumbai Rolls.....and...drumroll please.....Suez Canal Rolls!  Who knows what else they will be!  I don't remember them years ago everywhere we went but it seems that they show up now at all the main sail-ins around the world.  Hong Kong, Shanghai...hahaaaa!


    Linda R.

    Oh!!!  Wait!!!!  "Amsterdam Rolls" when we sail into Amsterdam ON the Amsterdam in April. 🤣

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