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  1. Hi, I'm wondering what upgrades were done to the verandah cabins on deck 6 on the Amsterdam at it's dry dock last spring. Specifically if they added any USB outlets and if they took out that nice medicine cabinet storage above the sink. I really dislike those open shelves and the cabinet is great on a long cruise. Anything else that anyone knows about would be good info also. We are spending 4 months on her in a couple weeks! Thanks, Linda R.
  2. Thanks everyone; it's good to know that they are back. We didn't have them on the '17 Grand Asia and I ended going out to a dollar store (actually, it was a 100 Yen store, lol!) to buy something to use. Linda R.
  3. We used to get a nice journal near the beginning of a grand voyage. The later ones were Moleskine journals. They stopped for a year or so but I was told on the Grand Asia last year ('17) that they would be back in 2018. For anyone that has been on the WC or a Grand in the last year, did you get a journal? I keep one and refer back to them all the time and need to know if we will get one or should I bring one. I can't tell you how many times my DH has said "Do you remember...we were on a cruise....(this is where I start rolling my eyes)...we went to a market...." So, I go to my closet and get out the journal I think that info might be in to find the answer. They have been invaluable for refreshing my memory of where we've been for when we know we are going back...and to answer those infernal questions my DH comes up with, lol! Linda R.
  4. One would think that they would but it seems that they are trying to "get rid" of that population with the changes they are making. They want younger cruisers who will spend more money and not utilize the benefits that we have. One thing that I'll bet that they are not thinking of is the fact that the Baby Boomers are retiring and there will be quite a number of years where they will have an older population that will want exactly what HAL has been known for offering. Baby Boomers would be a great asset to them as they will be able to cruise longer than the 7 day cruisers. There is a market for every type of cruiser among the lines...why try to change to be like everyone else? They have a good thing going and are messing with it big time, in my NSHO. I do believe that they read CC though.....we have a very strong voice in the industry and what better place to come to see how the changes they are making are being received by that strong voice than here. I spoke with someone at the world cruise desk the other day and I mentioned C.O. and told them that a lot of us don't like the idea. They told me that it was only on the K'Dam and the N.S'Dam on a trial basis. My guess is that it might just not be going very well so hopefully they will get rid of it. Linda R.
  5. This was our experience also. We would never get a connecting room again. Regarding loosing closet space, while that may be an issue on another ship, that wouldn't be on this one as the door is closer to the window than the hallway (which is where the closets are located). What you won't get is a couch. You'll only get a chair. Linda R.
  6. And yet another example of an oversold cruise. Years ago (20+) we were offered one of the 2 largest suites on the Sky Princess (Malaga Suite) if we would go on a cruise 2 weeks later than we had planned. We had paid for an ocean view. We were planning on bumming around Florida for a couple weeks anyway, so we said yes please and just did our planned "bumming" before the cruise rather than after. Linda R.
  7. I will be...but I do need to update my Voyage of the Vikings from this past summer! I started way back in 2008! I do more pictures than text but you will find a wide variety of blog types so you should be able to find ample stuff to check out. Hopefully the others will come on and post too. https://l1ndave.wordpress.com/ Linda R.
  8. We did get in early! At the noon report the Captain told us about the weather situation and that he requested getting in early. He said with the wind and 7 ships coming in, there would be a backup waiting for tugs. He must have been the first one to contact them to get us in so early! Strangely enough, when we went thru the actual front, he must have snuck us in thru a break in that line of storms as I only saw 2 flashes of lightning at dinner. We did have heavy rain and some wind but the ride was basically smooth when I was expecting some rock and roll. It was pretty strange checking my GPS and seeing that home was 36 miles away (Miami) at one point and I wasn't even in bed yet! Linda R.
  9. They do have 2 king sized pillows on the bed so have that size pillowcase. I bring my own pillow as I have neck issues. I even bring my own wedge! I bring 2 pillowcases and send them out with the laundry. I make a notation on the laundry form that there is 1 pillowcase. I make sure I have a colored case as I don't want my pillow to get mixed up with theirs. Enjoy the cruise; we will be on it also!! Linda R.
  10. We got off of the Veendam and you got on...we were on the 11 day cruise prior to your cruise. 2 of the aft elevators were out and one forward. The day before we arrived in Ft. Lauderdale (12/20), one of the 2 aft elevators was finally working. One thing that we really dislike that came out of the last drydock is the seating in the upper level of the theater. The seat backs on the so called couches, hit you at your low back. I sat at the very rear up there at one of 2 bar stools and watched people squirm around, end up just leaning forward with their elbows on their knees. Some people got up and left. The couch seating on the lower lever has a normal height back but the seat to back angle is way too severe for me. This configuration has been in place since at least 2015 when we first experienced this. I only hope that people SAY something about it so maybe they will change it in the next drydock. I saw enough people that clearly were uncomfortable. Hope you enjoy your cruise! Linda R.
  11. Copper, "real" Key Lime pie isn't green....that is actually the right color. I thought the same thing until I moved to South Florida where there is plenty of Key Lime pie to be had. Linda R.
  12. Sherita, when you get a chance, could you post the new Pinnacle menu? I'm so hoping the pork chop is still on it! Thanks, Linda R.
  13. She gets up in the middle of the night and checks the internet AND posts! Now, that is dedication, lol!!!! Back to bed, woman! I lurk mostly, but have been reading all the posts with great interest! Thank you! Linda R.
  14. The one thing we didn't like about the MDR was, when you are not sitting in that open '"rib" area, the ceiling is VERY low so you feel pretty closed in. This was on the K'Dam. Honestly, the decor did nothing for us and we never saw that view that has been pictured. It was like night and day coming in and being seated on the main floor.
  15. Thanks for posting the Tamarind menu. I'm so happy they have kept the Curry Chicken and especially that to die for Tenderloin in Wasabi!
  16. You don't need to have the full amount, just use what you can and that will show up as a credit. I've been chipping away at the '19 World Cruise with my points. There is no way that I could ever have enough points for that cruise, so they've been pretty small "chips" relatively speaking. It took me a while to figure out how to use the points. I use them mainly for credit on my credit card bill or for putting on board credit (choose Shore Excursion credits) for an upcoming cruise. Above all, remember to use the Barclay Card for all HAL purchases as you can since you will get 2 points per dollar. Linda R.
  17. Much deserved! POA1 made my experience SO much easier with those instructions on how to manage the Activity Streams! My coming to CC now has been made much, much easier! Linda R.
  18. Oh, this is such a bad idea! We've $pent year$ getting to 5 $tar. On many cruises, there are so many of us that should have priority tendering, that they have to discontinue it for that cruise. When half the passengers qualify for it, it no longer works. If these people with this Orange thing get to get off when we can't, man, will we be unhappy! Regarding the dining perk; this is very similar to what Princess has gone to with their "Club Class" where they rebranded the middle of the ship verandah cabins and of course, charge more. This is a blatant slap in the face to those of us that have been loyal for years. But...the almighty dollar always seems to speak a lot louder than loyal passengers...it's a shame.... Linda R.
  19. I made a tweak. I changed "Sorting" to oldest first. If I haven't been on in a day or so, there may be a lot of responses I haven't read. This way, the oldest one will show up first and then I can go sequentially rather than having to scroll down and work my way back up. Linda R.
  20. I just set this up. I had another set up but you pointed out stuff to really tweak it. I'll see how it goes and hope we have a winner on how to deal with the new set up of the site! Thanks for the nice and clear "tutorial". Thanks POA1, Linda R.
  21. Thanks! I did go back and found the stream that I created...I had given it a name (Duh!!). I need to look more closely as I didn't see a save option. 'Tis a learning experince, for sure! Linda R.
  22. Once you set up the activity stream, where to I do find it? Mine is partly ok, but needs to be tweaked as it's giving me some of what I want and still too much of what I don't. I certainly hope this will become manageable. The state CC is in now, it's a major project to find only what I want...like I used to be able to do. I would go in, check new posts on the threads I follow; make a quick dash thru the HAL posts and then I was done. Thanks, Linda R.
  23. The wine packages will be redesigned in the near future. HAL has entered into yet another partnership, this time wine James Suckling. He will be coming up with new wine packages for HAL. It sounds like the new packages will be in place by the end of this year, in time for the Nieuw Statendam's launch. https://www.caribjournal.com/2018/03/05/holland-america-taps-james-suckling-curate-wine-lists/# Linda R.
  24. Well, that is a bummer! It's always dicey getting in there.....I was wondering how it would go for you when I was just reading your previous post about going there. I checked out ocean conditions and took a screen shot of the situation heading to Easter Island. Wish I could figure out how to insert it here; it does look like high seas are coming within the next 24 hours. Maybe this link will work. http://www.stormsurfing.com/cgi/display.cgi?a=spac_height If you watch from 16 hours and on, you'll see the area around where Easter Island is blow up big time. I hope it subsides and you can get in. It is an amazing place and would be a shame to miss it. Linda R.
  25. Charles, I'll jump in here in case he's not on for a few days. Town is basically "right there" at the end of the dock. The dock is long so they had a shuttle that only ran on the dock from the ship to the exit at the end of the dock. From there, just walk out to the waterfront/town. Our first time there we found a street that was basically a market and closed to traffic. We like wandering local markets but the last time we were there it was gone. Looks like they had made some street changes and it wasn't there anymore. There are some crafts along the waterfront though, so you shouldn't lack for souvenirs/local craft items. Linda R.
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