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  1. I just got off of 2 weeks on the Regal. I found the internet to be terrible, particularly when trying to go to Facebook. Before they went to the unlimited, I never had a problem getting online. The first week (2/18-25) there were over 800 Platinum and over 400 Elite onboard. Gridlock..... I would get on and go pretty good but then it would bog down. I noticed that there is no suggestion to "log out". If all these people are on, then they go off ( not logging off) and leave their wifi on their devices on...then with all the automatic updating, etc. that most people have their devices set for ( I shut all that off when onboard), am I wrong in thinking that this is a large part of the problem?


    I'd rather have the set minutes that I was allowed for Platinum (or whatever Elite was, now that I've just reached that--yay laundry!!:D). At least then I could get things done.


    Linda R.

  2. Absolutely do this! I've done it for years. Also, the salon should discount the service for you since you have your own color; they did this for me on the Asia/Pacific this past fall. Don't count on them to be able to match your color; that's why I started bringing my own. Get directions on how much of each tube is used (if you use more than one type; I use 2) since measuring by weight isn't possible on the ship (even if it's not obviously rocking!).


    Linda R.



    Great idea Arzz! I didn't think of that. I know my stylist will get them for me. Maybe I should train my DH to do my color for me?? I think he'd pay double to the salon to get out of having to apply my hair color - LOL!

  3. Good for you! Glad you got it worked out to your satisfaction.



    A gty cabin is a crap shoot....I know you realize this but for other people who don't understand this: Fact is, a cabin was paid for for 2 people. There is NO way anyone should be moved to a room that is a single; regardless of it's location. If the OP wanted that, then they would have paid for a single room gty (if that is even an option, but is a moot point).


    Linda R.





    I booked a gurantee hoping They would be able to place me near my parents who were also in a guarantee which was the only thing available fully aware that they may not be able to accommodate that.


    The supervisor not only put me in a balcony at a very very reasonable price he said he would have signed both mine and my parents cabins so we would be beside each other and gave me a couple options to choose from. I am definitely a loyal customer and really appreciate that he went above and beyond to fixed my issue

  4. I think that the 55 passengers from Celebrity on a tour in St. Lucia back in 2013 would take exception to this......



    The idea of a tour bus getting hijacked from a cruise port to a resort in some wild wild west fashion movie type scenario is a ridiculous thought.


    Now, before anyone thinks that I'm "hating" on Jamaica, I'm not. It's just that there are a number of places in the Caribbean that have problems; as does the US, Europe, etc. Other than the Med, the highest concentration of cruise visitors is probably the Caribbean so it's not unlikely that "something" will happen again. I'm just hoping that it won't be cruise passenger murder(s) before cruise lines decide that it just might not be a bad idea to stop going to certain places.



    Linda R.

  5. I just found this thread today and read it with great interest as we are going on a B2B starting 2/11. One thing that you didn't mention was the Elite (+ Platinum) Lounge in the afternoon in Club 6. Oh, I hope that they haven't done away with that as we really enjoy it! (We are Platinum and will become Elite on our last day).


    Thanks for your live review; it was quite interesting to "read along" as you were on the cruise, even if I did do it on your last day.


    Linda R.

  6. Just my opinion, but I would go for the package. We typically send a bag out every 3 days. That would equate to approx. $7/bag with the package. If you figured the same at $20 (providing it is even still that price) every 3 days would equal about $9. Also, not having to worry about stuffing the bag til you can bounce a quarter off it (which my DH still does!), is worth it. No worries = happier cruise. Again, just my NSHO.


    Linda R.



    I figured the cost had risen since we last used it...guess not. Think I’ll stick to the per bag pricing instead of ~$200 for our 28 day cruise.

    Thanks all!



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  7. We live just south of Miami, about a stones throw from Biscayne Bay. We were told to evacuate and we did....all the way up to Chicago! Reason? Well, I don't fly and we figured that since the train from New Orleans to LA wasn't running (we drive to NOL/take Sunset Ltd from there) that we needed to get somewhere to get a train to LA. So, 4:15AM this past Thursday we began our long trek north. We used to live outside Chicago so we have plenty to do to keep us busy until Saturday when we catch the Southwest Chief to LA. Then we'll bum around Vegas, Long Beach and San Diego until the cruise.


    Just worried because we have no way to find out (anytime soon) how our condo and boat fared. Hopefully the Association will be able to get into the property in a couple days to assess.


    Linda R.

  8. What I see online for the 14 day segment from Oct. 27th - Nov. 10th is this. It does indeed, look like the itinerary has changed. From what I've read elsewhere on CC/online is that China disagrees with S. Korea's implementation of the THAAD system. They won't let any ships in that have been to S. Korea now. I would imagine that our Grand Asia/Pacific will be changed too since we are to go to Beijing from Seoul. I certainly won't mind...I have no desire to be anywhere near the crazy man in N.K.!


    Linda R.


    Day 0:


    October 27, 2017

    Shanghai, ChinaONTCVX


    Day 1:


    October 28, 2017

    Departs 06:00 PM

    Shanghai, ChinaTCVX


    Day 2:


    October 29, 2017

    AT SEA


    Day 3:


    October 30, 2017 Arrives 08:00 AM

    Departs 06:00 PM

    Fukuoka (Hakata), Japan


    Day 4:


    October 31, 2017 Arrives 08:00 AM

    Departs 06:00 PM

    Nagasaki, Japan


    Day 5:


    November 01, 2017

    AT SEA


    Day 6:


    November 02, 2017 Arrives 07:00 AM

    Departs 05:00 PM

    Naha, Japan


    Day 7:


    November 03, 2017 Arrives 08:00 AM

    Departs 05:00 PM

    Ishigaki Island, JapanTRNW


    Day 8:


    November 04, 2017 Arrives 08:00 AM

    Departs 05:00 PM

    Keelung (Taipei), Taiwan


    Day 9:


    November 05, 2017 Arrives 07:00 AM

    Departs 04:00 PM

    Kaohsiung, Taiwan


    Day 10:


    November 06, 2017

    AT SEA


    Day 11:


    November 07, 2017 Arrives 08:00 AM

    Departs 06:00 PM

    Manila, Philippines


    Day 12:


    November 08, 2017

    AT SEA


    Day 13:


    November 09, 2017 Arrives 08:00 AM

    Hong Kong, ChinaON


    Day 14:


    November 10, 2017 Arrives 06:00 AM

    Hong Kong, China

  9. Yes, take the portliner to Sannomiya and you can then change to another train that will take you pretty much right there. It's the "Kobe" station on the Tokaido Main Line. Double check at Sannomiya though when you get there. People are always glad to help. If you have the time, I recommend the Kobe Tower too; great views from up there and you should be able to see your ship.


    Linda R.



    We will be in Kobe overnight in September and would like to spend the evening in the Harborland area....is it sensible to take the port liner to Sannomiya station and walk from there? Or is there a better way?Thanks

  10. Has anyone walked from the cruise port to town in Colombo? According to a map I saw it looks easy. How about doing Colombo on your own? Ideas? Sometimes I think if I see one more office building on a city tour I may scream!


    Yes, we did it. Not much to see and we normally like wandering the ports! It was hot, dirty and not worth it in our minds. Next time we go there, we probably won't even get off the ship (been twice).



    We used to say "How can anyone not get off, even if they've been somewhere before?". Well, as we travel more and more, there are definitely places we don't need to get off at again. Just MHO.


    Linda R.

  11. Not sure how the people of Cuba would be able to do anything about it, but I do think that there will be some unhappy campers there since they are making a fair amount of income from the cruise ships coming in. With income of around $20-40 (US equivalent)/month, what they can make in a day with the ships coming in is HUGE. Will be hard for them to go without but as I said, not sure what they could do about it. Have been there 2 weeks ago (Fathom), we saw how much money they are taking in. Of course, the majority of it is in Havana, with less in Cienfuegos and I'm sure also in Santiago de Cuba (we missed this stop due to a medical evac).



    Glad we went when we did and hope that things continue to improve/evolve for the people there without a lot of backlash.


    Linda R.



    Aquahound -

    I just don't like seeing the door closed again after it was cracked open a bit.

  12. This was an issue back on the 2015 WC too. I just don't understand that the flagship of the cruise line and one that does 2 Grands a year is in this kind of disrepair. We've had constant issues on the Verandah deck with no hot water at night too on the 2013 and 2015 WC. From what I understand, the only major repairs they made was to the suite deck during the last dry dock. There is certainly not enough time spent (nor often enough) in dry dock, not by a long shot.



    But, "they" know we love our ships and that we will go regardless.....it's unfortunate that the loyal get taken advantage of in that way.



    Linda R.



    WCB is still reporting leaks from plumbing and occasional buckets in hallways/public areas. They have mentioned this issue in blog posts in the recent past during their cruises. I have concerns about the Amsterdam's dry docking schedule. Too long between the dock yard visits?


    I am booked on her for her July 3, 2017 cruise. If lots of leaks and buckets are observed by me, Seattle (HAL) and Miami (CCL) are going to hear from me.

  13. I'll quote all of this because it does hit the nail on the head! We went on the Allure thinking we would either like it or run off it screaming at the end of the week. We did like it BUT, we don't need all the "stuff" on it and particularly don't like the fact that you rarely ever see the ocean (unless you have an outside balcony). We've also been on the Getaway and the Escape. If you are looking for anyplace quiet, you will not find it on these ships (Getaway + Escape). At least we found a place on the Allure that was quiet during the day; the lounge overlooking the kids pool area. Think about it....so huge, so much to do...this clientele isn't into what we are, and that is relaxing days at sea with interesting ports. What Don said is a great idea...almost afraid now that they will read this and start doing just that. Why not? It might just come down to that if the islands decide that they simply cannot handle the number of passengers that will be coming off these ships.


    Linda R.



    +1 on that statement. I am one of those people who regard the ship as just a big bus to get me places and I care less what activities are happening on the ship. I need ports and lots of them, not cruise ship amenities.


    I will add to the highlighted part your statement. Have the ship go nowhere at at. Just have it go to the nearest required foreign port, stay there for as long as is necessary to fulfill the requirements of the Jones Act, and then anchor off shore so that they can open the casinos. That would save a lot of fuel and enable them to offer a cheaper product. I would not take one of those cruises but I will bet that there are many who cruise on the mega monstrosities who would.



  14. DAng! We just booked a TA on Koningsdam because Carnival, Royal and NCL were getting a bit " rambunctious" at times. I guess Cunard and Seabourn are next.


    As longtime HAL cruisers, we were almost "scared" when we decided to check out the K'dam. We actually were not unhappy with it although we still prefer the smaller ships. While it was larger, it didn't feel like it. As far as dining, we really enjoyed the many venues and went to all of them except for the cooking one. The asian one was fabulous!



    Regarding noise? Yes, BB Kings was avoided like the plague although it required a rush to get past it since it's basically out in the open. Dueling piano's was avoided also since neither person could really sing well at all. They should have just played. We don't usually do shows but we did hear the main showroom sounded pretty loud.



    One thing we like on the HAL ships is the ability to find a quiet place during the day to read and not be disturbed. Happily, we were able to find that on the K'Dam in more than one place.



    Linda R.

  15. I've heard that (at least on the Amsterdam), they have a wood wedge that can be put under the mattress. I've also heard that if they don't have one, they can make one for you. This is definitely something I would get in touch with them prior to the cruise about.


    Failing that, what I've done (I'm a wedge sleeper) is to get extra pillows and arrange them UNDER the mattress. Has worked very well for me in the past once you get them situated. And, no need to redo every day since they are under the mattress.


    Linda R.

  16. I used the email link on the website and got a response about 2 days later. They said I had a reservation now and that I can pay at the Tourist Desk when I get there. So, go for it! Wasn't a problem emailing them in English.


    Linda R.

    ...who lives in Miami too and doesn't speak Spanish, lol!



    Would call the Hotel Nacional De Cuba if I thought someone in reservations spoke English. Unfortunately living and working in Miami for years, I never learned to speak Spanish. Shame on me.

  17. My dismay about all this is that we'd like to do it on HAL, not a different line.


    Linda R.


    Not necessarily, as I said earlier, look at Cunard, all 3 of their fleet will be doing a world cruise early 2018, including both sister ships of Nieuw Amsterdam, Queen Victoria and Elisabeth!


    Also Queen Victoria is currently on a voyage that brought her as the first ship of her size, up the Amazon river. I do not know how this compares to voyages of Prinsendam en for instance Maasdam that have cruises going up the Amazon, but all may not be lost if the small ships disappear!

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