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  1. We have sailed Carnival, Royal, Celebrity, NCL, Princess and Holland America. We liked them all and approach them for what they are with respect to Itinerary . We have over 28 cruises now and the majority have been on Carnival and Celebrity. We just came off the Carnival Horizon about two weeks ago and I have to say it was one of the best cruises we have ever had. The food was fabulous and yes I mean in the main dining room, specialty restaurants and buffet. Food is subjective of course but like I said, best we have ever experienced. I also think your cruise success really depends on your attitude. You cant walk in worrying or thinking about a comparison. Your on a different or new line and its going to be well different or new! Go in and have a good time and I am sure you will walk away loving it! After all... you're not at work!
  2. I was just on the Horizon and choose the Value plan. I have absolutely no complaints, it was more than adequate. I was able to access snapchat, instagram, facebook, emails and also send same including video on snapchat and instagram. I was very impressed. I never once experienced any lag or buffering. Took care of all my needs.
  3. Just off the Horizon last week and had the social plan and had no issues at all with the iMessage. Actually found the WiFi to be great and never had any connection issues.
  4. We were on the same cruise and first time doing a Vista class ship as well. I have to say however that this was one of the best cruises I have ever been on.. and we've been on many. The entertainment was top notch and the cruise director Mike Pack was one of, if not the best I have ever experienced. Food was great in all venues we were in. I will agree however, that the design of the ship takes some getting used to. IMO there did not seem to be any flow to the ship. There was a lot of interruption (for lack of a better term) between venues. Public spaces definitely seemed smaller. Where I really noticed the difference was on the upper main pool deck (deck 12). Only one row of chairs available because of the width of the the deck and on this cruise there did seem to be some chair hogs. I will be clear though that this did not in anyway hinder the fun we had.. more of an observation. One other thing. We had any time dining and the reservation station for the any time dining was on the 5th floor and the any time dining room was on the third floor aft. I did find that extremely odd and a bit inconvenient, but I suppose the idea was to get you to stop and have a drink in one of the bars on the way to the dining room. Notwithstanding, I wouldn't hesitate to book Horizon again. It was an amazing 8 days packed full of fun!
  5. Totally agree that the loss of the app is significant. I used the app daily to follow many of the great live threads and other reviews or just find a quick thought on a question. Apps are the way these days and when you don't have one you quickly lose any standing you may have had on the web! Anyone know why they decided to get rid of the app?
  6. Which venue did they hold the Quest event in? I’ve never seen it on Carnival but it’s one of my favourite events when on a RC cruise.
  7. yep same thing for me. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Honestly, I love cruise critic and all it has to offer but since they made these changes and got rid of the app I am feeling like we have gone back in time! Bring back the app! I am loving your review and great information. We board January 26 and this is making the wait much easier!
  8. Some great and helpful info on this thread. We are boarding Horizon in January and fully intend to buy the cheers plan! We have sailed numerous times on many different cruise lines. We have platinum status with Carnival. Having said this, I still do not understand the reasons for the limit of 15 a day?? On Royal, Celebrity, NCL and Princess, the drink packages have no limits on the number of drinks per day... I’m not suggesting I’m going to have 15 a day either but I can’t seem to understand the logic on this part of the program. As a side note, the packages on the other lines are a few bucks more but not much more really.
  9. Is water included in the Cheers package?
  10. What is the fee? Is it one time for entire cruise or a daily fee each time used?
  11. Looking forward to your review. We board Horizon in 3 weeks. Our itinerary is different but I look forward to hearing about the ship.
  12. When we did this cruise last year the time change came on the sea day in the middle of the day. Same on the return as well. Lost a complete hour in the middle of the day without the help of Tequila!
  13. Would also love to hear about the Schooner Bar. How is the player?
  14. To be clear, I never meant to suggest that you were bashing any particular line. In fact, having sailed both lines I actually agree with many of your initial thoughts. My point was more along the theme that for us it doesn't matter which line we are on. You know things will be different. Some you will like and some you wont and yes sometimes you will think "on Carnival or Royal they do this..." I'm just saying its a vacation... if folks get to involved in the comparison they will find it harder to enjoy the different line they are on. Not saying that was you! Cheers and Fins up!
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