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  1. hi we are booking the nieuw statendam june 30th cruise to the fjords, and we are looking at cabin 6121, which is directly across from the elevators - i was wondering if there was a wall between the elevator banks and the rooms, i am somewhat concerned about the noise, we are trying to locate near my sister also travelling on the ship = but further down the hall from teh elevator banks. has anyone had experience with rooms this close to the elevators? thanks for the help
  2. hi we are sailing on the epic this sunday, august 5th and i put in an upgrade for $200 pp for the balcony and $250 pp for the mini suite - i still haven't heard anything - i am thinking this is to my advantage since we are only 4 days out, and i wonder if i take back my balcony upgrade offer, will it increase the chances of me getting the mini suite, we currently have an inside, and its the first time i have participated in an upgrade - i haven't printed my edocs yet, waiting for the final result -
  3. hi we are on the august 5th epic, we have an inside cabin but bid on a balcony and mini suite - i have read of some who get their offer accepted or rejected right away - we bid as soon as the offer came via email - do you think it's a plus or minus that we haven't heard anything yet - we are 7 days away and yesterday the cruise didn't even appear on the ncl website - does anyone have experience with this, it's the first time we have used the bidding process thanks
  4. hi we are sailing the epic on august 5th - and we took a bet by getting an inside guarantee with the hope that we would get an upgrade prior to sailing - as we approach three weeks out, i noticed we have already been assigned an inside cabin, and from what i have heard the cabin space itself is smaller than the balcony cabins - has anyone had experience with the inside cabins on the epic - is there a lot less storage space? is there a chair/couch or only the beds for seating? thanks
  5. hi we are arriving in barcelona (ncl epic) and i noticed they dock at 5 Am, and we are trying to make a 10 Am flight - nonstop to JFK - do you think if we walk off at 7 Am we could make the flight? i know it's less than half an hour to the airport from the port thanks
  6. thanks for your responses, my husband will be so happy ! happy new year to all
  7. hi we were on the getaway last year and the shanghai noodles restaurant did not charge extra to dine there, and i have noticed that on the epic there seems to be a charge - although the most recent info i found on the web on this was 2014, has anyone recently been on the epic and eaten there? we are on the epic this august and my husband loved the noodle dishes, we probably would pay anyways, but it seems like there's less and less dining included in the cruse price. thanks
  8. hi yes, HAL is the koningsdam, and i actually love the itinerary myself
  9. Thanks everyone, we are leaning towards celebrity and princess, but as my husband says, theres really no such thing as a bad cruise!
  10. hi We are planning a cruise in July with our three adult children and their spouses /significant others. We have cruised a lot in recent years but not with adult kids, I’m leaning towards the Northern European Hal cruise or the Mediterranean with celebrity , princes or royal , E want a good mix of entertainment and food (food being impt to husband and son!) , any input would be appreciated , the celebrity ship would be the constellation and the princess ship is the crown while the royal is the jewel of the seas Thanks !
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