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  1. Last morning is a feeling of "hurry up and get off". Don't expect much.
  2. OP should know X is an early dinner dining crowd. Restaurants are emptying out at 9:30pm. Our usual reservation in the specialty restaurants is 8:30 pm and we usually close the place down. Have been in Madrid and restaurants OPENED at 9 pm. That's late even for us New Yorkers! Don't expect that on X. You will NOT be able to eat dinner on "Spanish Dining Hours". As said above, lunch options at 3-4pm are few. Watch for "afternoon tea" at 4pm in the buffet. They put out tiny sandwiches. We combine the meats of several on one bread for a late lunch snack sometimes.....but not much food around anywhere in the 3-4 pm time frame. Dinner after 8:45pm in specialty restaurants is not recommended. Never been in Blu, but would just say to check how late you can arrive. Just because it's open until 9pm may not mean to come in then. You may be rushed and end up alone in the restaurant. Uncomfortable. That's the way we've seen it both in North American and Europe on X.
  3. In January (2019) sailaway on Summit was 8:30pm and drill was 4:45pm. We had just boarded after spending most of the day on the beach. We really just made it. So many people were missing. Don't know what they did as we were in ports the next 10 days. IMHO, it was a really dumb time to have it. Several years ago we did a BtoB from San Juan on Summit and both drills then were 7:45pm. X is still figuring it out.
  4. OP - This is a "don't sweat the small stuff" moment. Remember the hotel is probably giving you the price for their car and driver....always much more than a taxi. Suggest when checking in you speak to the front door bell staff and ask if they can get you a cab to the airport at checkout. See their reaction, and if (as I suspect) it's a "no problem" just go with that. Remember everyone want to make a living....the bell staff (tip) and the cab driver (fare to airport). I believe you will have no issues just getting a cab...like in most major cities. Barcelona is a wonderful city. Enjoy!
  5. Great current info. Thank you!
  6. Latest "revolution" of M-class ships greatly shrinks the size of the locker room areas (where the "free" sauna was). Rooms now exist where the men's sauna was. I fear that great sauna with the window may be gone. Summit's new deck plan is below:
  7. Shop around! Best deals are not with booking directly with X, even onboard. Here in the USA we regularly get a better deal than you mentioned from the big-volume websites. Community rules here prevent us from giving you names......but (as I said to start), shop around, you may be able to do better.
  8. Yes Murano is the most romantic and elegant. Also, since it is an important event, I would speak to the Maitre d at Murano and the F&B Manager (food and beverage - that's the head of all the restaurants) and ask how they can make the evening extra special (maybe even at an extra cost).
  9. Not exactly "boarding info" but it may help: Several years ago we arrived by air in Venice at about 7:30am. Took cab to pier and was able to drop luggage with the porters around 9 or so. Not able to board that early, but left everything but valuables and went into Venice for the day. We were overnight in Venice that night.
  10. I think a key difference is the included shore excursions on Viking. Do you want to be in that group setting or do you want to "do your own thing". In Europe, the itineraries are port intensive, since visiting them is perhaps the most important features of your trip. Since it's OP's first time in this area, they may want to comfort and convenience of included group excursions. Others will not want to be part of that. Finally, 2021 is still a long way off and I believe OP will get a much cheaper price on X if they are patient.
  11. Stay put in the FV. Best balconies on the ship. Aft AQ balconies are not nearly as good as the FVs....especially if you have a corner FV.
  12. Have a pre or post dinner drink in St. Mark's Square listening to the orchestras. Sounds like a lovely unforgettable evening.
  13. Yes, plan to see the sail in or out of Kotor. Remember, arrival at 7am ... will only be beautiful if there is light. We sailed into Kotor in October, and it was pretty dark on the sail in around 7am. Could not see much. But, on the way out, it was beautiful. We left at 4pm. It was very scenic for about 45 minutes after leaving Kotor...industrial from there to the sea. Keep that timing in mind.
  14. Thanks Highpeaklad for the info and link. I think that answers my question.
  15. In the most recent M- Class renovation, the old "Gent's Changing Room" on deck 10 (by the gym) has been removed & replaced with new staterooms. The Gents Changing Room has been "downsized" and relocated to the opposite side (next to the also now-smaller ladies facility). Used to really enjoy an early evening stop in the FREE sauna (with the great round window) and would shower there for dinner while my DW had the stateroom to herself. What's left in the new Gent's Changing Room? --Is the FREE Sauna gone? -- Are there still showers? Looks like a pretty small space and fear the removal of another free amenity.
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