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  1. Standard hot breakfast is available in all staterooms via room service. Eggs, meats, pancakes etc all there on the card you hang on your door. Hint: If you would like something that is readily available in the kitchen but don't see it on the card, just write in a request and you will usually get it. We always say "please and thank you". C class has a few added items like smoothies. Been in C class many times, and never had anything that wasn't available to all! The "expanded menu" in C class is not really that much better IMHO. No worries....Simple to get a full hot breakfast delivered to your stateroom. You select a 1/2 hour time slot and you receive a call that your breakfast is "on its way". It arrives in about 2 minutes.
  2. YES...get one of the corner FVs on deck 7. Probably best veranda staterooms on the ship. Corner FVs are far superior to the C1s. on Summit and all M-class ships. Unbelievable balcony. C perks are pretty minimal. Dining options are identical for both. Make the switch to FV. Hope your cruise goes!!
  3. How would ship crew be cleared into the "bubble"? How would crew members come and go?
  4. Ok, now here's the real secret. On Summit and all M class ships (Summit is an M class ship) there are a group of 2c cabins called (on these boards) the "sweet 16" . Do a search and you'll see. They are double deep balcony cabins on deck 6 (the ship structure bumps out creating the larger balconies) and there are only 16 of them. I just "hate" to give these secrets away!! My DW and I have booked and enjoyed them multiple times. Try for 6030...that's the prize. We never got that one...someone always beat us to it. We have been in 6028 several times. Great rooms. We like to stay on the even (starboard) side since smoking is usually on port side. With the COVID situation, you should have a big selection.....I bet you can get one of the good ones. What is your sail date? Let the poster here help you. PL
  5. TREVP: First....Welcome to Cruise Critic. Great source of info here. What ship are you booked on? This is really important because..... 1018 is a concierge class cabin on S class ships. This Thread was about M class ships. Completely different ships!! Same cabin number exists on both types of ships. Which one are you on?
  6. Great suggestion if both your family and X are good with it. The M class aft C1s have some of the best balconies at sea.
  7. Thanks for posting. We happened to be on that exact same sailing with you!! Great memories.
  8. Since you mentioned that your cruise was to Bermuda I expect the ship will be docked for several overnights - unlike most cruises. Suggest (instead of paying X for specialty restaurants) you dine in Hamilton a night or 2. Just a thought.
  9. My vote is for #2 - You get to Venice, Florence and Rome.
  10. For a first time in Europe cruise I suggest you do "Europe's Greatest Hits!". Start with the biggies: Rome, Venice, Florence, & Paris. Get as much time off as you can because 7 days is tough....Can't see enough and the flights are LONG. Timing - Summer is quite hot. May & Sept should be beautiful. October and Nov can be rainy. Long ago we did a Venice to Barcelona itinerary. Stops should include: Venice, Rome, Florence, Monte Carlo & French Rivera, Barcelona. Great introduction to some of Europe's great sites. As suggested, stay a few days in the cities of embarkation and disembarkation. Also, if time permits, flights and trains in Europe are very cheap and it's all so close. After Barcelona get on a train to Paris for a few more days. ONE IMPORTANT SUGGESTION: When you pick an itinerary look at what day of the week you are in each port. Many top museums are closed on Monday and the Vatican Museum (Sistine Chapel) is closed Sundays. Don't be there on those days!
  11. Cruising has been suspended for only about 3 months (till June and counting) with lots of FCCs out there right now. Yes, X is trying to get cancelled passengers to "spend" them, but X is selling cruises thru 2022 now....how far will those FCCs go to fill the ships for several years. Not far I'm afraid. Who else is booking now? How long will the "suspension" go on? Great deals are coming....But, will enough people (without FCCs to spend) want them?
  12. Give it all a bit of time. Comparison to pre-virus prices when things were "normal" I suggest no longer applies. Let's see where things are when the cruise industry restarts...as it hopefully will. Lines have built lots of ships that they now need to fill. Our current situation will probably lead to a large decrease in demand. We all know what that will do to prices. I would wait and see. I can only believe lots of good deals are coming. What's the rush?
  13. The often mentioned (on these boards) "sweet 16" on all M-class ships. Best veranda value on all X ships. Lowest category veranda with double deep balconies from ship structure "bump out". Lots on these boards about them so search it. Book 6030 if you can. Great cabins and great value! Especially recommended for Med. You will be in port most days and off ship. but you still have a large veranda to enjoy.
  14. Sometime in the middle of your first cruise you will receive a "disembarkation form" for that first cruise along with everyone else. There will be a place on that form to check that you are remaining for the next cruise. That is (as I remember) the first part of the procedure. Near the end of the first cruise you will get the letter (referred to in the above posts) with instructions for "change-over day". Since there will most likely be others that will also remain for the second cruise, you will probably be instructed to meet at a set time in a lounge (I think ours was at 9:30am). Someone from the ship staff will be there and will guide you thru the process. They may even have your new cards for the second cruise to distribute at that meeting. It's very easy. No worries. Best part is saying "see you tomorrow night" to the staff in the restaurant and bars you visit on the last night of cruise #1. Everyone else is so sad to be leaving .... but not you! Really hope all is restored by the end of August and you enjoy your cruises.
  15. In the past X has offered a package for every number of nights of the cruise starting with 3 nights (ie 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 etc) The per/meal price usually decreases with each additional night package you select.
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