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  1. comeon530

    If the price drops am I..

    [quote name='carncruiser1964']You will not not get the price drop. The previous people are wrong. You are only eligible for price reductions with early saver.[/quote] This is incorrect. Everyone can get price drops up until the Final payment deadline. After that, it's only for the early savers. Also, if you booked during the sale and only paid 1/2 deposit, you will likely have to pay the remaining deposit before you get the price adjustment.
  2. comeon530

    passport quandry

    I've never heard that a notarized copy of a passport is good for anything. the OP will be fine with the current passport. Like a couple others said, the countries you cruise to do not check them. Those requirements are only for non cruising passengers.
  3. comeon530

    Which spa treatment would you recommend?

    [quote name='Cocochanel26']Will the deals they do be for that day only or can you book for the next day? I don't think we want a massage day one, but probably the next day. Should I just wait for that morning and book? Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app[/quote] There will be spa flyers each night with your Fun Times. They will list the next day's specials. My favorites are the mix and match specials in which you choose 3 or so treatments.
  4. comeon530

    Sail & Sign Refund Check

    We had ours in about a week.
  5. comeon530

    Liberty or sunshine

    I posted the same question recently and everyone recommends the Liberty. We decided on the Liberty for the Southern Caribbean 8 day next June.
  6. comeon530

    Cash and OBC

    Depending on the port, you may be able to add cash when you check in. That's what we did in Port Canaveral. The lady at check in took our cash, gave us a receipt with our Sail and Sign cards. It was very convenient. Yes, you can use the kiosks onboard as well to add cash. You can also go to Guest Services to close out your account for any unused money if you don't want to wait on the check to be mailed.
  7. I will say that while they don't have a 'Formal' on NCL, I was refused entry to the dining room one night simply because I wasn't thinking when I left my cabin and had on my rubber pool flip flops. (I was wearing them because I don't go barefoot in the cabins) The lady at the door politely looked down and told me that they had a dress code. It was embarrassing to say the least. I'm pretty sure on Carnival that they wouldn't have said anything. That can be good or bad depending on your point of view. Although NCL touts their freestyle dining, they repeatedly asked us to sit with others. Overall, I prefered the food on Carnival. I had a great time on our NCL cruise, but I always have a great time because to me it's about the people I'm with and the overall trip, ports etc. It also seems like there are more options on CCL for dining that are already included in the fare.
  8. comeon530

    Cabana Refund for Itinerary change

    We rented a cabana or villa in Grand Turk and missed the port. The money was on our S&S card that same morning. It's very fast.
  9. comeon530

    Minor Child Paperwork Question

    I would think her passport would be enough. Since your husband is not her father a letter from him wouldn't serve any purpose, especially since their last names are different. Wouldn't hurt to take her father's DC I suppose.
  10. comeon530


    I'd like to put in another plug for Country Inn & Suites. We've stayed there the past 2 years and their cruise shuttle is very efficiently run. They have a park and cruise rate. You might be able to call the hotel directly and ask about booking a cheaper rate for a couple of nights and then the one night park/cruise rate.
  11. comeon530

    Ladies--marriage license needed to cruise?

    should you take it? Yes. Will you likely be asked for it? Probably not but it's your responsibility to 'prove' your name/identity.
  12. comeon530

    FTTF sold ou! Need Liberty Tips!!

    [quote name='StuFam5']We are leaving in 3 weeks on the Liberty with our 3 daughters. I have done so much research leading up to this trip and have all excursions booked and travel plans made. I was planning to get Faster to the Fun as an add on to our booking. I actually didn't know anything about it until about a month ago. I looked it up on Carnival and was going to purchase it but decided to wait until I did the check in process. My girls' passports arrived yesterday so I was doing it all today, went to add FTTF and it's sold out!! I tried to call Carnival to get it from there, and there was no way. The woman I spoke with made this sound terrible!! Basically, we were told that we need to be at everything very early and plan to wait in long lines. I asked how early and she said she would plan on at least 30 minutes and skip breakfast. Seriously??? What kind of vacation is this going to be? Any practical advice would be great! Is it really that bad? How early do we need to arrive for check in and tenders?[/quote] FTTF is a fairly new program and we have gone on 6 cruises without it. It's not going to make or break your cruise. You will still get on the ship and will still have a great time. I'm not sure what you mean by 'be at everything very early'. We always arrive at the ports between 10-11 and have always boarded in a reasonable time. Regardless, you will board, you will get to eat and drink and have a fabulous time.
  13. comeon530

    Maya Key: snorkeling for poor swimmers?

    The snorkeling in Maya Key is wonderful, but if you are not a good swimmer, I would recommend snorkeling off of a beach for the first time. You'll be worried about the depth of the water as well as trying to get used to the snorkel. The beach at Maya Key is beautiful and you could probably snorkel right there to get comfortable, then go to the end of the dock.
  14. comeon530

    Teen club questions re: Fantasy ship

    Since you are traveling in January, I would say that the chances are good that they will let them both in the same group. There likely won't be that many teens. It will be totally up to the director though.
  15. comeon530

    The Dream and the Sewage Smell

    We've cruised the Dream twice and never noticed any odor. It was strong on the Triumph a few years ago in certain places.