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  1. We are on 7/3 cruise too and booked direct with Iceland Air for $700 pp; Viking Air was $1,098 pp! We have been to Iceland before and transport is very well organized there. I am fine with Iceland Air Economy, it's only a 6 hour flight from Chicago and was more "comfortable" than many United Economy flights we've taken to Europe.
  2. Well done - nice to see a factual report on cruising without the usual media bias and sensationalism. Kudos to the Chairman and Viking for their approach to a safe return to the seas!
  3. Any sign of shore excursions yet? We are on 7/3 sailing.
  4. Definitely Chicago O'Hare. A quick check of Google Flights will get you an answer!
  5. Our Sept. 5 Fjords cruise is still available for booking!
  6. Well I would love to go on any of these itineraries but not an option for those in US yet!
  7. Fingers crossed our Anthem Sept. 5th sailing to Norway happens!
  8. No, I was speaking about companies that have used their influence to "jump the queue" here.
  9. Believe me, these large corporations have access to vaccines - at a price. There are many instances of vaccines being given to people who aren't legitimately eligible here in Illinois. Money buys access.
  10. I hoped it would be otherwise but I guess X can command a premium for a brand new ship.
  11. Me too. For those having to travel from US, with airfare and hotel stay, just too much to risk given the current situation in Greece is also uncertain.
  12. Interesting; I hope pricing isn't much higher for Apex sailings! Anyone have those yet?
  13. 9 am eastern time. The countdown clock is now in X’s main page!
  14. Where did you read that? From The Guardian online: "Greece hopes to reopen its doors to visitors on 14 May, the country’s tourism minister has said as he announced a much-awaited date for the tourist season to officially begin. Haris Theoharis told the IBT Berlin tourism fair, the world’s largest, that Greece would after this date welcome anyone who had been vaccinated, had antibodies or had tested negative for coronavirus. “We aim to open tourism by 14 May with specific rules and updated protocols,” he said. “Until then, we will gradually lift restrictions if conditions
  15. According to NYT: "Greece, one of the most popular European summer destinations for Americans, announced this month that it would reopen for all tourists in mid-May, as long as they show proof of vaccination, antibodies or a negative Covid-19 test result before traveling. All visitors will be subject to random testing upon arrival." No, it's not a fact yet, but I'm willing to book now and hopefully we can go, otherwise it's just another cancelled cruise.
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