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  1. Well said. Also, many of these comments are clearly political; certainly not based on any scientific facts.
  2. Glad for you! Was this a refundable or no refundable fare?
  3. Hope you had a refundable airfare. I had a noN-refundable fare and eventually had to file a dispute with Amex. Celebrity Air cancelled my air reservation but wouldn’t take any responsibility for the Refund. Told me to contact Norwegian Air who sent me back to Celebrity again. X only wanted to issue a voucher, good through 1/21 (this is on an airline that isn’t even flying right now!) Finally got them to agree to request a refund from Norwegian bit they claimed they never got a response so I had to go the Amex dispute route. Hopefully X won’t fight that. Will never book air with them again.
  4. I'm very happy (and relieved) to report that I have received most of my refund for the cancelled Apex 5/3 sailing as follows: 4/29 - requested refund via link in email from Celebrity. 5/12 - received credit card refund of $213.08 for taxes/port fees 5/14 - received credit card refund for shore ex and $274.98 of $500 deposit 5/14 - received credit card refund of $3,711 - full amount of final payment. I still have 2 outstanding issues - the $600+ non-refundable airfare that Celebrity Air wants to give me a voucher for (which would be for Norwegian Air and not that useful now....) and the balance of my deposit. Will be calling/emailing to follow up on those this week. I did email Celebrity a couple of times but did not have to resort to a credit card dispute thankfully. I booked directly with Celebrity, not a TA on this one. Good luck everyone.
  5. Today I received a refund of the taxes only on our cancelled 5/3 Apex sailing which I requested a refund for on 3/29. Hoping the full refund will be coming soon.
  6. You too Don; hope you are staying well!!
  7. Interesting article re. Cruise refunds. They state X told them 30 BUSINESS days. https://thepointsguy.com/guide/canceled-cruise-refund-how-long/?tid=editorial&utm_source=TPG Daily Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=1189529&utm_usr=c5ace6ef-5ad1-46fc-b928-264ca8d7308c&utm_msg=5667f4a6cf3e4686bd6041d1e79306ae&utm_date=2020-05-02
  8. I too received luggage tags for the Apex sailing 5/3. Just made me sad we won’t be using them but then I reminded myself that many millions of people are unemployed and worried about food, rent and their health so I moved on....
  9. Based on the news of a further ban on cruising, I think it’s important to file for a refund ASAP as the cruise lines are going to be desperate to hold onto our money. I called my CC Chase yesterday and was told they have no strict dispute limit and the process can be done online. We were on the Apex 5/3 sailing and I only applied for the refund online on 3/30 (I originally took the FCC option then realized how restrictive it was 😟) but I’m not going to wait for the 30 days to roll around and call celebrity and get the runaround others have been experiencing. ‘In contrast, I was able to get a full refund from Airbnb for an unneeded precruise stay in London online and completed in 5 days. Was very happy with that!
  10. Yes, the rules have indeed changed. Just got off phone and no refund of non-refundable air. We would get a credit for future use on Norwegian (and only have until 2/2021 to use it) which, given their rocky economic condition may not be usable. I’m going to wait and see if Norwegian cancels that flight before doing anything else.
  11. I’m in the same situation. I noticed right off that the language in the cancellation email conflicted with the FAQ on the website (which I screen shotted). I’m gong to call Flights dept. tomorrow and will report back.
  12. I'd be interested to hear about experiences with these cabins too. We have 9111 booked on Apex for the 5/2/20 Fjords cruise!
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